SteelCon 2019: Opening - SteelCon Organizers

SteelCon 2019: Opening – SteelCon Organizers

welcome to Silicon 20:19 so sixth year and we still go in and growing and people still seem to be enjoying it which is good so firstly the sort of boring official bits they're not fire drills plants today you can do here the continuous alarm get out the building there are plenty fire exits all over the place and we'll sort it out we have two spoons spoons of your bad juice for those who haven't worked it out yet in your bags you have a lanyard and you have a hair grip and you have a spoon dangle spoon braum lanyard with hair grip if you can think of any other ways to mount it feel free but as long as we could see the spoons for your or your badge you're gonna need to buy to use to get into the debt various tracks I'm you're going to need it for the party tonight so if you go back to your hotels after the after the corn and before the party make sure you bring your badge back with you otherwise you won't be allowed in goodie bags this year is the biggest by volume goodie bag thing we've had yet I think it was about four of four big car loads to get all the stuff here a lot of stuff just to sort of give you a quick run-through of what you've got you've obviously got the nice brandy towels the jelly babies all sorts and wine gums I think they are there those who don't know the facets factory is in Sheffield stopping Hillsborough so they're all made locally same Henderson's relish it's been made in Sheffield since 1885 it's a local delicacy if you don't know about it it's similar to what's the sauce but better it it's at least vegetarian it might even be vegan I'm not sure but it's good gluten-free and approved by vegetarians and vegan so hopefully it'll do for everybody most of you will have a teabag thanks to Scott story whatever it is he decided to represent York from the teabags or anybody from the other side of ten eyes we do have some lengths shitty I guess you ought to rebell well that's we got a nice simple hearing you can all work out what to do with that we've given everybody a Bitcoin this year with splashed out everybody's got one Bitcoin you all know millionaires and you know all penniless I on the back there is some crypto if you can solve it well done you've won a prize I've no idea what it means but if you can solve it come and tell me what else we got in here well that's a little bit you've got these little triangles these were picked up off Alibaba or one of the big Chinese sites they are GPS each bluetooth kind of tracker things the idea is you've got an app on your phone you pair bluetooth to this whenever they go over to connection it the phone remembers where it last saw the tag and it can tell you where you lost your bag or whatever I figured for about 50 P apiece there can't be any security in these pack them like let me see what you can do I assumed it turned on by default so I don't think they're any buttons or anything on them so yeah see see how many people in this room even track though they click if you squeeze them that might be turning them on I don't know the last but most important thing in your goody bags is Woody's wonder cube your wonder where your life is gone the cubes you have got in your bag are not solved yet it may look like than the right colors it might look like in the right orient nations that doesn't mean anything they are not solved well that's the basic way if you want to solve just by colors go for it if you want to do the slightly harder version turn to page where is it so it's page 20 in your books you've got a crossword solve the crossword decode the cube solve the cube to match the crossword simple the salt cube does not look anything like you would expect you can't do it by orientation you can't do it by color you can't really do by anything apart from the crossword and as far as I know this is the only solved one in the world at the moment so if you want to check whether you've solved yours and come afire me and we can compare them yeah so have a play I reckon we will have at least one solve by lunchtime so there's the challenge see if anybody can do it it took me with the kind of the cheat sheets good hour and a half to get it done so yeah see what we can do all right all the stuff we've got on we've got a quiet room this year for people who get a bit stressed out by all the noise all of the busyness sighs then everything we have to put on a nice quiet room we haven't decided whether is yet just because if people ruin round saw stuff this morning Lizzie Lizzie will leave he's over there this is going to be ruining it for us unfortunately she is also speaking at 10 o'clock in the first track and the first onset of slot so when Lizzie is finished we're going to sort out where the the quiet room is we're going to set it up and by half 10 or something it should be open we've got a couple of options just want to make sure you get the best room for it yeah Lizzie will be in there all day most of the day just chill it out and you know yeah sleeping in the corner it's just place to get away from everything if you need it if you do have any problems through the day come and find us ask one of the crew you got me Mike and Neil round or Neil's probably still sub rolling road to the soft Oaks streaming and stuff alright but if I'm one of those I want the other crew we can cite any problems those okay come on I'll 64 arcades Steve nuchal in C sub waved at the back and it's right at the back of the a tree barrier on your right he's got a load of retro games for you to go and play on get out there and another go relive your childhoods for some of you some of you see what we used to get to play on we've got the car hacking area atrium first door on your left it's Ian's got a brilliant set up in there it's most of a dashboard of a car plus all sorts of other stuff you to hack on putting a few stalks knows well you've got Ian doing one gasps Scott it's gonna be off for most a day for you but it is being closed for an hour – till through for the kids track getting in there so the kids are gonna get Sierra gets going in break cars for a bit alright sponsors we couldn't put this event on without our sponsors we when we first set this car not we wanted it to be a free event we want everybody to get in for free so we did all the budget and stuff on the Cumberland by sponsors obviously we do charge for bags but all the bag money goes back into getting you the goodies the sponsors pay for the whole event venues they pay for the food that you're getting to pay for the party they're paying for the what you get here today most of them got