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100 thoughts on “Trump: I’ll invite Kim Jong Un to White House if things go well”

  • I think Kim Jong Un would be a fool to trust a bunch of mass murdering, lying, looters and thieves, with his safety, wouldn't he? The American English dictionary has only a blank space where the definition for 'Integrity' would normally be? My advice to Kim Jong Un, speak with the duplicitous bunch in Korea and make sure you understand that their 'word' means absolutely nothing?

  • This is awesome finally peace and harmony the thing Obama failed doing I just wonder how libtards will fuck this up

  • Trump has the intellect to know this is a fight that North Korea can not win, and he is using that to his advantage, he is making them our bitch, easiest way to prevent war is through power and might of the mind

  • its a proloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonged reality tv show starring an idiot trump..why oh why america do we stand with this shitty 'entertainment'?

  • He will invite Kim Jong Un to the White House, but disinvites 10 American Super Bowl champion. Way to go Trump, embrace all your new buddies. He wonders why we don't respect him??? Well there you go.

  • China fighter jets are escorting Kim to Singapore. Will Kim also ask China to escort him for other talks?

  • https://medium.com/@JamesFourM/trump-putin-and-the-mob-part-6-trump-felix-sater-and-their-ties-to-mafia-don-semion-mogilevich-34d4a5a83d72
    This ain't no shit and I ain't no sjw son of a bitch. You are, you sjw wimp Trump cocksuckr. You.

  • What the fuck is he talking about, Iran just told trump to go fuck himself, so did Germany and France and the rest of the signatories to the deal. Trump couldn't stand a chance against the Iranians, they will send his ass home crying. Those guys know how to negotiate.

  • Sounds familiar, 2006-7-&8 my house value just about doubled and the bank reached out for refinancing and of course pull money out of the new equity. Thankfully we didn't need to make that move. Repeat past mistakes in chief. So proud

  • […"According to a report from The Guardian at the time, "$500m of the assets of Menatep bank passed through Bank of New York accounts belonging to offshore companies connected to Russia’s mafia godfather, Semion Mogilevich.""]
    From some Trump-hating website, of course. .
    You didn t know that your President's name is Semion Mogilevich, did you. He doesn't care if you're a right wing Trump fool.

  • What was all of that bullshit on Iran.
    I counted at least 5 blatant lies:

    1) “We didn’t walk away from the horrible Iran deal”
    2) He claims he has signed a new deal with Iran
    3) He claims Iran is not engaging with Europe after signing this mystery deal
    4) Iran is a much different country as it was a few months ago; and
    5) Iran has has a much different group of leaders than it had a few moths ago.

  • LOL, Mr. Space Forces! African Americans and Latin Americans….bla bla bla Stormy Daniels, the world has ever seen, the greatest ever, the largest, what a bore.

  • hi just came here to say fuck u hillary u lost to trump of all people n to leave my dislike cause cnn is trash like fox but cnn is worst 😉

  • 6:15
    That sucking up to Trump is nearly unbearable.
    Trump acted shockingly stupid and ignorant in this situation, showing the typical display pattern of a lifelong bully.
    That this worked on Kim Jong-Un is not so much a merit but pure luck.

  • "Ah-bee?"I can't even get past the first words of this clip. How insulting. How humiliated I am. The rest of the country should be, too.

  • The Japanese should stop being so polite and deferential to this Orange Utan. I think it's time for Japan to start placing their national security into their own hands again instead of being dependent on the US for protection. Let's be real, it's not like they don't have the resources to develop a powerful military. The only thing that have kept them from becoming a major military power is the promise they made the US and the world that they will strive to become a pacifist nation.
    With world politics becoming increasingly complex, and confrontations becoming more and more insidious both in shape and form, it would be foolish for any nation to depend on others, especially if they have the mean to put their fate in their own hands.


  • how sad it is that the moment the US and N Korea resume talks and agree to meet once again.You are able to sense a feeling of dissapointment and irritation in the rhetoric and tone of CNN journalists and top democrats. This meeting can achieve great things for the USA, N Korea,S Korea and the world . I used to like CNN but for a long time now ive been noticing biased and selective news reporting. For a channel that represents the US globally its shocking.

