Organizing and Decluttering my Thrifted Shoe Collection!

Organizing and Decluttering my Thrifted Shoe Collection!

everyone came here from Turkey right out and today you were actually standing in front of my closet leave me a comment if you guys remember when I used to do howls standing in front my closet and my parents house that's been a quiet but I feel like I'm doing that again but it's for a purpose today because we're actually going to be doing it some organizing specifically out of my shoe collection it's gotten a little bit out of hand and I'm really trying to keep it in check I know you guys are probably noticed in my recent hauls that I've been finding some awesome shoes lately but now I need to just really ate all the shoes that I have see what I'm really wearing see when I was still excited about and what I can really part with so that's what we're gonna be doing I'm so excited to finally check this off my to-do list I've got it on that list for literally months so today is the day so before we dive in I wanted to walk you guys through my current organization which it's not really gonna change too much but I thought it might be helpful for you guys to see how I store all of my shoes and what I ended up using were some shoe plastic bins are from Amazon I know they had them at Dollar Tree and I do use those around the house for other purposes but I just found that these ones on Amazon were actually a better deal I think I got about 36 of them maybe 35 36 for $30 so it makes them less than a dollar apiece which is really really great and gives me ample boxes to work with and I do actually find that the lids click into place where someone's at Dollar Tree are kind of Swoosie so I highly recommend them I'll make sure to leave them in the downbar below in case you guys are looking for a storage solution for your shoes and then just a little bit about how I have them displayed I decided to kind of break it down by the type of shoe so whether it was a meal a sneaker a high-heeled that was meant more for work or one that was meant more for going out basic flats so I really tried to make it easy so that when I go in in the morning when I'm getting ready I know exactly I'm looking for but what's happening is that I get you know impatient when I'm getting ready I'll go through a few different pairs to see what looks best of my outfit and then I just check it back up there without really considering where it's supposed to go so things are totally out of place and again I know that they're issues that I'm not wearing up there so I really want to pare it down and my goal is to get each stack only four boxes high because I'm finding I'm a short person necessarily but it's a little tricky to reach all the way up there when they are five or six boxes high it gets kind of tricky to do that so I want to bring it down to just four boxes in height just so it's a lot easier to get to and I just think that's reasonable in terms of the amount of shoes that I'll have so that's gonna be the goal for today I really cannot wait so let's go ahead and get started all right you guys come here now it's sat here on my floor and we're gonna go through every single pair of shoes that I own oMG and they just count in and they have a 37 pairs here because there's a couple that don't have boxes I just kind of chucked them up on top so let's let's do this so we'll just start with the ones right here so these ones it literally just showed you guys I got them on my recent trip to the crossroads outlet in Stockton I think they're great first number these are keepers and then in case here of these ones I've had for a while they're a little bit dirty but there are these really great soul sensibility little heels they're suede and then they have the mesh detail and I wear these a lot for work so these ones I'm keeping they're in pretty good condition the heel is still intact doesn't need to be replaced or anything so those ones are gonna stay for work wear and then next oh boy so this pair is actually one of the last things that I got like just before I started 15 full time like a hundred percent of my wardrobe so I actually got these on sale at a Nordstrom Rack sale I think it was like a holiday or something so they're buying a buck oh capensis have no idea so they're just a little slide on black shoes I warned him a ton and they know they're not circuited but did you get a lot of you so I'm gonna hold on to those they could use a major cleaning though those babies I'm gonna try I'm keeping I'm gonna try to keep them in some kind of like organized fashion and so that when I go to put them back in my closet it's easy to know what should be together like items all that next up are a couple pair of blue heels OMG so the first pair are these a Cathy Jean which I know they took out the store in my area I don't know about you guys they're just really cute kind of vintage retro style little pumps in this blue suede and actually I saw a girl literally I think when I was doing my final presentation at college and she was wearing these and I was like where did you get those shoes like I needed them in my life so that's why they're from the mall it can be pissed now I don't really shop at the mall at all anymore are you trying to serve to every single thing in my closet so this is just kind of a little lasting thing from one of the last things that I got at the mall but I do love them and I do wear them so it will hold on to those those have seen better days I've worn them with so much they're really comfortable too that was the other pair of heels and then this other pair of blue shoes I got that my sink on Poshmark there by but another innocent tail that's the brand name but there's these beautiful royal blue ankle strap perfectly pinup heels and I caught them and I was so excited I'm sure you got a great deal but they just sat in my closet this entire time and I feel like I got them over a year ago so I think even though I left these this might be something that I can part with that someone will actually wear and love and take them out on the town so those are gonna go to my posh short file so I just had to mention I looked in my viewfinder and it looks like there's just a floating foot behind me mirror remind me that's just my foot I'm just sitting like with my legs out to the right because it's just a lot more comfortable that way so oh that's what that is anyway let's keep it going here so I just ended up with a free of plastic pain from the pair of shoes that I'm gonna be something I'm smart so I figure well I'm going here I'm just gonna pop in the blue slide on shoes just