Welcome to Cinema Summary, ladies and gentlemen. People change right? Sometimes for the
worse, and sometimes for the better. But let’s see how bad people can get This is The Invitation So, the first things we see are Will and Kira
in a car, and they have been invited to a reunion dinner with some old friends of Will. And Will is anxious about going: It’s been
a while since he’s talked to these friends, and the dinner is being hosted by Eden and David, Will’s
ex-wife, and David, her current husband. On their way there, they run into a coyote
that Will has to put it out of its misery: killing it with a tire iron. *Yelp of Pain* and they continue on until finally they get to
Eden’s fancy house in Hollywood Hills. It’s the same house that Will and Eden shared back
when they were married. As he walks in, Will can’t help but think
about Ty, his son. Who used to live in the house with them When he comes out of his flashback, he’s
warmly greeted by his old friends: Gina, Tommy, Miguel, Ben, and Claire although they are missing someone else and that’s Choi, Gina’s boyfriend. and after the realize this, that’s when Eden comes downstairs and she’s happy, she’s touchy-feely, and as she says hello to Will Maybe it’s her smile or the way she’s
acting, but something about her is off. and it’s very awkward for everyone involved and it only gets worse when we meet David: Eden’s current husband, who kind of looks like a mirror image of Will
down to the beard and green shirt. Except, David is also like Eden: being touchy-feely, and happy, and creepy. Then David gives everyone some wine and makes
a toast and during the toast, Will looks away and spots a half naked woman standing in a doorframe of a bedroom who smiles at him and leaves and moments later we are introduced to Sadie the woman that Will saw earlier and she’s a bit of a weirdo and very quirky, and no one know who she is
or why she’s here except Eden and David Who know her from the support group in Mexico She’s staying with them to ‘help out’ And after an awkward silence, Kira breaks the ice by talking about the coyote that was killed by Will. and everyone’s put off by the story except for
Sadie, who thinks that’s pretty cool and David who respects Will for killing the coyote
out of mercy, and taking away its pain. So Will decides to take the chance to go to the
kitchen to look around and see how the house has changed (but you can tell he just wants
some space), and as he stands near the sink, he has another flashback: to a memory of Eden
trying to kill herself. She’s so different now. It’s strange. That’s when Eden decides to come in and
get some glasses and we find out that things have changed: now the windows have bars on
them, and that ever since Mexico, Eden has been better. More stable, having gotten over whatever caused
her to try and kill herself. But as Will listens to Eden, he feels that
something’s off about her. But Eden reassures Will that she’s okay
and is ‘over it’, whatever that is and she wants Will to be ‘over it’ too. As Will comes out of the kitchen he spots
David on the phone and then a few moments the door bell rings At first everyone think it’s Choi, Gina’s
boyfriend who still hasn’t shown up, but its actually Pruitt. A friend of Sadie, Eden, and David. A friend, the rest of group have never met. *Confused and uncomfortable stuttering* Well you got to admit inviting 2 strangers to a reunion dinner By the way, where’s Choi? He should
have been here by now! And Gina tries to call him but can’t due
to bad phone reception. And then, David locks the door but Will feels
that it’s unnecessary for David to do that and calls him out on it and although they
don’t make a big deal out of it, David does leave the key in the door but leaves it locked. After that ‘confrontation-conversation’,
Eden asks Will to get some firewood from outside and on his way out, Will passes a room. And he almost goes in but for some reason,
decides not to. Outside, he remembers hearing the voice of
his son, Ty, playing in the backyard and as he stands there, he spots Eden in her bedroom,
hiding ‘something’ in a drawer. Will comes back inside and decides to go to the bedroom, where he finds a bottle of pills in the drawer and decides to keep one. As he is about to sneak out, David catches
him but lets him stay in the room. To let Will come to terms with the changes
in the house and Will stays there, remembering better times with Eden. Remembering their son, who we still haven’t
