Paulo & Miguel: The Marriage Of Two Princes (EN.ES)

Paulo & Miguel: The Marriage Of Two Princes (EN.ES)

THE WEDDING OF TWO PRINCES We came to the aerodrome of Sana Cruz, but not to take a flight. Here will take place Paulo & Miguel’s wedding. For the first time in the national fiction, it’s not a prince and a princess getting married for a happy ending. But two princes, instead… I don’t recall any other wedding like this… We’ll be the first ones! I hope you guys like it. We never had a wedding between two enchanted princes on fiction, right? That’s true. That’s why this series is making history, once again. We’ll have a wedding between two man, on the last episode. We didn’t watch anything like this before, on the portuguese TV. At least in a national production. And it’s not a simple wedding… All the aesthetics are related to them, right? You guys covered all the details… There’s a lot of romance in the air. Yes, we had a few doubts on how this wedding between Paulo & Miguel could be made… But me and the authors quickly got to the conclusion that, it’d have a special meaning if they could get married in an aerodrome, once both of them love planes. And this allow us to create an unique scenario, it’s a wedding surrounded by planes. I guess it’ll be beautiful. It’s wonderful. I guess some people will copy this idea. – I’m afraid it’s not that easy to accomplish. Can we stay for the wedding? – Only, in the last row… – Ok, we’ll be very well hidden on the last row… Rita & Afonso are starting a great trip, on the finale of the series! We didn’t lose the chance and got on board of the cruise, as well. The two sisters are traveling on the same boat, without knowing. “Scorpion’s Kiss” ends in a great way, but in very turbulent waters. We’ll have strong emotions on this surprising finale. It’s a very unpredictable finale. – Do you think people will like it? – No! I don’t think so… It’s a surprising finale… – Do you think so? – Yes. I don’t know… Well, It’s not surprising the fact that he ends up with Rita. Love wins and that’s what everybody wants. It’s sweet. But Alice was not punished. – Oh, but that’s because we’ll come back in 14 years to make season two! After all, this is not the love boat… – No, this will be a boat for a lot of revenge. Can you imagine coming back to this story in the future? – Yes, I think Alice would come back, for sure. A little older, but still with a lot of hate inside of her… – Hugo, do you think this is a love boat? Well, it is a love boat for Rita & Afonso… – But… It’s hiding a scorpion… This can also be a terror boat… Because Alice is here. A lot of questions are left open… What will happen next? The audience wants to see Alice being punished… All of us, actually, but… But that won’t happen… – The bad guys are the heroes… We can’t do anything. I don’t know. For now, nothing will happen. – I think it’s interesting, the possibility for a future sequel. The story ends, without a closure. Alice, Afonso, Rita and the baby are inside the boat… Everything can happen! I guess this boat will wreck in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and Alice will be the only survivor. How would you describe this series in one word? – Intense! Brilliant! – Intense! – Beatriz… Poisonous. – Challenging… – I have no idea… That’s hard… – It was happy! – It’s very hard… A challenge! – Let’s go for the next one!

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