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100 thoughts on “The Orville Celebrates 100K YouTube Subscribers | THE ORVILLE”

  • The reduction in comedy on the show has actually improved the show. I still enjoy the comedic moments, but now that they are a bit less frequent and a bit less goofy, it really has improved this show…so that some of the dramatic episodes have been absolutely fantastic and even chilling…in a good way!

  • amazing show, really great work by all involved, the start was a bit rough but since mid season one this show has been one that I gotta tune in for. Please expand on this universe, not just a season 3 but there is so much potential for this to be a full blown franchise.

  • Congrats!! As a huge TNG and DS9 fan i love The Orville, really looking forward to more seasons (come on season 3 and more!!!). There's nothing quite like this amazing series and it's very enjoyable to watch with family

  • Y'know, it really bugs me that it doesn't mean a lot to Lt. Malloy if we subscribe or not.

    It means a new person likes his show! Why wouldn't that mean anything to you!? Especially on their 100k subscribers celebration video!!

    Kinda makes me want to unsubscribe…

  • Great News!! A well deserved renewal season 3!! Wonderful news all around!! Wish Seth did an episode ALA Fantastic Four with "Trial of Galactus" where everyone sees an apparition of an unknown powerful being, were everyone sees "Their" main Deity throught their eyes:Capn Mercer-Jesus(eventhough he's a non believer!), Kelly- Athena(hey, warrior babe!), Bortus- The Grand Moclinator!,Teleya(Come on, make her a Krill crew member!) Avis(always talking in threatening 3rd person) and Gordon-Pamela Anderson wearing the "Baywatch" swimsuit, holding a large pizza and 24 pack of real beer!(Of course that is Gordon's goddess!)

  • Star trek products forgot their spirit. It had fun, humor, adventure and thinking. Orville is like hot chocolate in rainy days.

  • All Hands! You got this channel to 100,000 subscribers, now help JP on Egotasticfuntime up his numbers. He's stuck at 22,000 something.

  • Love the orville, it's the perfect space show. So much star trek like wonder without bashing those old shows or being cheesy and stupid like the new star trek shows. The first time i watched the trailer for season 1 i was hyped and it's honestly the only reason i have hulu. Its my favorite show of Seth Mcfarlane and i truly hope it isn't ever canceled and comes to 4k bluray.

  • The Orville has been cancelled 🙁
    This is directly from Fox customer chat.
    We are glad to see that you enjoyed the show "Orville", we are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you after a season. Sadly this show is currently cancelled. But we thank you for being apart of FOX Now, and hope you find another show to Love. Thank you again for your very much appreciated feedback regarding this program.

  • The Orville has been renewed for a third season according to what I just read in Wikipedia. I basically trust Wikipedia more than any other information source on television shows.

  • Shocked that it isn’t a million. For any fan of Seth MacFarlane’s work, and TNG as well, this show is amazing.

  • When I saw (a, not the) first episode, I had an eerie feeling of déjà-vu… Why did they make it exactly like Star Trek – to ride along on the Star Trek wave (not that I mind)?

    Seth McFarlane makes a great captain Mercer.

    The front of the Orville looks great, but the rear, with those three ellipses, looks awful. Fire the designer(s).

    I think they are re-airing the show on a channel in my country, and I will watch it (if I don't forget, since I rarely watch tv).

  • That giant elephant nose I'm not sure if was proper for the celebration video. I would prefer the giant smile of Alara 🙂

  • I really loooooooved the first season. It was a masterpiece. Far better star trek ever was. Fresh and funny, not that kind of boring and political correct Star trek often was. I really loved it and it become instantly my new favourite Sci fi show.

    But with season two, more and more of this political correctness found it's way into the show. I loved the Humor of the first season. In season two, it seems you listened too much for these sjws and the show become more and more serious in many ways. It feels now more like a wannabe clone of Star trek, but in a wrong way. Star trek have had his weaknesses, always linear, always the good guys, always play to the rules, always political correct.