to make it easier for when I go to put everything back now they have their own box and they are ready to go and I'll show you guys for actually you guys can hear like they actually click into place which is so nice so I'm really a big fan of those boxes that I found alright so next step I think these are all kids and sneakers so up on top here is a pair of bands that I got recently they're purple in black they looked at brand new when I picked him up I warm once to a work event and I'm just not crazy about them they're just a little bit too chunky for my liking so again I think that these ones are gonna be going off to Poshmark next up oh my gosh so I have I think this no it's not about my kids so here's four pair of kids but I know I have more floating around here somewhere which we will discover later so the first pair of kids that I have are just trying to in true black simple goes with everything you can pry these away from my demyans like these stay with me forever love those so much that's gonna go over there next up it is something that you guys would probably think that I would love I wonder why but it's just a you know black and white pair of polka dot heads and I do like them but you don't reach for them which kind of kills me cuz they're just so very cute so I don't know they're in really good condition I'm gonna try to be quick about this I'm gonna do Poshmark for those someone else will let those alright all right oh my god these ones I actually got on Poshmark get this pair of lipstick print kids like do you die I love wearing these they just put me in a good mood I always seem to get compliments when I wear them I think that they were just so darling they fit perfectly yeah it's like they're saying for sure and of course I wear my red lipstick of course all right these ones I know that I found at Goodwill oh yeah it's the price tag is still inside I got them for eight dollars and 20 cents um but I just haven't worn them and I got them quite a while ago so they're this pair of gold star heads which I love constellations I love stars and astrology and all of that stuff so I thought oh you know pick these up we'll probably wear them and they just have a so those again are gonna be going to posh work all right so now we're gonna dive into the shoes I'm at this side pull this step closer to me and the one on top here oh my gosh this is a very special pair of very special shoes they're by Kate Spade they're called the Santa Rosa and these are actually what I wore on my wedding day they were so beautiful so perfect for what I was looking for and they were made something blue so I tried really hard to thrift the perfect pairing just was not having luck but luckily somebody on one of my videos commented about 6:00 p.m. calm I believe that's the name of it and I ended up finding these for only $85 so they are just so precious to me I love them so much I hope I get the chance to wear them in the future to some of that who knows so I think I'm going to leave them in the box but I'll pop in some pictures for my wedding day so you guys can see what they looked like oh I just love those so much it's so amazing okay so let's get into these and it looks like these are all of my mules that I have so the first hair on here these are just too cool for school this pair by a new day and they have these really cool tassels and they're made of this kind of woven material so they're really lightweight I found these a while ago and I remember being excited about them then and I'm still excited about them so yes y'all those are stayin love them all right next up is a pair of shoes I remember getting in LA when we weren't there so this is pair by Jacqueline Smith and they're these folk and of crocodile's style I just think that these are really cool and very professional and I'm about to start a new job so I think that these would be great for the summertime so yeah we're gonna keep it those and there's a green ooh okay this next pair like they make me angry because I really wanted to wear them so it's a pair of vintage it mules they're fine Dulcy shoes that fit your lifestyle um and I found them at a local kind of vintage retro store and I paid about $28 for them but I just fell in love when I saw them and then just didn't even think about them again so even though I'm gonna have to take a bit of a loss I think I will resell these just because they are cool and funky and of course we're in the season of the perfect to wear them and so maybe you someone who else will fall in love with them all right oh my gosh look at the stack of empties that is so exciting oh right and then last up is this pair that you guys have seen many a time here on my channel it look books and things like that but it's this pair of BCBG satin um you know pointy toe little mules but they've got kind of a 95 but so I think I will keep these just because I really do love wearing them with different outfits it fit really nicely again they're in great condition so these ones are gonna be staying all right you guys I am feeling it good we're down to three stacks it looks like about 20 or so pairs of shoes so let's dive into the next one on top here is this pair of a Nine West little ballet flats and I know for sure I'm gonna hold on to these I need a new pair of flats from time to time these are perfect for the office I left a little buckle detail so yes this will be sticking and those just make getting ready for work so much easier when you have stuff like that next up hmm is this pair of Liz Claiborne little a square toe pumps they're suede and I remember you know thinking oh those are really cool so it'll be nice for the office and then I just looking at him now I'm just not happy I'm not excited by them so I think I'll just be redone eating these babies see I told you there was another pair of cuts in here so next up is this pair of little baseball style kids that I found recently at eco thrift they were less than $5 and literally they put a smile on my face so yes those will be added to at the Kent's collection it'll go and join it other brothers and sisters and they'll keep them all together alright next here we've got a pair of slip-on leopard print sneakers and I thought is quite a while ago at freestyle I wanna say maybe like three or so years ago and I really enjoy them I think that they are super comfortable it's really nice when you have a basic outfit and you just want to wear something a little bit fine that's oh I like adding that so I will be keeping these Y off my stack of sneakers is like growing quite a bit thinking of Snickers I also have this pair of cold Han