Professional Organizer REACTS to Marie Kondo Netflix Series – Ep.1  (Organizer AZ 911)

Professional Organizer REACTS to Marie Kondo Netflix Series – Ep.1 (Organizer AZ 911)

(upbeat intro music) Hi everyone! It’s Pam,
with Organizer AZ 911, and welcome to our very
first REACTION video. I am really excited to do this, and I thought it would be perfect to do a
reaction video on Marie Kondo. Last January she started a new
series on Netflix. and I apparently it’s been
all the rage. And I have to admit I
did buy her book. … and I have read
through it quite extensively… and, you can see… I have
dog-eared all of the pages that I either really like what she does. Or, I really disagree with what she’s doing. I’m gonna go over this book in a
future video, so be sure to check back. But I’m really eager to see what she
does on Netflix. So why don’t we take a look. “Ching!” She just said she likes
organizing by category… and not location. I know this is just in the intro, but I
have a little issue with that. I kind of… it doesn’t work
how I organize. Here’s the reason. Because in the houses that I’ve been in… there are some categories
that belong in multiple rooms. And, I often found that in one room, those items are totally organized. But in another room, those same items are disorganized. So, you don’t necessarily want to pull
everything out of the room that’s organized… because you have to group
all your same category together. So I have a little issue
with organizing by category, and not by room. But let’s keep watching. (giggling) Okay… That’s a little confusing… She’s saying that she has
five categories she organizes in. With one being clothing… one is books… uh… the third is paper. The fourth she calls “komono”, and in komono, There’s like, four or five more categories. So it’s not a simple five category. And those categories, that she puts under komono… are HUGE categories. It almost seemed like that fourth
category is pretty overwhelming. But I agree with her that the last category you should ever organized in a home is the sentimental items. Sentimental items are
particularly difficult to organize, and sometimes if you organize
other things in the house first, it kind of gets you practiced up
on decision making. So, um, I agree with putting
the hardest things at the end, so that you’re well skilled at making
really good decisions by that time. (giggle) Cute. That’s true. Work and getting through a day with kids… it’s exhausting. It is a whole different ball game. So when I’m organizing with a client… um, if there are kids involved… I keep that very much in mind,
and how we set up systems. Because you have to
have systems in your home to support you, uh (chuckles)
when you need it the most. Because your life… you’re constantly on
exhaustion mode. His closet is in the kids’ playroom. Not too efficient for HIM anyway. (laughs) You know it’s interesting… they’re saying that they think they can get, they can teach their children how to tidy if they
make it fun. And that’s absolutely… when I’m… when I’m setting up
systems for kids… it has to be fun, it has to be fast, and it has to be EASY to do. But, the other thing is… Children are never too young to LEARN, how to keep things organized,
and keep things neat and tidy. And, um, as Marie Kondo says… she leads by example, with her own children. And that is FABULOUS!
Because like I said, they are little sponges. They absorb everything they see. and if they see you keeping
your house tidy and organized… they will adapt and they will
start using the same skills you do. And that is a life skill
that they desperately need. She’s got her shoes on the dresser. Okay… (giggles) She hates doing laundry. I’m right with her on that. (giggles) She actually has a laundry person. I want that. Someone to come in and do my laundry. I’d do that in a heartbeat. Ok, you know, this is so real. This happens… clutter
and disorganization causes a lot of arguments between couples. And sometimes, I’ve been in the middle and kind of wanted to just fade out into
the wall somewhere, when it happens. I was an at-home mom.
And… it never stops. And to say that you can do the laundry, the dishes, or watch the
kids, and get them everything they need… Um, kids are pulling on you 100% of the time.
You’re sleep-deprived… And the minute you’re sleep deprived,
your capability of doing things quickly starts to go down. So it is a very hard adjustment
when kids come along. So, something has to give. And the thing is…
when I was looking at them, they were touring their house, and
I’m looking at these bedrooms… The first thing I’m noticing that IS
a problem, is there’s too much stuff. And a lot of people don’t realize that. The more you have,
the more work you have to do. So it really eases up your
responsibilities… if you own less. If you have less laundry to do,
it takes less time. Okay? She’s got what looks like
just tons and tons of clothes. And he does too for that matter. Um… and the kids have a ton
of toys and things like that. Too much takes too much time. And that’s where you’re behind
the 8 ball and you never catch up. They have no closet floor. Clutter is dangerous. (giggling) Excuse me??? Apparently she’s still breast feeding. (laughing) You see there’s the problem… a lot. He’s saying that, uh, he’s
working 50 to 60 hours a week, AND weekends too. That’s what society is.