    "recollect your thoughts dont get caught up in the mix cuase the media is full of dirty tricks" tupac shakur

  • SO naive, so stupid…such a risk allowing soneone like Kim to step foot in the USA. We stand for everything he doesn't! POTUS should not invite him in such a spontaneous, cavalier way! At least not without tangible concessions, otherwise it just risks legitimizing a despot like Kim Jung Un in the eyes of the world!

  • lol he has to have a conference with someone to counteract the Trudeau/Macron meeting and press conference. He sounds resentful.

  • A Godless, communist favoring dictatorship getting an invite to the WH? While a civilized, God fearing, educated, often secular, nation like Iran, that is a far more natural ally to America (Iran), and whose youthful population openly embraces America, is threatened and intimidated won't be afforded the same high-level talks. Gee, I wonder why????????

  • Many of these comments against Trump reinforce my thesis that a second civil war will come to the USA. It may take different forms, and it will not look like 1861-1865. It is already happening here in these comments, but it will go kinetic, in the streets.

  • Gosh I hope the Prez has finally realized the EB-5 Golden VISA giveaway must be altered to insist all workers hired and /or protected by the investments of foreigners MUST BE AMERICAN CITIZENS. Otherwise, what is to prevent foreign workers, given easy access to green cards, from coming into the country and taking all the jobs away from citizens? American investors settle for a return on the investment. Foreign investors get to come to this country and buy permanent resident status for as little as a $500,000 investment. After two years they advance to citizenship eligibility. Do we really have to give them a chance to earn money from their investment, plus permanent resident status, plus a personalized hand held access to citizenship status and all the jobs their investment creates or saves to their foreign workers too?

    American citizen workers should be protected in their own country. American citizen workers, not green card foreign workers coming in under Byzantine VISA rules, must be given all jobs created under the EB-5 Golden VISA selling of citizenship eligibility. Workers who are already citizens must come first in their own nation. Trump must do much, much better.

  • Help me decide here guys, I can't destinguish between which I've stumbled into here with this comment section.
    A: Kindergarten playground.
    B: The monkey house, complete with monkeys flinging poo at each other and everything.

  • Seriously you guys are pathological. It seems to me you'd prefer to have Clinton in office, complete with the conflagrations that would have come with her than a President making an attempt at statesmanship. Just as long as you're the winners, right? God get over it, stop crying, and wake up and smell what you're shovelling.

  • The Korean War was between North and South Korea. What business do we have being at War with any part of Korea if Korea itself has made peace? Only South Korea and North Korea can be at war with one another. Once they declare the war ended, it is ended. Congress must convene an investigation of whether or not there exists a legal state of war between us and North Korea. The President cannot declare a war exists. How can he declare it does not exist? The easiest way to bring the denuclearization issue to a conclusion is to get an agreement from the UN that an attack on North Korea by the US will bring about a global response against the US, as long as a rigorous verified denuclearization of North Korea is on-going. If North Korea denuclearizes, we have no reason to be over there. "What's not to like about that" asks China.

    The actual threat of a homeland attack on the US by North Korea requires a proven ability for North Korea to actually release a missile that can fly on its own, in a completely guided and fully self-fueled unassisted fashion to the mainland. There is no proof North Korea can even hit a place as close an Guam! Estimates of travel distance based on missiles fired straight up in the air and then being pulled by gravity back to earth are doubling the distance fraudulently.

    Sanctions on North Korea by China? China, a government that sees itself as the CEO of the world's biggest manufacturing company, has visions of its own. TPP was designed to counter Chinese expansion into trade areas vital to the USA export health. Trump pulls us out of TPP and China runs – RUNS – to take our place. Earth to Trump supporters: Are you really happy at the sniggering sounds aimed our way from the rest of the world?

  • Sorry I need to make a correction for the politically correct types here. StatesMANship should have been StatesPERSONship.
    My bad, truly.

  • Wow it took the cowards at CNN less than a minute to delete several of my comments. I guess my comments there would have been tantamount to being walked in on in the middle of masturbating.
    Sorry to interrupt the circle jerk guys, carry on.