booths out there please go see them please go talk to them if they're all quiet they don't think they get in value for money they don't come back again so go chat to them and give them your business at least talk to them a lot of them are recruiting as well so if you're looking for job so just thinking of moving on have a chat we've also got a recruitment company and so again if you're looking to move have a chart we've got community sponsors as well and I said this on Twitter a while ago in a lot of other industries we would be competing against the b-sides thoughts photons all the other events but in this industry there are friends so we just pair up with them can we support on these these supporters go to come to our corn but go to theirs as well they've all got something slightly different to offer I'm swimming up north somewhere down south somewhere east some West get to your local ones and give them some sports as well I'm sure special quick mention for Halle Munich because they've put on the biggest building and stuff they've run a they've got a side security course NSC and BSC and they've recently got on it's not NCIS but it's GCHQ accredited so that course is one of just a few in the country that's properly accredited plan for the day I'm doing the opening now finish off about ten o'clock we've got lunch through to one till two that's a full lunch out there all sorts of different food mix meats and veggie we've got a handful of vegan meals put aside so if you need one of those have a chat with the catering crew and and they will sort you out with this okay if you've got any special dietary requirements whatever have a chat with them they'll tell you all the allergens and that kind of stuff it's off to those we got afternoon break portal 415 where we put it on at least tink coffee and usually of keeping whatever's left on from lunch as well so few sandwiches left last year I think very little weight you scavenged everything at lunchtime locations you are now in track 1 which is Pennine track 2 is where you cave in upstairs if you go up to the top of stairs I go to the lifts head towards mid door turn left I just got a double back on yourself there are signs up there once you see a few people going up just follow them round track breathe out into the atrium straight to the far end there's again signs on it but you go slightly off to your right donal corridor I'm been track threes hidden in there kid Tally's gonna come up in a few minutes and just tell you where she wants to take you but for any parents most of the kids track will be done just outside here in the computer rooms and up on the fourth floor as well there's a couple classrooms up there I have covered everything yeah we aren't oh we've got the sticker store which is something most of you have phoned by now what registration yeah if you haven't registered then right charity this year is going to be Birmingham scenaries hospice for those who those who don't know Mike hemp really it was a very active member of the community and we lost him earlier this year he spent slough few days in some areas hospice and asked that that's where his that's when Chariton when he went this year so all the proceeds this year are going to go into the hospice to hopefully help all the people like Mike in there in the last few days yeah we we're sort of thinking about Mike but Mike's big thing was go forth and cause chaos so you have individual votes in just go and have fun that's what he wants right to raise money for the charities we've got to bring a bicycle that's going to be set up after the stickers of well I'm not finished but died down a little bit it's going around the sticker area somewhere down that way if you brought anything long for it drop it off at a crew room or drop it off by the stickers we'll take it off your hands but everything from books we got some random or bits of hardware no guarantees on it no warranties on it pay a fair price and take it away anything's left at the end we'll get rid of in some way and trying it responsibly we've got the sticker Emporium again yeah I think so most of you have found it's already this year we've got three full tables that have stat hyah stickers big thank you to everybody who sent to the pain and who's nagged companies nagged at friends all that kind of stuff we have got so many stickers this year and for the lights due at the end of today is anything's left over but a bundle up and talk to whichever columns coming next and see if any of you all the cons want to take the 6 all on the on the road so we'll pass it on and try and sort of keep it going because it's a great way to raise money for charity and everybody likes tickles spare goodie bags we always end up having some stuff left weird up in the the odd position where just price breaks we only need 450 of things but we're in departments by 500 is achieved by 500 and 450 so we'll probably have stuff left and that is left we will be selling off but afternoon break probably stick a stall or registration desk again you'll find it next up scavenger hunt whispers printed here okay so tell averted scavenger hunt gone so scavenger hunt for this is for the kids adults can try it as well you've got the website for it but all the kids can get prizes we've come up with a load of challenges yeah some of them are acquire things some of them are knowledge we find online and some of them you've got to find people ask questions yeah okay so I the question is going to be asked of speakers or friends of the con people that sir people that we know you know what time what time we're gonna finish it when the case back finish she's so about 5:00 5:30 when the kids tracks why do not look like more than where we giving them to so Jenny's up there she'll be collecting them from kids if you're not sure give them to tan your hippo and she'll set mop your hands and yeah we'll work through whoever gets the most points wins prize and if there's multiple prizes or multiple winners then we'll destroy those two hats okay so you kids you'll get one of these when you open a kid's room and it's online for adults if you want to play along okay party this evening doors will open about 6:45 it depends how long closing takes gets you feel straight across in there this will be open foods coming on for about seven o'clock I have no idea what we've got on this year the lady who runs the food says she doesn't do grey she doesn't do beige he doesn't be boring but Shirley works out what she's doing about a week before so you will have a good food mixture of hot and cold it's buffet style just walk up and grab things you don't need to form big