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92 thoughts on “Would You Invite Your Ex-Girlfriends To Your Wedding? (Prince Harry Did!) | Megyn Kelly TODAY”

  • I mean me personally I wouldn't invite them but if Meghan doesn't have a problem with it then we shouldn't

  • Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy were only together five years and they were so young when they were together and broke up. She attended Will and Kate's wedding and they were already broken up back then in 2011, so I don't think it's a big deal.

  • These Americans are so gauche and uninformed, and they laugh and laugh, as if ignorance is amusing! There's not a shred of dignity in any of them, and as an American, it's embarrassing! No wonder most Europeans consider us to be lamentable rubes!

  • Are they bringing a husband, a boyfriend, or a date? Some men would think, " Look and see, This cements it, I'm taken now."

  • I would if the person was a good friend!1 Diana requested that Camilia not be invited but Charles did anyway!!

  • Prince Harry or corrected Prince Henry will eventually be back with Chelesa Davie his his true Love.

  • Harry want them to know this the princess 👸🏼 that’s he married to no big deal .He want them to know he loves ❤️❤️❤️Meghan Markle Let’s this be✌️✌️✌️✌️with the lady 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😇😇😇✌️✌️✌️✌️

  • Chelsey is old news they've been broken up for years but she's remained a close family friend to William & Kate. They were young when they dated but Harry went through so much with her by his side. Harry doesn't have many confidants in his life so I understand why he's invited her she's never done the dirty and gone selling dirt on any of the royals, it's obvious the family respects her for her to still be around at events like George's christening. As for Ellie that was just wishful thinking on the medias behalf, she performed at his brothers wedding & they hit it off as friends there's no biggie there

  • I wouldn't invite them but that's cause I don't like them. Price Harry has a great relationship with everyone he's encounter with so if they're still friends I don't see the problem. I don't like my exes so I wouldn't 😂😂

  • People have gotten much more compatible with this. People have children with exes and stay friendly for the children. People stay friends with exes that ended on good terms, especially if they were really great friends for a long time. Only insecure people have a problem with this. If both have moved on in their lives and there is no trace of regret or a wish to reunite, most people support keeping a good friend. For couples, their mate should be included in the get togethers and the ex should recognize them as a couple. If the ex is not interested in friendship with the mate, the deal is off.

  • You can see how besotted Harry is with Meghan so she won't ever need to worry about ex girlfriends being around – although I notice her ex husband has not been invited.

  • I love Harry and Meghan but I'd never invite an ex, its bad luck..Camilla was at Charles wedding to Princess Diana……

  • Prince Charles invited Camila to his wedding
    , and look what happened. Diana was so stressed about that during her ceremony.

  • Doesn't anybody ever think to question this royalty ridiculousness? England needs to get with the 21st century.

  • Who reel the fish in panel? If Meghan did not agree the girlfriends would not be invited. He stop smoking and hunting for her, didn't he?

  • Only a woman with LOW SELF-ESTEEM, would think of appearing at the wedding of a man who (messed with her) but did NOT find it valuable enough, to him to PUT A RING ON IT. ONLY A SHAMELESS, SELF-PITY woman, craving for a PITY PARTY would do this. What a sad and SHAMEFUL SPECTACLE. I thought the TWO would be (besties) and sit together as the CLOWNS OF THE SHOW. And That's exactly what they turned out to be. CLOWNS and the JOKERS IN A PACK OF CARDS.

  • However, in a relatively closed society, where one keeps running into the same crowd all the time, it behooves one to keep everything civil and positive, at least on a superficial level, hence the invitations to the former GF's, the ones he's likely to run into from time to time. Better to invite them, and get over the social awkwardness now, rather than let them be the ghosts flittering around the edges of future parties, especially since they didn't do wrong, they just weren't quite right.

  • Remember Diana asking Charles not to invite Camila to their wedding and him doing it anyway. And so it begins.

  • Megyn Kelly is a hatemonger, racist, and flat out liar. During her tenure at fox, aka state TV, she spent her days spreading hate across the American airwaves that have embedded itself into this nation like a growing cancer. Megyn helped spread that cancer. Inciting hundreds, if not thousands, of unreported assaults and possible murders committed by her fox news fans whipped into a frenzy after viewing one of her dog whistle hate segments. There is no room in our civilized democratic society for someone like her. BOYCOTT NBC MORNING SHOWS!!!!!

  • The American coverage of the wedding was much better than the British BBC and Sky. The presenters on ITV and BBC were boring and stiff. They asked the same ridiculous questions, pretending they care. Lol….And no I would not invite my exes to my wedding, each to their own I suppose.


