Peakey Enterprise   Celebrating 100,000 Hours of Software Development

Peakey Enterprise Celebrating 100,000 Hours of Software Development

Hello I’m Randall Hankins founder of
Peakey Enterprise started in 2003. Today we’re celebrating 100 thousand hours of
software development. In 2003 when I started Peakey Enterprise I had a goal of
building medical software as that industry is vastly overpriced and
presented a great opportunity. However, we quickly realized that there
was a great demand for software development in other industries. At Peakey we have a real passion for
professional software development you almost could compare it to a composer
writing a symphony or an artist with his sculpture. It’s almost a labor of love. We
want to look at every little detail every edge case. We want to consider how
your solutions are going to be used today and in the future. It’s always
incredibly exciting to have a new problem, a new challenge brought before
us. We can sit down and help the client map out see how all the different pieces
the puzzle will fit together to build something that’s going to be
just the right fit for them. Unlike many other software development
companies were one hundred percent onshore and we don’t outsource or offshore any
of our work. All of our software developers work here on-site at our
software development center. Collaboration time goes from hours down
to minutes or seconds. It is really easy to ask our developers what have you
learned or what have you taught your fellow coworkers this week. This results
in greater productivity and throughput for our clients. Our clients range from
small to medium-sized businesses in the local area and range up to large
international corporations. Obviously time and cost are the two key metrics
for any client part of our job is to explain to clients what the correct
solution is and provide realistic time frames. We need to provide realistic
expectations for quality solutions and not cut corners. As we embark on our next hundred
thousand hours we invite you to contact us, bring us your problems and let us
help you build solutions

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