We are a 24/7 society. And.. we no longer have the time available to keep our houses up. That’s part of the problem. So, that’s why it was so important
to lessen the load at home. And that is by decluttering,
getting rid of any excess… and that’ll HELP the situation. It’s not gonna be the optimal situation, because, of course, that’s a
40-hour work week. But, even if just one parent is
working 50 to 60 hours a week, that’s putting a tremendous
burden on the other one taking care of
the children that many hours. And like I said, he said he’s doing
50-60 hours a week, AND weekends. So, that’s where things get clogged up. And, if you have a ton of items… “STUFF,” it’s gonna just weigh it down even more. And make it worse! Good for you Marie You know what? Any Organizer out there who says that their house
doesn’t get cluttered at at times… They’re lying! I’m sorry. I know… it’s LIFE! It’s human! Um, and I love that
Marie Kondo says, “You know what? My house
sometimes gets clutter too.” Because its life. Stop beating yourself up. The house cannot be picture-perfect That’s not real! Life happens! A lot of people have trouble
keeping the kitchen clean. Uh… it’s because it’s the
most active area in the house. It’s where everybody congregates,
and uses things in it. ALL the time.
Three times a day at least. So of course, it’s usually
gonna see the worst traffic. And, the worst pile-up of that traffic. A lot of people, um, think that they
need to change themselves, uh… to achieve organization. And… where some things yes,
can be destructive behavior… I find that the more
successful organizing I do, is the ones that match those habits Now again, if it’s a habit where
you’re throwing them clothes on the floor… Yeah, that’s gonna have to change. But… a lot of people, expect to
change multiple things they do throughout their day,
to achieve organization. And that’s not true. You try to set up systems that, kind of
support your quirkiness… your habits. (laughs) As best you can. And then change what can’t be set up. You know… change your behavior
in that circumstance. That’s right. When you’re starting out,
especially with clothes, taking them all out… and I usually put them on the bed
in the room into a HUGE pile. Because, ONLY when you see the
enormity of what you have… will it make it easier for you
to part with what you don’t need. Oftentimes, it’s when we
don’t see all that we have… that we have trouble
letting go of something. I’ve been in closets where, you know
we pull out a pair of black slacks. And… the client will want to keep that. Even though I can see, looking around the
closet, that there’s 20 more pairs. Okay, so but then you take things out,
you put into a huge pile… I actually have them put it in categories. Where all your pants are over here…
all your shirts are over here… You see how many EXTRAS you have. And, that helps you weed out
what you really don’t need. So that’s her… her… reasoning
I think, behind taking out all of the clothes and
putting it in one place She’s feeling it now. When you see everything
that you really do have… And when she said
she’s feeling guilty, and… she’s like, “I don’t need this”. Well yeah, that’s that’s the whole point
of putting it on the bed in one area. Because you truly see what you have.
The closets will hide a ton of extras for you. And… when you take it out, and you
really look at it… and you realize, that you really don’t need that much. Um, again, makes it easier…
for making the decisions to let something go. Marie Kondo is 100% right. (laughing) I LOVE her way of expressing “CHING!” That that’s the “spark joy” sound. It’s it’s true though…
when you hold it… she’s saying hold that item…
and that feeling of sparking joy… (laughing) I LOVE HER (musically) “CHING!” That’s so perfect! Um… I often, when I’m with my client, I’ll be studying their facial expressions,
when I’m holding things up… to them. and saying, you know…
What about this? And I can tell right away,
if there’s a “CHING” in their eyes Um.. and so I will know when
something is really special to them. And we get it back in the closet. As opposed to when they look at me,
and they’ll kind of wince, and look up at the sky, they’re trying to
find the excuse… to keep the item. So I LOVE her. (chuckling) I love her “CHING!” “CHING!” You don’t make comments on other
people’s “stuff” in your house. Husbands and wives do that all the time. They comment on the other spouse’s items. Whether they should keep them or not. You have to remember
that what’s special to you… You wouldn’t want your spouse judging that. And by like token you shouldn’t assume… you know what is special to them. So, it’s a very personalized process,
decluttering and organizing. And you need to respect,
what they do really cherish and try to work around it. But you shouldn’t assume
you know how they feel. And that’s where a lot of
the arguments come from, with regard to spouses and organizing. In all the years I’ve been organizing,
there are certain people who love folding.. and there’s other people…
like me, who cannot stand folding. You don’t have to love to learn… or
you don’t have to love folding…. Or, you don’t have to learn to love folding. So with this… I know she is
known for her folding technique, and how she makes everything stand up. Um… and that is fine. If you like folding, I’ll be
right there with you folding. Uh, however, in my own house…
I will not fold one item of clothing. (laughs) And, I’ve set my closet up. I made a video on it.