  • How much more can we sanction a country such as NK? What are we doing for them now that we could refuse to do in the future?

  • I can't stand 2 minutes of Trump speaking I have to fast forward. How do the white house staffs tolerate him all day is a mystery.

    I clicked on the video not wanting to hear Trump speaks. I just want to see he gets humiliated. Horrible clip. Thumb down.

  • The end justifies the means. The end is strategically important – peace. America knows that bulldozing her way through is no longer practical and prudent. The road to peace is difficult to fathom given the so many interests involved. For instance, Putin with his selfish and personal interest is happy to keep the status quo so that continuing chaos and disorder will see Kim depending on the support of China and Russia who are great factors in the world economic order. I can't imagine the fact that Trump who leads the most powerful nation militarily will bow down to a criminal like Kim who has no respect for humanity. Kim has the values and culture of Genghis Khan. China on the other hand is forced to look away because Kim serves China as a buffer zone. Finally, Putin will never give up the chair because his symbiotic relationship with the Russian billionaires gives him security from the Russian citizenry who will, given the chance, decapitate him just like what the citizenry did to the Czar family. I'm not a Trump fan but let's give him a break.

  • He knows " rusher" won't give him asylum when they come to put him in prison, so he thinks he can run to North korea, nope!

  • So America, Boeing will profit and pay next to no tax while everything you buy goes up. And those tax cuts make your debt unmanageable.

  • I really wish he would stop with the unemployment comments. I’m starting to think he’s lying as he usually does when his lips move!

  • Go Trump! The greatest disaster president ever! Really, a disaster like you’ve never seen. The biggest.

  • What a lair you are Donald ! IRAN leader only yesterday threatened the US and said if you hit one we hit ten times.. and he also order the Iranian Nuclear agency to be ready from tomorrow if EU does not accept out tern we start it immediately ! in Syria and Yemen business as usual so what changes you have seen? of course you have to say it in order to fool the tax payers.

  • In this day and age after many senseless wars, the world should be putting Military spending in reverse, spending more on the people and infrastructure , health , and education ,jobs , homelessness , making the one percent and big business pay their fair share ….

  • There have been no military fighting in North Korea, since North Korea chased the american military out of North Korea with the help of China ! Explain how we still at war so many years later

  • Looks like the liberal pusssies in this comment section needs their diapers changed fucken losers lol I love it lol

  • Donald Trump lies and people don't even bother correcting him anymore. iran acting differently since your bullshit move? Come on! Someone call him on his bullshit.

  • Japan decades ago put out better products in the hay days then China does glad to hear we will be seeing japan products once again

  • Without him u would not even have a possibility for peace with NK. CNN is unrelevant anyways, but pls keep lying to ur small audience. WE will educate them later with real facts.

  • Nuclears cutcut donwaste money lavishing. Ip0rtant love the w0rld sincerity sincerity sweetsweet sweetly.

  • “He is the only case I know of a bull who carries his china shop with him.”
    Quoting Winston Churchill – Ronald Reagan to the British Government 6/8/82
    How did he know that Trump was 36 years over the horizon…

  • Trump and Kim Jeong-Un summit in Singapore is June 12, Tuesday. I ask all people here to offer FAST for 3 days and LOTS OF PRAYERS, ROSARIES FOR 3 DAYS MAYBE, DIVINE MERCY CHAPLET MAYBE, or PRECIOUS BLOOD CHAPLET FOR 3 DAYS because these are the most powerful structured prayers given by heaven we can used to move mountains, OR WHAT HAVE YOU. Remember that Fasting offered for this, is very powerful and useful, because Mother Mary said that FASTING can AVERT WAR. We can give up watching TV, listening to Gossip news, or even give up commenting, arguing for 3 days, that can also be a form of Fasting or pledge 3 days in silence. This Summit with Trump and Kim Jeong-Un affects the entire world. We must ask the Billion Angels in The Sky right now (the advance party of The Lord) to help facilitate the success of this meeting, that this two leaders will attain a fruitful negotiations for the betterment of our world and Kim to agree to denuclearize North Korea, etc.. Because if they don't come to terms WW3 will broke out. It would be better to enter the Pole shift and massive earthquake with all the world Leaders in good terms because We can help each other in time of unfathomable damages. If war would broke out it would be the most painful suffering for all, globally. It is not good to forecast or predict future event, but what we DO NOT PRAY our world will be over run by the enemy to destroy and raise havoc to mankind. When we are praying the side of the Heavenly warriors will be winning. So we must give them power through our cooperation to pray, to fast, to fight alone side with Jesus Army in the heavenly realm, because our world future depends our holy decisions today. The Angels don't move an inches if they are not told to battle because of the FREE WILL GOD gifted to humanity. That is why our cooperation on this Summit is very crucial. We pray hard to God The Father in Jesus Holy Name for peace to come down, so that this two will come up to agreement for PEACE! You pledge to pray or Fast?