  • I grew up in England for almost 7 years and can tell you that a majority (if not all) of my British friends (including myself) would've failed that test. LOL

  • They weren't invited to the more Informal Bash thrown by the Prince of Wales..Charles…So keep your Pants On People.

  • Obviously, Harry doesn't burn bridges and good for him. It's easy to make enemies but it's more difficult to keep friends.

  • NO to the X's . And I wouldnt go to an old boyfriends wedding especially if I couldnt keep my emotions intact . It was obvious some X's should not have attended. There is nice and then there is embarrassing . This bordered on embarrassing .

  • Not fair , I will advise the new Duchess of Sussex to watch out since Prince Charles was all the time still going out with Camela whiles married to P Diana , most of all Meagan is not from London . WHATCHOUT. !!!!! J Nash

  • I think it depends on the type of relationship you have with an Ex. Now I see a lot of comments comparing this to Charles and Camilla. This is not the same at all. Charles was in love with Camilla but was forced by his family to marry Diana because she was deemed more suitable for him because he would some day be King. Diana was a virgin teenager and Camila was not a virgin nor a teenager at that time either. Diana knew or suspected how Charles felt about Camilla, so hence why she had a problem with him inviting her to the wedding. Now contrast that to Harry and Chelsy (he didn’t date Cressida all that long for her to be of any significance). Harry and Chelsy remained friends after their break up but there were no lingering feelings for each other. Because if he had those feelings he surely could’ve tried in all this time to reunite with her. But he didn’t he moved on and dated other girls after Chelsy of which Cressida is one of those girls. Not one of those women he dated prior to Meghan did he hint to anyone close to him a desire to marry. He asked and is now married to the woman he wants to be with. Now would I invite my exes no, but that is because I am not close with any of them.

  • Also, I'm pretty sure that Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas are friends with some other members of the Royal Family (Princess Eugenie and Beatrice I think?) so I believe they would still run in the same circles, at least occasionally. I really don't think there is anything sordid going on and the majority of the footage I saw of Chelsy Davy at the wedding was her with friends and laughing. Cameras are so fast now they can take a picture of a fraction of a second. People's faces are not going to be "on" 100% of the time so it's very easy for them to blow things out of proportion for the sake of drama. I think it's very likely that his exes went to his wedding because they were very young when they dated and it's been quite a long time. That's how I see it anyways.

  • We did. No jealousy. She took the best pictures. I was actually upset with him for dating her too long, taking her off the field thinking she was moving toward a marriage when he clearly was not.

  • Inviting former girlfriends shows immaturity and little understanding of women on his part. He obviously puts his feelings and former girlfriend(s) feelings above his bride. Sure she said she didn't mind but she does. I didn't see her inviting the chef ex- boyfriend or ex-husband. She did mind, she just chooses her battles carefully. There is no reason for them to be there and he knows it. He also caused photographers and news media to focus on ex-girlfriends instead of his bride. Jokes have been made at Meghan's expense and also at the ex girlfriend too. The cameras kept focusing on her during ceremony. The first sign of trouble he will go running to her just like Charles did with Camilla.History will be repeated only Meghan will not stick around if she's not happy like his mom did. Shame on Harry .Is he not aware his father had Camilla at his wedding? Hopefully nothing becomes of it since Meghan is not as insecure as he is. Very disappointed in his decision. Not a good start. Watch your back Meghan and guard your heart.

  • There’s something grotesquely amusing about watching Americans butchering a culture that isn’t their own….

  • All the royals invite their ex girlfriends to the wedding. Prince Charles did the same thing to Diana. And he continued to have affairs with them.

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  • men think that when you break up with a girl that it's ok to cAll and just be friends while women think that if you keep calling it's a sign that you really want to be back together it's clear that he had moved on and she had not a picture is worth a thousand words

  • No !! But Harry did and as we know we saw both of them. Girlfriends should politely refuse it or make an excuse, but they were there. Oh !! Well, maybe that's the custome or tradition , I do not know !!

  • Yes! If I discover that they were RACIST and were actually anti-black the way that African born blonde is.That way they may discover the truth. LOVE is the ONLY way. Mind you, Prince Harry and his family actually love AFRICA and Africans.

  • I think its good to invite ex'es to wedding because if they have any pride they wont attend the wedding.. but i guess its something that is done in Royal circles..

  • N’importe quoi 😶 Prince Harry ???? Elles aussi ont accepté ? N’ont-elles pas un peu de dignités d’accepter l’invitation même pas de fierté ??? Pauvres idiotes sans cervelles et bêtes