Pete Davidson Dishes On Ariana Grande Engagement Blowup!

Pete Davidson may be famous for cracking jokes and for being on SNL but over the past few years he’s also been known for his high-profile relationships with celebrities and he recently opened up about his mini romances especially the one with ariana grande what’s up y’all I’m a million is jr. back here with clever news and while we love seeing Pete Davidson on Saturday Night Live it’s no secret that his personal life sometimes overshadows his career I mean with super famous exes like Ariana Grande Kate Beckinsale Margaret quality Cathy David and khaya Gerber you can understand why that may be the case now Pete usually stays pretty quiet about his past relationships and lets people speculate all they want without a bother but he just got incredibly candid with Charlamagne tha God while promoting his new Netflix comedy special was dropped today and before Pete went one by one and talked about his exes he touched him how his relationships have distracted people from his actual career don’t worry we’ll get to all the ariana grande tea in a couple minutes we’re gonna go one by one like Pete did he started off by saying quote I think people only know me for mine I’ve been very fortunate and lucky to date some really wonderful beautiful cool talented women and Pete openly talked about Kaia Gerber he admitted that he and his most recent exes relationship didn’t work out because of their age difference Pete’s 26 and Kaia is only 18 he said quote we were dating for a few months and she’s very young and I’m going through a lot she should be having fun and she shouldn’t have to worry about some dude who has issues Pete then went on to talk about Kate Beckinsale all my uncle’s freaked out also it’s narrable really really funny yeah like one of the funniest people I’ve ever met yeah she’s really cool I feel like you need all the woman though I liked it but Pete revealed that it ultimately ended with Kate because he quote wasn’t right yet if she had a lot of acting and work to do then he talked about Kathy David who he says having hilarious and should have her own show soon and we talked about Margaret quality and Pete said she is a beautiful soul and she will likely win an Oscar one day but things got a little emotional when Pete talked about Ariana Grande who we all know he was previously engaged to he opened up about how he and Ariana dealt with her ex max Miller’s death and the moment he knew his engagement and relationship with her was over I pretty much knew it was around over after that I was really horrible and I can’t imagine what that like like it’s just terrible he went on to say quote all I do know is that she really loved and she wasn’t putting on a show or anything that was up in prayers to his family and all of his friends still and while Pete and Arianna broke things off a while back he still wants to be cool with her and everyone he dates no I want everybody to flourish and be great I personally like life is too short to have just like anybody you know I mean especially like everybody just this year alone because I just wanna be cool people so he went on to talk about how well Ari has made several references in their relationship with her music Pete said he saved a few jokes of his own for his new special he’s that quote she’s the queen of shade I get it that’s her job she asked music to it I get it I hope people feel the same way about my jokes though he said some topics are still off-limits for her he said quote I think genuinely being hurtful is off limits or anything like me for anything I want to be cool with everybody but you know stand-up part of my life that was a highly publicized thing I feel like Ariana got her fair run and her fair stab at it and like I said I don’t have social media and I don’t have an outlet really to express my feelings so stand-ups just how I do it and as for Pete’s current relationship status well he made it clear that he’s planning on staying single for a while he’s that quote what can I say I love love but I’m pretty done with that I’m going to try and stay away from that it’s just a lot I think you grew a lot as a person I’ve learned a lot from the awesome chicks that I’ve been with and they’re all cool but I’m not dating for a while unless I meet the love of my life and even though he doesn’t have a girlfriend the moment Pete revealed that he hopes to become a dad in the near future he said anyone can have my child I got to be in love and stuff but I’m at the point where I’m like maybe I should adopt or something me and my mom I think everybody’s afraid of the Davidson seed and we’ll definitely be watching Pete’s special to see what jokes he makes about his exes but I have to know are you surprised Pete was so candid about each of his exes and what do you think about his remarks regarding Ariana and Mack also share your thoughts on his special if you’ve already watched it right down here in the comment section below and while we’re talking about Pete Ariana click over here in case you want to take a walk down memory lane and look back at all their matching tattoos from when they were dating and as always be sure to hit that subscribe button to keep coming back for more in these updates I’m your host Amira in this junior thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time

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