The Wedding: Officially Mr. & Mrs. Bieber – Justin Bieber: Seasons

( both whoop ) ( music playing ) Justin: Look at how sick you
look, bro. Hailey:
Jaxon, you look so epic. Justin:
Holy crap, man. This isn’t the real wedding.
Tomorrow– – tomorrow, I’m wearing–
– You’re gonna even look cooler? Bro, you look like
a damn G, bro. Boss. ( music playing ) Know what I’m sayin’, baby? ( laughs ) ( indistinct chatter ) Kiss her, kiss her, kiss her,
kiss her.
( cheering ) ( birds chirping ) Justin: Whoo. All right. Yo. Yo, yo, yo.
Where’s Ryan at? I want him here.
Ryan! – Camera man: What are you
doing, bud?
– I got the rings, baby. – You got the rings?
– I’m going to the airport. Ryan:
It’s one thing I really value
about him. He’s always just really been
motivated to have a family. Your life is just way more fun
with that person, and you just become one. Dad, your son’s getting married. Uh-huh. How do you really feel? Yeah? For real?
Are you proud of me? It’s always just been
about, like, you know, preparing to be a good husband. I was talking to Hailey,
I was like, “We’re doing 4th of
July in the Bahamas and you
and Justin should come.” So I think I hit you and I go,
“You wanna come to the Bahamas, you gonna do that?”
And he goes– and he goes, “Yeah, and what if I ask Hailey
to marry me there?” And I, look, no lie,
replied, “LOL,” because it was so– it was like,
just like– I thought he was
joking. I think he was just being funny. She just walked down the stairs. – And you were just there.
– I was just there
with the ring. And I was shaking,
and I was just like, “I loved you for so long,
and I just can’t see myself being with anybody else.
I love you so much, and I want to spend
the rest of my life with you. Um, will you marry me?”
And she was just like… ( music playing ) – Did he?
– Yep. Why’s that? ( camera shutter clicking ) – She is not.
– I can’t cry in front
of people. I was at my sister’s wedding
in 2017, and I remember
the wedding was over,
I was in my hotel room, and I was with my parents,
and I just remember I was
crying. I couldn’t stop crying because
I was really lonely for a really
long time. Even though I was
around people all the time, I remembered so many times
just going home and just crying myself to sleep because I just felt like
I am going through this journey
of– I get to see all these cool
places, I travel, and I get to experience
all these cool things, but then I come home
at the end of the night
and it’s just me. Oh, my gosh. – It’s so pretty.
– Oh, my gosh. ( laughs )
Jen. So pretty. – Right now.
– Right now! Okay, ladies and gentlemen. We kept it really, really small
because it makes it so much more
fun, and the little things
that I was worried about, none of that energy
got brought into the actual day. ( background chatter, music ) I was so proud of him at the
wedding, for so many reasons. That he had gotten to this place where he was willing to make
this commitment to another
person, that he had made
such a wise choice in who that person
was gonna be. I know the work it took
for him to get there. ( applause ) ( music playing ) ( applause ) Scooter Braun:
This is a young man who used to play pranks on me
when he was a kid, who now was standing
in front of me at this wedding saying his vows
and being in love with someone who is remarkable, and I’m happy that he’s found. I will. Scooter: I’ve seen a change in
Justin since Hailey came
into his life, and I think any man
finds a good woman, he’s gonna have a good change. Justin’s a better man
’cause he married Hailey, and he may make fun of me
for saying that, but he knows it
and he says it, too. In token pledge
of our constant faith. Yes. – And token…
– In pledge. In pledge– ( laughter ) Hailey: Everything happened
the exact way it was supposed
to, I really believe that. Even all
the little mishaps that might’ve
happened, and us stumbling over our words
and whatever it was, I think that it was so meant
to be. I pronounce that they
are husband and wife together in the name of the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Spirit, who God will join,
let no man put asunder… in bed. ( laughter, cheering ) ( music playing ) For the very first time,
Mr. and Mrs. Justin and Hailey
Bieber. ( crowd cheering ) ♪ What’s your favorite song?
Does it make you smile? ♪ ♪ Do you think of me? ♪ And, like, I’m glad I saw it all
from the beginning because, you know,
I honestly love Justin and I honestly love Hailey,
and I honestly love them
together. ♪ 10,000 hours and 10,000 more ♪ ♪ Oh, if that’s what it takes
to learn that sweet heart of
yours… ♪ Hailey:
I just know where we were and I know where we are, and I feel like I can see
where we’re going, and him and I both
trust God so much with every aspect of our life. We’ve trusted Him
through the really hard stuff and we trust Him
in the really good stuff. Everybody, I just wanna say
thank you so much coming
tonight. You guys mean so much to me,
every single person in here. Justin:
I want to play a new song. ♪ Ooh, and I can feel you
even though I haven’t touched
you ♪ – ♪ Yeah, that’s what love is ♪
– M.C.: Three, two, one. ♪ That’s what true love is ♪ Justin: “That’s What Love Is,”
that one’s about not everything needs to be
physical. It’s like, I love her
without even needing
to touch her. It was just so special. Everybody just danced
their faces off. This is what life
is really about, man. I’m happy for you, man. Justin:
The wedding was fire. For me, just being with
all the people that I love and celebrating
and just, like, being silly. That was, like, my favorite part
of the whole thing. Ooh, cake, ooh, cake, cake.
( beatboxing ) – Bring the cake.
– Usher: Hey! Hey! ( singing indistinctly ) Justin:
Frickin’ love that girl. We were at the wedding
and realized that I had never
been a “One Less Lonely Girl”
that got sang to, so everybody insisted
that I get brought up on stage. Actually, it was Allison’s idea. ♪ You, now all I see is you ♪ ♪ Coming for you,
I’m coming for you, girl ♪ ♪ Don’t need those other pretty
faces like I need you… ♪ I was, like, giddy, like as if it was
really happening onstage and it was just so silly
and cute. ( cheers, applause ) ♪ There’s gonna be
one less lonely girl ♪ ♪ One less lonely girl
one less lonely girl ♪ – ♪ One less lonely girl ♪
– ♪ There’s gonna be one less
lonely girl ♪ ♪ One less lonely girl ♪ ♪ One less lonely girl ♪ ♪ How many I told yous
and start overs ♪ ♪ And shoulders
have you cried on before? ♪ ♪ How many promises,
be honest, girl ♪ ♪ How many tears… ♪

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