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34 thoughts on “Ten Things I've Learned About People While Organizing Their Homes”

  • I’ve watched (and rewatched) your videos and the best thing you said – “just keep going when you’re overwhelmed”. It’s resonated with me and I’ve done it many times with your voice in my head / thank you sooooo much Kay.
    Also – love ❤️ Clover bean!

  • Love love love this one, Kay! Excellent tips! The first one is the hardest for me to deal with – especially when I go to my sister's house! 🙄

  • Do you have a video on how you make your bed and bedding you use? Your bed looks beautiful and comfortable.

  • Hi Kay how are you? this is a comment that I left on "what does a professional home organizers home look like" (from dec.2017) on your youtube channel .and here you just talk about stress !!! Hi Kay, How are you?I just found you !!!! First let me tell you how beautiful you are !! I love everything you show in this video !!! from beginning to end !!! People that say some bad comments probably live in a very disorganize homes.I love that you talk !!! and I could be watching your videos for hours.Thank you so much for taking your time and show us just how organize you are.I love to be organize ,everything has to have a place.Some people have depression and sometimes they dont even know why.I did some research between people that I know that suffer from depression, and most has a really messy house.I think its too much stuff for the brain to absorb and its overwhelming.I always look for more inspiration, and that is how I found you.Thank you again! huge hugs. irene.

  • Hahahaha! I just gave away my collection of cookies cutters, which I haven't used in more than 20 years. About kids' art and projects, some things you keep for them and some you keep for yourself. I have a few clay "pinch pots" and other small items my son made when he was little and I use them for things like paper clips, a ring holder next to the sink, etc. They always give me a smile and are useful.

  • I have saved this as a "reminder" video to help motivate organizing habits 🙂 thank you!

  • Moving to a smaller place really make a person down size. Using your camera also is great to create a photo memory card of kids artwork, toys, keep sakes. .

  • You make a lot of sense. Clutter makes me overwhelmed. I try to keep things as neat as possible. I also like cabinets with doors cause if I can't get to it right away, lock it up.

  • I'm guilty on so many levels! I agree with the bad habits part too. I realize, after moving on my own, that you essentially just carry your bad habits with you. You can't even blame anyone because it's all on you! LOL I'm definitely on the path of decluttering because the older I get, the more I need to see less in my face. So, typically, how does a person hire an organizer? I'm enjoying participating in VEDA as well. Wishing you all the best this month!

  • I always feel stressed when things are unorganized and messy, and feel calm and happy with a clean and organized home😀 Great video, love the topic.

  • This video is perfect timing! Last year I moved from a 4 bedroom home to a 2 bedroom apartment. I did a ton of donating, selling and purging. Now I'm getting ready to move in the Fall from Arizona to Florida! So, do you have any or can you make some videos on preparing for a move, a cross country move? BTW, I love Clover! 💕

  • I was flying to the comments to ask where clover was! You know better than to leave that sweet boy out! Loving daily videos, my toddler son loves listening to you while we clean up 😝

  • Have you ever walked into a house and realized you have a major hoarder situation? Do you help or just gracefully bow out? I'm organized but I don't know if I could handle that.

  • My husband has strong hoarding tendencies. The stress it causes me is immeasurable. I have to toss and do major decluttering on an almost weekly basis. It feels like an unending battle that consumes hours of my week.

  • It is so informative…I need to show this video to my Mom…she always lives in the past and keeps cribbing infront of me….!!!

  • Super informative! Thank you. Just love how Clover looks at you and tilts his head…too cuute! 💕Also, I miss "stay neat".

  • Love your videos, hope you and your viewers will check out Diane In Denmark channel. I think you’ll love her too.

  • My mother in law has kept EVERYTHING my husband (who will be 50 this year) touched as a child. EVERY.THING. I gave her Marie Kondo’s book for Christmas a couple of years ago after we had a conversation where she basically said, “when I die, you’ll see all this stuff and know how much I loved you” and I basically said, “no, we’ll see all that stuff and wonder why you hated us so much you left us to deal with it.”
    She spent last summer doing a lot of clearing out, for which I am grateful. Hopefully she got rid of the box of his baby teeth. Oh yes. There was a box of teeth.

  • Thx. Been purging for the sale of our home. Ha! Gave our kids their old homework, etc. cuz I felt guilty throwing them out. It’s on them now. Lol!

  • Thank you for reminding me people are good. I believe this too, but I feel like people think I'm naive because of my belief in good people and trying to find beauty in everything. Hugs.

  • I'm guilty of living in the past, not clothing, but keeping my granddaughters papers, coloring projects, etc. But I've decided, that's my new project to do, to save some of the stuff, but really clear out a lot of school papers,etc. And you are definitely correct, we can't watch your informative channel, without seeing CLOVER!! Sooooo cute!!🐶

  • LOL! Great pep talk. My mom [God bless her] was a borderline hoarder. She kept every report card, term paper, notebook I ever owned from my school days. And yes, I got rid of them [after she passed away, otherwise she would have killed me] So true, so true. Thanks so much for sharing.