Go ahead and check that out too. But I am one who does not fold. So her folding technique
would NOT work for me. I’ve also noticed that her folding technique, If you have wear a larger size clothes… like I do… It doesn’t fold up as nice and
neatly as she always shows. Okay? (laughs) Her folding technique is
great for smaller sized clothes. HUUUUGE! Every time I tell people… I say you have to… really match your personality. Right there, when she’s saying… “You know, I can tell you
what’s not working for me…” “I don’t like folding… and
I don’t like taking that time”. Again, I hope they’d go
back and revisit this home, and see if the folding is
still going on like it has. She is being VERY vocal,
about not liking folding. She has NOT liked laundry.
She said it in the beginning. And now she is saying… “Hey… this is NOT… I know what sparks joy…
but, I am overwhelmed.” “And the thing that is overwhelming
me is the amount of folding.” That is a system, that in my experience,
is going to FAIL in the future. Because, at one point she’s
gonna get sick and tired of it… and the piles of clothes are
just gonna start building up again. You NEED to honor if you don’t like folding… Don’t do this. If you do like folding… have at it! Like I said, I will support you either way. I’m not saying that Marie Kondo’s
way is wrong… with so much folding. But, I can tell you that there
are very many of us out there… who don’t like folding. and I can tell you right now…
I would never try her folding technique. Just because that’s my personality… It is not going to hold. After a while… the “newness” will wear off,
and I will go back to my old ways. So, I have a feeling she’s gonna
have the same thing happen. I’d be interested to see that… There she goes, saying
“I hate laundry” again. It WAS coffee. Yeah, a napkin’s not gonna do it. (laughs) Uh… she… you know what?
A lot of people tell me… Um, you know… he’s wanting to get rid
of those hangers. And then she’s like, “No, we’ll store them. We paid good money for them.” That is something I hear all the time. And… Peter Walsh had the
BEST response to that. He said, “Don’t throw away good space after bad money.” If you don’t need the hangers, let them go. Look at all those bags of garbage. (clapping) YAY!!! Good job! Oh… (laughing) she is so sweet. (laughing) You could just eat her up… she is so adorable. Okay… Thoroughly enjoyed watching
the process… I always do. I love seeing at the end of that, how they kept saying how they found… Um…so much time to do other things. And even Maria Kondo,
saying how that made her happy. I will tell you, when my clients say that,
you know, when they call me back later or we’re talking… after we have
finished a project with them. And they’re saying how much better things are. I can tell you that just hearing about that, will make my day… my week… my month! I love it when people can experience
what decluttering, and getting organized does. So if this inspires people to
start decluttering… I’m all for it. Again, I will tell you that there are
things that I, 100% agree with Marie Kondo on. And there are other things that
I kind of take a little issue to… And again, it’s different approaches. There are countless approaches to organizing… and her method, I think it’s based more
on tidying than organization. And, but in a way, when things are
tidier, you can be a little more organized. But again, go to my video and check it out.
The “Tidy vs. Organizing” (um) video. And again, the link down below as well.
So you can go check out that video. Um… but again, I like a lot of what she says. And if she is inspiring people to declutter … I’m all for it. We are all in this journey together. And, the more we can help each other out…
there’s nothing wrong with that. Okay? I hope you enjoyed our very first REACTION video. If you did, please give me a big old “thumbs up.” And, if you’re new to my channel, Please go ahead and click that subscribe button below, and become part of our organizing family. And if you have seen a video that deals with organizing our hacks or something. That, you would like me to
take a look at, and do a “Reaction Video” on… Just leave the link below. And I’d always like to hear about what you thought about Marie Kondo’s technique, Uh… or the KonMari method… or Kon-Marie method. Uh, and, I’d be interested in
hearing your thoughts on it as well. I’m Pam, with Organizer AZ 911.
Thanks for watching! I also put up two videos over here that
I think you might enjoy watching. Go ahead and click on over there,
if you want to go check them out. (musically) Do-do-do-do-do-do-do… I don’t think I’ll be able to get up. I’ve been sitting so long…. OW!!! (laughing) I was getting sore sitting here for this long.

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