Speed Clean With Me | Mom Life Motivation: Cleaning, Prepping, and Organizing! | Time Lapse Cleaning

Speed Clean With Me | Mom Life Motivation: Cleaning, Prepping, and Organizing! | Time Lapse Cleaning

hey guys welcome back to my Channel today I’m going to be cleaning up my main living spaces after a morning of basically no work I did not do any cleaning this morning and it’s kind of gotten out of hand we are going to clean declutter and organize a lot of different areas in my house today I wanted to give you a heads up that I will be doing a vlog style cleaning today where I’m going to pop on the camera and tell you what I’m about to be doing which area I’m cleaning and why I’m cleaning that area so if you want to follow me along and get your motivation for the day come on and let’s get into this video and get all this stuff done [Music] so the dishwasher has clean dishes in it and we have lots of dirty dishes we have a trash that needs to go out lots of things on the floor my chair that I pulled out I just got back from Costco and look at these cute dresses I bought one for Surin who is three and she has a three year old cousin and I bought my husband a shirt that’s the wrong size yay wife fail there is dog shame she has the best job in the whole family so here’s our table I just got done eating some leftovers and kind of planning out my next couple weeks we did some painting I the girls finally painted their pumpkin so let me show you this is our little artistic fall display this pumpkin was from surin when she was one and a half this is Naomi’s little pumpkin and this is syringe pumpkin today so I think they look so good I love seeing artwork with all these beautiful decorations you had I think artwork is the best so let me show you the living room okay off per usual not too bad you’re just picking up those toys thank goodness the cushions are still on so it is 235 right now I hope to finish this in about 30 to 45 minutes so let’s get to it [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] let me feel your love again Kassadin mining round in circles screaming out your name take me to a different place just the two of us so he can stay a five-piece another streetlights do we want to don’t really need to do stand-up alright everything is alright I want to be with you [Music] Oh here it is [Music] one tip I have is loading one level at a time so as you can see that loaded the top level first and now I’m going to start on the bottom level so it’s a use that timer pushing in and out the drawers so it saves you tons of time [Music] all that time away from you I didn’t think I’d make it without you by my side let it just the two of us and we could stay up all night kissing on a streetlight do we want to don’t really need to stand up on everything is alright I wanna be [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] does this happen to anybody else where you get rust spots on everything I don’t know how to prevent it so let me know if you get this too [Music] you guys smile I make the Sun Rise you make it shine but I can see that you don’t be and that’s one day [Music] I’ll get you [Music] but I can see that you don’t [Music] [Music] I don’t love ya we do this everyday we do this love polite – got a smile that makes the Sun die another thing you saw me do was just dump the crumbs on the floor and sweep I don’t want to deal with all the crevices so I just throw it on the floor good and sweep it later [Music] [Applause] it looks really clean on camera now I’m gonna head into the living room and do a very quick cleanup and then I’m going to go back to the kitchen and we’re gonna do some prep work when it comes to cutting some fruit and organizing and things so you’ll see all the fun in that too [Music] I need you tonight secure we can go crazy say we can put out the lights together we can go we can go illustrating your eyes thing is oh hey say it is just you and I and everything is so thing is so so call me out call me out baby [Music] you [Music] got you in you’re one of a kind nobody’s breaking your spirit you’re Logan’s the fire body’s breaking you’re breaking your you’re keeping up precepts that’s it so we just dance alone every dance like no one’s watching [Music] so call me out call me out baby [Music] man [Music] [Applause] the high today is 97 and I’m about to go outside in this to clean up the porch [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] so I’m going to cut up some strawberries some grapes and have them ready to go for the girls when they wake up for the rest of the weekend thinking but today at night neither when you kiss me in other words every time I smile you always try to find the most red strawberries to wash and cut up first because those are the first ones to go leave if you have a large package like I do leave the lighter colored strawberries alone and let them ripen up a little bit more before you cut into them that way you have less waste and these grapes are fairly old so I’m just gonna probably do all of them and cut them in half as well [Music] never thought I’d meet someone like you you know you are the reason reason why I feel like I can fly day and night I love it when you kiss me love it when we touch every smile [Music] [Music] [Music] so now I’m gonna do a quick tidy up of our pantry it’s already fairly organized but I kind of threw a few things in there you know about two weeks now and it’s just like kind of gone crazy so I’m gonna kind of tidy it out so let’s go to sleep as I live named Maya she [Music] think about [Music] and the warmers but one thing that I’m sure but you are the the all [Music] or to sleep at night I live you waited before I’m gonna do some decluttering of this area it’s kind of got a little crazy and straighten some stuff out still can’t close thinking about what [Music] master one thing that I’m sure about but you are the the all [Music] [Applause] [Music] every situation the field [Music] Oh is that really not [Music] the only part for me [Music] [Applause] [Music] where are you as you clean today tell me in the comments and if you enjoy the satisfaction of a clean home hit that like button and be sure to subscribe on your way out thanks so much for cleaning with me today I’ll see you in my next video have a great rest of your day bye [Music] you

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    THIS or THAT Answers:
    1. I love red and orange fall decor!!
    2. I prefer evening cleaning! Better sleep!
    3. I’m all about homemade cookies. Yum!
    4. I like silver more than gold. Silver jewelry and fixtures!
    5. I prefer curly hair bc I have naturally curly hair! It’s easy to throw up and look fancy! 🥰