seen or heard mentioned about around the house. Back in the common room, the group realize that Eden, Sadie, Pruitt, and David are part of a cult. And while they are totally denying it they explain what it is It’s called The Invitation, and back in Mexico, Eden and David met each other there and they describe it more like a ‘support group’ to help people get over their grief and pain. It’s not just popular in Mexico, it’s also popular in America “Here in LA, New York”. As David explains that there are thousands of other cultists. Uh… “group members” In the LA/New York Area The group tries to politely ask them for more details and David decides to show them a video
on his laptop. And it’s a recruitment video: hosted by
Dr. Joseph, the cult leader, who teaches some spiritual, New Age ways to deal with trauma
and the pain of loss. It’s pretty normal until we see a woman
dying from cancer as she talks about the afterlife with the cult leader, and as she dies, the
cult leader tries to reassure the people in the video that she is in a better place. and the video ends and the group realize they
just watched someone die and they are either grossed out, freaked out, or trying to be respectful of their beliefs’
with it. Except Pruitt, Eden, Sadie, and David. Who insist that “it’s a good thing”. Turning pain into something positive; getting
rid of your fear of death. David insists that the cult is GOOD and almost
mentions what happened between Eden and Will but Will stops him from talking about it. That’s when Eden praises it and says it’s
transformed her life and she’s better for it. But, overwhelmed, Will leaves for the kitchen,
he doesn’t believe for a second that she’s actually gotten over what happened between
Will and her. When he finally goes back to the common room,
David apologizes for what he showed and to make up for it, he suggests that they play
a game. A game called “I Want”: It’s a game
that David and Eden played back in Mexico and it’s kind of like “I Have Never”. so, Sadie goes first and what she wants
to do is tell everyone she loves them and then makes out with Gina. Rules are pretty clear: You get what you want! Fun if a bit weird. Gina goes next and she hesitantly says that
she wants cocaine, and David has some and gives it to her (much to everyone’s surprise). And then Pruitt goes next and goes into great
detail about his ex-wife. How he accidentally killed her, in the kitchen after hitting
her so hard that she knocked her head and he went to jail, and he found
‘religion’ in the cult, and now he’s over it He stills misses her but he doesn’t feel
the pain of loss: after all, he will see her in the afterlife.. And after THAT, everyone’s super uncomfortable that was weird, inappropriate and it feels like Pruitt is trying to persuade them to join
the cult. And then it’s Eden’s turn and she wants to kiss Ben and SHE KISSES Ben with tongue and everything. By this point, Claire has had enough of this
‘weirdness’ and just wants to leave although David tries to get her to stay. But a stern word from Will, gets David to
back off and they let her go with Pruitt going with her to move his car since his car is
in the way. And Will can’t help but watch from the window
with suspicion, he doesn’t trust Pruitt; and that’s when David takes him aside to
chat privately. And he lays it on Will: since the beginning
of the night, Will has been so suspicious of them for no reason. Always questioning him about things like locking
the doors, or watching Pruitt drive his car out of the way. He just wants Will to relax, and Will confesses
that he doesn’t really want to be here because he’s not ready to be here. and David kind of understands with the y’know, the divorce thing, and that OTHER THING But Will just wants him to stop talking about it Then the group go upstairs to eat a lavish
dinner and talk about their lives Leaving Will to his thoughts as he remembers
the past: he remembers he was at a fifth birthday of some kid and something happened involving a bat,
a scream, and overall it’s a very confusing moment, that’s made worse when he begins to have a panic attack His anxiety builds up until the moment we see him scream! and then it cuts to black and then the movie continues. So outside, Will stands beside the pool, trying
to make a call when Sadie comes by and she offers to have sex with him. And if Will wants to be a little rough with her Go for it. She likes it rough. And Will is weirded out by it, and he rejects her offer STERNLY and tells her to leave him alone and moments later Will gets a voice message from Choi and listens
to it. In the message, Choi says that he came to
the house early, but realized that he forgot dessert and he sent this voice mail to ask
Will to bring cake on his way up. Choi was here earlier and went into
the house. And now Will is sure that something dodgy and weird is going on here. And as Will goes back inside, the group sit
at the dinner table as Eden gives Miguel a cake But now, Will is fuming and he can’t hold
back anymore and he demands to know where the F*** is Choi? Because I just got voice message from him, and Choi
