Why Project McDonald Mariga will flop in Kibra

Why Project McDonald Mariga will flop in Kibra

McDonald Mariga is a football icon in this
country and he shocked Kenyans when he announced that he was going to join politics becuase
politics is a dirty game and the question which most Kenyans asked was whether McDonald
Mariga was actually going to succeed in politics or project McDonald Mariga was going to flop. Personally, I have looked at all factors and
i have come to the conclusion that project McDonald Mariga in Kibra is going to flop
and these are the reasons why I think the project is going to flop; Number one is the choice of the party. Politics
in Kenya revolve around tribes but in Nairobi, it doesnt revolve really around tribe.It revolves
around political parties and Kibra is not known to support jubilee party. McDonald Mariga
has been nominated to contest on a jubilee ticket and I have looked at the figures of
the last elections especially in Kibra and i concentrated on the figures of president,
and that of the senator and the gap between Raila Odinga and President Uhuru kenyatta
in Kibra was wide and in Kibra, if you look at the senate, because in senate that where
it was pitting two Luhyas, we had Edwin Sifuna who just joined the senatorial race towards
the tail end and we had Johnson Sakaja, Johnson Sakaja is a respected politician in this country
and he enjoy support from across and the fact that he projected himself as a Luhya,Johnson
Sakaja still failed terribly in Kibra, so i want to ask you guys, can you just tell
me how McDonald Mariga is going to win Kibra? I want you to tell me that because from the
figures, and from the numbers, they dont add up. The choice of jubilee party and Kibra
ni kama maji na mafuta, it wont add up.So, thats number one. The second thing is the project tag. Mariga
is coming out as someone else project and to be honest , he is coming up as William
Samoei Ruto’s project and people are speculating that he is being used as a guinea pig to test
run Ruto’s influence amongst the Luhyas especially in Nairobi and also to test the influence
of celebrities in Kenyan politics and someone has told me, what William Ruto intend to do
with Mariga in Nairobi, is to test the influence of celebrities, so, he is a project and the
kind of celebrities which have been lined up to go to Kibra to help Mariga campaign
will shock you. Most of them have been lining up at William Ruto’s office in Karen. People
like Jaymo UleMzee, so many of those celebrity artist, celerities, any celebrity which you
have seen at William Ruto’s office they are going to camp in Kibra. So, William Ruto want
to test the influence of celebrities in Kenyan politics and he is also going to use Mariga
to test his influence over Luhya votes in Kibra and that tag alone is going to scare
so many people away from him. Number three, is giving back to the society.
Mariga is a successful footballer and even the brother is a successful footballer. The
last time Menengai used their image, remember they took them to court. Dennis Oliech was
a successful footballer, but because of his generosity, and love for life, Dennis Oliech
messed abit, but McDonald Mariga is still successful footballer, both on the pitch and
outside, but the question which Kenyans are asking McDonald Mariga, is what are the projects
he initiated while at the peak of his career and McDonald Mariga in my view also goofed
when he was given a chance to address the media at jubilee office. He said he wants
to be elected to give back to the society. Lee Makwiny
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47 thoughts on “Why Project McDonald Mariga will flop in Kibra”

  • Mariga is a greenhorn and I do not think he was prepared for this going by his responses. I think TangaTanga is just keen to send a message of defiance in Jubilee, nothing more than that. Mariga has been a clean celebrity, but now that he has decided to run in the mud with the pigs, he can be certain he will be swathed in mud.

  • This Mariga guy is giving ODM a blood rush.
    Everyone one who counts has sat up and paid attention.
    Even if he doesnt win, it will give a pretty good political shake up in what is a defacto ODM stronghold.
    Major media houses were today discussing how much of a wild card he is going to be to ODM.
    Remember, there is no ODM candidate yet.
    In my view if ODM messes its nomination it is going to be in big trouble.

  • Mariga has no charisma, no development record and cannot express himself, it's obvious he's a project..Jubilee shd have used an objective process to select a popular candidate from Kibra. Money will not work in Kibra. It didn't work with Ken Okoth…

  • By elections are very tricky,u might be popular on the ground but during voting day ua supporters fail to show up to the advantage of ua opponent,Luo votes will split btwn ANC n ODM and Luhya votes will go to Mariga.

  • Actually it is about how organized Ruto or the ODM brigade will be is what will carry the day..Mariga is just a distraction

  • History is always a good teacher. Please go back and look at the past by-elections and you will understand why things are the way they are.

  • " an army of sheep led by a lion will always defeat an army of lions led by a sheep". Project or no project, elections should be contested on the basis of merit and democracy.

  • Mariga applied for jubilee nomination amongst 9 other candidates. They were interviewed and he scored highest. ODM at a disadvantage coz their candidate doesn't have the support of other former NASA coalition partners etc. Wiper etc might decide to support jubilee and Musalia's ANC has it's own candidate. Am betting on Mariga to win

  • I would request you to watch CNN on how they analyst politics .even if they know you are going to lose.they will not call you name.

  • I think ruto like the old moi likes to be surrounded by idiots whom he can control as he wishes.Kuna upungufu wa wajinga Kenya

  • What has he done for the Community???
    Let him come n Chop chop his money. NO WIN.
    and Mr. DP Ruto sir, this time there is No things like Pap Pap Pap that you are used to.

  • Viva Mariga…!!!! Mariga will take this seat your analysis Lee hapa its too bias my friend have clean cards…..sioni any ODM candidate who is let alone popular but influencial like Mariga and thats a fact take to home…..Luhya wil back their boy fully where there is a massive win win chance stop talking about ANC party and Edwin owalo

  • Yes I want the good people of Kibra to eat from everyone and in particular huyu mjinga called Maringa who is funded by the biggest thief in Africa Mr Aror Arab Mashamba aka Ruto but mwisho mwisho please vote wisely and vote Baba/ODM

  • As a representative of ODM in North America let me assure you that we shall crash Ruto and his stooge/errand boy Mr. illiterate Mariga early morning Election Day. I have a lot of trust in Kibra people and I hope they will not shame Baba. Vote wisely and vote ODM

  • The choice of Ruto as sponsor killed whatever good Mariga would have achieved. Ole wako Mariga. Don't be used by Ruto to invade Raila. You can do better than that.

  • The agreement is, Ruto will spend his millions of old currency on Mariga , then Mariga will refund in new currency, period

  • Mariga is a Kenyan and voters are wise we are going for the best not party we are wiser now Kibera gor for a good leader who will deliver

  • You're quite spot on. Mariga is quite a square peg in a round hole. He lacks charisma, he's spineless… he's actually dull, traits that indeed potray him as somebody's project.

  • Mariga has lost it even his own father has publicly denounced his candidacy and the choice to work for Ruto.the chairman of jubilee has not even recognized him.mariga is in which jubilee.

  • Oh! Tanga Tanga group has really destroyed the image of Mariga. Who is now going to associate that personality with the products?