queues there's plenty of tables it's all repeated all over the place just go up and get stuff and if you're queuing people will walk past you and get things so just score neat yeah northern ice cream may not at the party so much beer so those who missed it northern ice cream was invented yesterday we had two versions we had the meaty in the vegetarian the meaty was vanilla ice cream with pork scratchings and applesauce nicer than you think kind of like salted caramel with a bit of a tangy twist and the vegetarian option was mushy peas in northern I think the mushy peas worked other people say not yeah so doors food quiz beer farmers via farmers in at least one or two of you yeah couple back there really as a quiz from about eight o'clock all the evening times are about approximately what's happening yes we've got a quiz we've got PO point karaoke again set up by Cal prepare to be shocked horrifies whatever if you saw it last year you'll know what you're letting yourself in for it's not singing karaoke it's presenting I spoke 9 o'clock we've got dual core back again through about 10:00 all right you do need your buddies to get in we will be checking it on the door kids are allowed in I obviously know alcohol and it's a bar it's got kind of a dolt content in it the quizzes stuff is off slightly in its own room but it's still accessible so you make your choice as to whether bring kids in a lot kids last year one year before I've been in they've been fine party venue same as every year it's in the hubs I have a door turn left turn right it's the big silly looking building that looks like that used to be a sense of popular music if any of you were here as a student we're giving out beer tokens again this year so we do have a free bar it's sponsored by attitude we've got a very big bar tab but we've also got a lot of very a lot of big they're also big drinkers but people who like to refresh themselves so rather than just open the bar we've given up beer tour because we'll give out those later on in the bar area depending what you get you can get soft drinks and stuff you'll all start off with the same number if the bar tops going well we'll hand out a few more if we were running low we won't but we usually end up getting mostly wet through sore to a.m. when it all finishes so a hero tokens the past taking hash so pick that duty next you'd sponsored that Saturday Sunday morning we've got the mic campcube best I said Mike was big in the community he sponsored poopoo fests his quest from first year all the other sponsors its invoices and bank transfers and 30 days notice and all this stuff standard business Mike who's going to sponsor it yes how much I told them but okay turn for the day had me a brown envelope with cash in it said you want receipt but no that's it there you go so that was kind of Mike's character even supported it since day one and so it's now been renamed the Mike camp pew pew first two games unfortunately somebody sneaked in before us we normally have about 10:00 10:30 start but some misleading boards for the birthday party we couldn't really kick them out so we started at half nine to roughly half our games we should be finished by about half 10 sign-up sheets run registration was about 28 slots I think it is they are going quick so if you want to get on it tomorrow morning get signed up the address that's the address if you google laser Quest Sheffield you'll get one out at Center tainment that is miles away it is not that one this is central town onto a rumble gate just to two loads the end of it by Scotts was it Holiday Inn part that you stayed in last year Premier Inn there we go it's it's it something in don't that end of town well I'm not rush to this very quickly because I've got a few things to do after that we're going for brunch at commune which is I load local businesses and food stalls and things get all sorts of different food so if you don't want to do the list quest but you're come along for brunch feel free and that's not a steal call sponsor thing it's just anybody could turn up so bring your mates bring your family bring whoever right no for the fun bits I wish hadn't said that where's Cooper I'm really opting for not he's coming through the door come on come on come on down so for those who don't know we do this each year people say silly things on Twitter I make them regret it the only clothes that you haven't tired we hope they face some also while I was making them up I made another special pair Sampson OOP where are you where is he come on where is he he's hiding don't hide oh he's gonna be up there somewhere where don't take them bye bye Sam go hand them to him I'll let him open these because it might scare small children if he opens a republic Mike will wants to see those Sam come back Mac my brother right you'll go on plane where are you Blaine is sort of really good job this year set up the sticker stand I'm bringing stuff in so where is he hey ha ha ha well we've got Glenn a very special presence and if anybody saw those tweets and you know what's in the first off bit you'll know what's in this envelope so he will be getting these laser and again we'll keep it hidden because it might scare small children a little bit yeah and if you yes we have did a lot of consideration about branding especially when you see these and the pants and last one Chanin hope this challenge still at the back everything rolled up as well ah why is already disappeared stick your head out if challenge the back where some work well we tracked down Shannon have fun today any problems give the shout flood people in yellow t-shirts just get out there and enjoy things ah come on Shannon come back oh yes please see their movies if you have kids for the kids track will be registering them all if we take them with us after this talk and we need you to sign a consent form because we're using high voltage electricity so it's really really really important that you come along with your child and don't just deposit them otherwise we will release them to the atrium and we'll give them coffee and sugar I know hey come on Shannon you're back how much do we need to raise for you to have a single wax I think if you pick a good number I'll do a strip and you do a strip of wax strip yes [Applause] you choose how much fellow we've got to make it worthwhile 500 we get 500 on a toolset for Just Giving page we get 500 quid on it by closing I will somehow acquire a waxing kit and bring a live in Tesco we also acquire two waxy kids it will be done here it's ten o'clock that's it have fun first speaker come on down

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