said that he was already here before at 7 way before everyone else, what is going on. But Eden and David both try to reassure him that
Choi wasn’t here and they haven’t seen him This just makes Will angrier and he continues
interrogating them: Something weird is going on in this house like Pruitt and Sadie. Who are they? Why are they here? And “The Invitation” video, what was up with that? That’s when Will accuses Eden of being in
denial: Supposedly joining a cult transformed her life? That is a lie. She is in denial, trying to ignore the fact
that their son. Died. So this is why Ty was never mentioned or seen around the house: he died. That’s why Will has those flashbacks and
from those flashbacks we can figure out what happened to Ty: that on Ty’s 5th birthday, there was an accident, he was playing with another kid And Ty got hit by bat This is what I was talking about earlier:
This is what Eden and Will have been avoiding this whole time: Talking about their son’s death, because the pain is still there And they are not over it. Especially Will. That’s when the doorbell rings and it’s
Choi! Turns out he really was here before but never
entered the house because he was called back to work and left before and that’s why he’s just arrived now. And then Will breaks down, apologizing for
what he said and he goes to the bathroom to cool his head. And he remembers washing Ty’s small hands. He can’t stand being inside and so he goes out. Where he sits with Kira and he confesses
that he hasn’t gotten over Ty’s death and we get a deep look into Will’s mental
state: He’s broken and suicidal, he can’t get over his son’s death, and doesn’t
believe that Eden can just move on and forget their son like that. And when Will goes back inside, he goes to see
Ty’s room, the room that he passed by and almost went into earlier. Here inside, the room he remembers Ty his toys left on the floor, and as he lies on the bed he remembers his son’s face, but all of that is now gone. And while in this room, Will sees David walking
outside, and lighting a red lantern. David seems to be waiting for something, watching
for something. Maybe he was wrong, earlier about Choi but
Will’s gut feeling returns. There’s something off about tonight’s
dinner. Will snoops around until he finds and opens
David’s Laptop, where he sees the rest of video: The cult leader is there calling for
his followers to do something on this night, ominously saying “Tonight is the night,
our faith is made real”. Whatever that means, it sounds like something
bad is going to happen. So Will goes back upstairs, where the group
is served wine glasses, and Will notices the way Eden and David are serving the wine. Like they’re excited for something. He has a bad feeling about this and just before
they all drink (except for Gina who sneaks a sip): Will breaks his glass and knocks the
cup out of everyone’s hands, telling them not to drink it. Sadie gets pissed and attacks Will, screaming
at him “You ruined everything!” only to be pushed off by Will, slamming her head into a cupboard. And she doesn’t get up after that This is bad, but it gets worse when Kira notices
Gina, foaming at the mouth. She is unresponsive as well Miguel rushes to gives her CPR as Ben tries to call
the police but he can’t get reception, and no one knows what’s wrong with Gina, and the doors are locked so they can’t get out and as Miguel tries to save her life. He’s shot. By David. Things are getting out of hand the guests back away from David as Sadie wakes up, and Pruitt is able to calm David down and take the gun away from him. Only to shoot Choi, dead. Furious, Tommy tries to attack David only
to get cut by Sadie, as the rest of the group runs downstairs and try to leave. But the doors are locked and the windows are
barred. There’s no way out Downstairs, Will is attacked by Sadie but
he manages to knock her down and run into Eden’s bedroom where he and Kira barricade
the door behind them. They try to leave through the glass door but
its locked so they’re gonna have to break it open but then they hear a noise. Outside, they see Ben come running out of
the house. Only to get killed by David and Pruitt. This might be their last chance to escape,
and as Kira and Will sneak out of the bedroom, they overhear Eden and David talking. Eden is shocked It wasn’t supposed to be
like this everyone was supposed to die peacefully from the poisoned wine, so they wouldn’t
have do this. and as Eden’s guilt eats away at her, David convinces her to join him and kill the rest
of the group. It’s the only way they can get over their
pain. As David and Eden walk away to hunt them down,
Kira and Will continue sneaking out only to spot Sadie bleeding out on the couch, with
a firepoker in her hand. Will takes her firepoker and goes upstairs