  • ::||||()|||||::|||||()||||||::|||||♡||||||::|||||()|||||::||||()||||||::

    How is the United States reacting to the collapse of the petro dollar


    The foundation for the United States' economic and military power rests upon the petrodollar system. As also for employing Drug Cartels having more and more control of Americas Pharmaceutical industries along with the White House.

    Without countries being forced to hold US dollars to procure necessary commodities for development such as oil/gas, the US will not be able to mass print its own currency to finance everything from global trade, capital financing, commerce, oil wars nor finance Drug Cartel Movements and foreign aid, and will inadvertently begin its decline under the weight of the runaway Drug Consciousness, inflation and fiscal mismanagement.

    Let's look at past events for an indication of the extent that the United States is prepared to go in order to defend the petrodollar Drug Cartel System.

    The Euro was born on 1 Jan 1999 amid much fanfare, with the Eurozone countries thinking they are finally going to get a piece of the pie from the petrodollars system's lucrative coinage fee, when oil producing countries begin switching en masse to settle oil/gas trade in Euros. What they never foresee was how swift the US acted to nip the Euro in its bud by intervening in the Kosovo War from 24 Mar 1999.

    After the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia, the Euro was unable to appreciate much against the US dollar from 2000 to 2003. only overtook the US dollar gradually upon the US Fed Reserve's weakening stance from 2004 to 2014.

    Along the way Saddam and Gaddafi were tempted to allow the Euro as alternative oil settlement currency in addition to the US dollar. and we all know what happened to both of them, and their countries. At one time, Iran toyed with the idea of an Iranian Euro-based Oil Bourse from 2006-2010. Europe's PIIGS crisis suddenly broke out almost in tandem with the Iranian nuclear crisis, and Iran was sanctioned by the US till 2015. Coincidence?

    Back in the early 1980s, China decided to subscribe to the US petrodollar system as part of its economic reforms and opening up. As a condition to join global financial markets, China had to depreciate its currency from 2 yuan vs 1 US dollar to 8 yuan vs 1 US dollar. Almost overnight, China's purchasing power was reduced by 4 times, while US capital poured into the Chinese market with this favorable exchange rate. The 1.2 billion hardworking Chinese people became cheap labour for the global manufacturing value chain. This was a bitter lesson for China, and a heavy price to pay to gain access to US dollars settlement, capital investment and expertise/tech know-how.

    Every time when there is US quantitative easing or US dollar volatility, China's massive holdings of US dollar reserves and US treasuries are at risk. In short, the petrodollar system penalize the more hardworking folks and China has been looking for ways to free herself from the shackles of the petrodollar system ever since.

    The day finally came on 26 Mar 2018, when China launched the world's third crude oil index. (after the Brent and WTI) and yuan-based oil settlement futures trading with the benchmark Shanghai crude. The new petroyuan system is a more serious contender than the Euro because China is developing faster than most economies and deemed an attractive location for global investors. Along with new Red Rails – shipping Routes linking Russia with North Korea into China. And The new Silk Road shipping route from China into Iran.

    The United States has to send a message to the world that it will do its utmost to defend the petrodollar system. but the US could not directly challenge China economically, militarily or financially.

    As such the United States is tempted to use the military option near China's surrounding area to chase away capital from the new Petroyuan system, as China moves to support Russia in oil trade.