    The Orville was like a breath of fresh air… It was different and I loved it.

    Please don't be a cheap copy of star trek, and please don't listen to these sjws journalist and critics and "experts"! If they want another Star trek, they should just watch star trek. This was something different, something unique and fabulous.

    Just have the courage to be what you want to be! The fans loved it so much!

    Greetings from Germany!

  • Amazing show!!! I've noticed that the The Orville has many species apart of the crew, but many of the ships they come in contact with usually only have one species on them. How does time work in the federation? The captain used 23 hundred hours before in a scene, which would be Earth Time, since that would be the time set up from that solar system. Do other species on the ship understand or use a different time system?

  • Here's a scene that somebody should figure out how to create. Maybe in the new Orville series. Or maybe in one of the new Star Trek movies that would be coming up or any science fiction for that matter. A spaceship has to get caught to close to ensure some gravitational waves. The results of which would be violent expansion and contraction of space-time. That would look pretty cool to see someone being shaken like that. Maybe the evil villain can be launched into the gravitational field of a couple of orbiting neutron stars or black holes. Or maybe the Orville can escape from a gravitational field like that.
    I'm just saying that would be a really great scene. All right I'll leave it to the rest of you directors are writers to do the rest you have the idea

  • I'm a huge huge fan of this show! seeing the star trek actors make cameos or john frakes directing was great. Brannon braga as well….
    gotta nerd out for a minute and just say thank u Seth , keep em comin!

  • I really like this tv show. I have seen all the episodes and I can't wait for season 3. But… the only thing I do not like is the alcohol. Those characters are all alcoholics, and that's not a joke.

  • Thanks Orville for following in Star Treks footsteps and putting season 3 on a streaming service. It proves that you are no different than CBS. Well since I have no intention of paying for Hulu, its goodbye Orville for me.

  • Well I just read where the Orville is moving to HULU. What a way to lose fans. I don't have HULU and so unless it comes on DVD at the video store I will miss one of my favorite shows. Too bad as I always looked forward to watching.

  • You can tell seth mcfarland has a passion for this show keep the seasons coming your cast and stories are awesome subed!

  • HOW COULD YOU!? I was paying 26 € for Season 2 of The Orville and ALARA KITAN/HALSTON SAGE IS GONE??
    She was my favourite charakter, i am genuinely heartbroken by this, and FAKE-ALARA just makes it worse.

    Why are you doing this to me? :'(

  • Man was this second season better than the first. The first season was almost a chore to watch…but I survived it and somehow tuned in for the second season and actually really liked the second half especially. I have a real problem with not quitting things I start (I don't always simply change the station when I don't like something, especially if it's a space series). But yeah, quite an improvement over that first season. Everything seemed better, even the CGI looked highly impressive. Looked really big budget for a show. Starting to find it's feet and what it aims to be.

  • Please keep the excellent comic moments, jokes and gags in the show, even during major storylines. I love the episode 'Krill', which is full of hilarious scenes. I hope Season 3 is just as good too. Fantastic show and characters. It's the humour in it that keeps me wanting more Orville! Roll on Season 3! I've got withdrawal symptoms!

  • It may have gone to Hulu, (which I can't afford right now) but at least I can get the DVDs.
    I can't believe the guy who flew the Enterprise bought the show🤣

  • Love, exciting and new

    Come Aboard. We're expecting you.

    Love, life's sweetest reward.

    Let it flow, it floats back to you.

    The Orvile soon will be making another run

    The Orville promises something for everyone

    Set a course for adventure,

    Your mind on a new romance.

    Love won't hurt anymore

    It's an open smile on a friendly shore.


    The Orville soon will be making another run

    The Orville promises something for everyone

    Set a course for adventure,

    Your mind on a new romance.

    Love won't hurt anymore

    It's an open smile on a friendly shore.



    It's the Orville-ah! It's the Orville-ah!