with Kira. Because he remembers that there was a door to the garage but when they get there it’s
gone. Because the house has been remodeled, and now there’s
no way out. And to make matters worse, Pruitt is walking
up the stairs, ready to kill them. So, Will and Kira hide until just at the right
moment they strike! And Pruitt takes a few hits before he sucker
punches Kira, and begins choking out Will who is saved by Kira at the last moment who kills Pruitt Just as they’re about to leave, Will is
shot by Eden, who frantically apologizes to him before she shoots herself. That’s when they hear David: walking up
the stairs with a knife in hand, and as David is about to reach them, he’s attacked and
killed by Tommy. And then someone calls out to Will, it’s
Eden: Who with her final breath, confesses that she never got over Ty’s death, and
asks Will if she can be taken outside where she dies. So Tommy, Kira, and Will, are the only survivors
of the Reunion. It’s over and they’re safe now but Will
sees something, past the Red Lantern that David lit, and then we see: across the valley, across Hollywood Hills,
different houses with their own red lanterns glowing in the night. And Kira and Will can only watch and listen
to the sounds of sirens and screams echoing throughout the night So what just happened? Well, if you remember from earlier David lights
a red lantern in his backyard, and then looks out into the distance, searching for something. What is he looking for? He’s looking for other red lanterns. because earlier in the film, David mentions that there
are thousands of other cult members in the LA/NY area which explains why all the other houses have the red lanterns: they are full of other cult members who are killing their guests and are going to kill themselves It’s kinda sad that so many rich people in
the most expensive real estate properties in the US could be so miserable. I guess money doesn’t buy you happiness Which brings me to my next point: Why
kill people and what does that have to do with being free from pain? David explains to Eden that killing people is the only way to be free from pain but there’s more to it than just that If you remember from the video, the cult leader tells his followers that “tonight is the night, our faith is made real.” What he means by this, is that after tonight: After the guests are killed and the cult members are dead. They will all go to the afterlife where they will reunite with their loved ones And they will live happily ever after, free from pain, free from sorrow Although they were supposed to die together,
which is why Sadie freaks out when Will stopped knocks the glasses away from everyone’s hands and this isn’t too far fetched from reality there have been cases of real life cults doing a kind of similar thing like in Jonestown or in Heaven’s
Gate. And in fact, Dr. Joseph, the cult leader of the Invitation cult, kind of looks like the Heaven’s Gate guy. Anyways, thank you so much for watching ladies and gentlemen If you enjoyed it, leave a like down below and subscribed to get updated on our latest uploads Now if you will excuse me I have a reunion dinner to attend

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    I think if I had been there I would have died.
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  • Excellent review/summation

    This one really surprised me at how good it was with very little action even though admittedly they do telegraph what will happen and where the narrative is flowing , someone else said it may be a bit predictable but it's more about the expertly crafted journey than the destination with this film , and i totally agree but i was still hoping for a slight twist of sorts , something they teased momentarily when will knocks out the manson chick

    Still a great little low budget thriller with an amazing performance by Logan Marshall-Green , easily his best role yet , it was one of those tour de force perfs where an actor gets to expose multiple layers of a complex personality , it was riveting . The entire cast was great but he was the standout no doubt .

    This movie goes well with Coherence and Right at your Door, it's funny that when hwood goes low bud/indie and does something more intimate like this and the two aforementioned films, they can really produce something intriguing

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    The building is slow indeed.. But that's the point of the movie
    Throught the entire movie Eden, David, Sadie and Pruitt are testing their guests to see if they have the same beliefs and we see Will getting more and more suspicious tortured by his past because he hasn't healed of his lost just like Eden
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