    Donald Trump bankruptcies and his alleged Empire links to criminals and other shadowy character Laundering Drug Cartels, are probably pondering whether to hit out at the Korean peninsular or the Taiwan straits. by pushing some of the US allies to kickstart the provocations. but he keeps getting distracted by Russia, Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine in the Middle East. We should be able to see how the US would react very soon.

    The US, along with UK, Saudi Arabia, France and Israel, chose to directly intervene in the Syrian civil war on 14 Apr 2018 as they gradually have lost control of the oil-rich mesopotamia region which undepins the petrodollar system (benefiting them immensely), by launching cruise missile attacks on Syria, in the hopes that a potential global crisis may help to suppress US 10-year bond yield so as to continue to attract countries and corporations to purchase US debt to fund US spending. Not sure if it will work again this time.

    Nevertheless The Destination of America which is said to be also for the entire globe. is clearly the economics of The Drug Cartels. And their total control of The Entire Stance of The Petro Dollar increasing enormously total control
    of United States Government in dark secret plots to legalize every form of drug and in global trade shipments movements.

    Mexico Drug War Fast Facts
    CNN Library


    Updated 3:27 PM ET, Wed March 21, 2018

    (CNN)Here's a look at the Mexican Drug War. The Mexican government has been fighting a war with drug traffickers since December 2006. At the same time, drug cartels have fought each other for control of territory.

    President Enrique Peña Nieto, who assumed the presidency on December 1, 2012, has continued the fight started by President Felipe Calderon against the cartels and drug-related violence. A huge victory for his administration was the 2014 arrest of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, the boss of one of Mexico's most powerful drug trafficking operations, the Sinaloa cartel. However they all end up freed.

    MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – The legalization of marijuana is inevitable in drug-scarred Mexico following a key court ruling, former President Vicente Fox says, forecasting that even drugs such as cocaine, heroin and crystal meth will be legally available within a decade.

    The drug Cult is great news for Wall Street, which is essentially run by drug money.

    Or accept and support Americas Global Destination For Purifications. With the millions upon earth. The Kind And Gentle Movements of Love And Peace. Upholding God and God Purity which is The Elementals of Earth.

  • jong un is a U.S. citizen torturer and   murderer.  Flatten that mother fucker and all of N. K.   to send them a message not to hate and kill us. If u do not GOD will force you to so and it will be the operation of the 2nd seal.   REV. 6:4

  • Trump is talking peace and security against the BIBLE. And all of this will blow up high sky .right in the worlds face and they will have to know that it is GODS hand doing it all.

  • Kim Jung Eun is not protected by 1000000 soldiers right now. Kill him now for the sake of humanity. The criminal against the humanity. He killed his brother at the internation airport. He killed his uncle with the bazooka and let the dogs eat his remains. He killed so many people who escaped north Korea. He killed the cabinet members just because they were falling asleep when he was making his speeches. Kill him now please please please kill him now.

  • Gotta get that Mar a Lago plug in there, don't you you son of a bitch? Such a scammer and a complete loser.

  • This is bigger than Nixon visit to Commie China in 1972 & bigger than Obama going to Fidel Castro's Cuba [he met his kid brother Raul]. And I am a Mr Trump's hater. But always fair.

  • First of all, I voted for Trump. I still believe Trump is a good man and a great President, and he will undoubtedly go down as one of America's greatest if not THE greatest, president ever; but, why would he invite a DICTATOR (equal to Hitler), to the WHITE HOUSE?  Kim Jong uses human slave labor all over his country, and it would have been such a great thing if Trump would have told Kim Jong Un something similar to what Regan told Russian President Gorbechov when he said " … tear down that wall …" Trump should have told Kim Jong Un " … get rid of slave labor …" " … start practicing human rights in North Korea …" Instead of inviting this fucking DICTATOR to the WHITE HOUSE!!!

  • Japan will do anything to maintain the tension in the Korean peninsula, to take full advantage of fight and war. Abe is working hard to drive a wedge between nations as they always have been for centuries, to fortify his administration. It is obvious, Abe! It is so fortunate that Trump is not influenced by old politicians and political grammar.

  • Trump inviting Kim to the White House is supported by Fox news. Obama wanting to develop relations with NK "we don't work with terrorists!"