velvet sneakers and I want to say I found these on a good twice and I just thought that they were so cool so unique again never wore that much so those for sure gonna be going onto Poshmark I think somebody else will show them some love because they are really cool right the empty box and then last for this stack this kind of bums me out a little bit I found these tongs and they're you know this really cute black-and-white tweed pattern very Chanel s and they're super comfortable like tongs are and I just never reach for them but I'm not ready to part with them I'll be honest so I think I'll hold on to those and I'm gonna try to make a concerned effort to wear them with an outfit soon so that'll be my goal I feel like I'm being like enveloped by all of the shoes because I just pulled the two last stacks over oh boy these are gonna be I think a majority of my kind of going out heels the really cute ones that you fall in love with at the store and then you find out that they're not comfortable or you just don't reach for them I know I have some of those in here but it's time to get real so let's do this so on top here oh my god I can see there's actually dust on the top of this because I never reach for them so it says pair of really adorable Nine West little wrap up heels why don't you wear these PD they're so cute so they're like a black suede have the round toe chunky a little heel and then they wrap up your ankle like does it get any cuter so I love them they were wearing so off to Poshmark they go I'm getting a very significant Poshmark pile over here it's very exciting so next it's a pair of heels that I work oh my gosh I've worn these so many times I know for sure when they start to fall apart of the heel breaks or whatever I will find the exact same pair and get them because I love them that much so it's this pair of Nine West little caged heels they have a little skinny heel but they're very comfortable to wear I've worn them so many stinking times like I love you you're perfect you're not going anywhere back okay so next is a classic and that is this pair of Kathie Jean you guys can definitely really like that designer but these little suede of Queenie toe pumps I feel like every woman needs a pair of these in her closet you'll find yourself reaching for them again and again so yes these are staying a for shorter okay so next here these are ones oh they're just so it's stunning I found them like a couple of years ago I want to say and I was like oh my god those are so boss bitch I love them the color is unique I'm gonna put them on and like rule the world and then I tried wearing them to work one day and I was just like ya know like I and just not that woman and that is a okay I can be a boss bitch in flats that's fine so there are these Nine West beautiful oxblood wedges with the ankle strap like I died but you're not for me we were going to a new home those are gonna go in the Poshmark pile so next is a pair of shoes that look very similar to what I showed you earlier but they are a little bit different so it's a pair of cullet spring little suede gray heels and they have the suede part and then they also have that mesh detail so they look like the black ones that I showed you guys um I'll be honest I don't reach for this color so I'm gonna go ahead and keep it the black lines and then I'm gonna donate these those will go over heel and the next oh my gosh put this pair of heels I died I died for you I got these at weave works there by Naturalizer they are about the cutest pair of shoes I think I've ever seen babies cute little bow spectator style pumps and patent leather does it get any more perfect like yes keeping these a thousand percent talk about shoes oh my gosh it's like a trip down memory lane doing this so the next pair stop it just stop it right now is this pair of vintage mesh sheer rose heels that barely fit my feet like I cannot walk or do anything in them but boy am I gonna wear them I think they are just stutters Jenner's I love them I can't I can't I will never get rid of them ever ever ever you're just too darn pretty so yes this will be staying in my closet then last step for this stack is it's another pair of shoes that I totally thought I'm gonna rule the office in these they are so amazing perfect for work I mean they're despair of Marc Fisher black play the heels with the pointy toe they have this amazing cutout and then a freaking tassel on the back like stop those are just so gorgeous but I know myself I know I'm not gonna wear them so I think I have to spread the love and put them up in my Poshmark closet but I'm seriously gonna miss looking at them but they're so so amazing start it my site is officially asleep but we're just gonna we're gonna keep on rolling here cuz I'm on my last stack and that's exciting it's a big one though so on top here is a pair of shoes that I just got and I am NOT going to be parting with them it's this pair of cheese and Chloe little perfect pinup and t-strap heels I just I love them so much and I can't wait to wear them so those will be staying and then oh yeah here's another fail bikini so I got this pair of Sam Edelman like half hair loafers when I was in LA I thought they were so stinkin cool but they're just too cool for me I don't think I can pull them off but they are really well-made Sam Edelman is amazing so again these ones are gonna be going over to Poshmark all right next up is a pair of leopard print flats just from Moroni and nothing special but I do love them and I wear them a lot so these stones will be stained no questions asked I have to get those and then it is apparent that I've actually kind of recently rediscovered but it's this pair of Gap suede black pointy toe flats that have this cool like strap detail and I just started wearing them last week and I'm like oh I actually really like those I think they're really cute so those for sure are gonna be saying I like that I just kind of shop my closet found them so that was cool oh my gosh guys we need to get real so next is a pair of flats that are literally disgusting I'm going to censor them because they are so what gross and dirty and need to be like hosed down but that's because I wear them almost on a daily basis they are just like no-brainer shoes easy peasy super comfortable of course I'm going to keep them but I actually it's funny um I just ordered a replacement pair on Poshmark yesterday I'll be getting a new fresh pair to put in my closet very soon but that's the the og pair like they serve me well but boy they are really guys the next up is yet another pair of black flats and that's this pair of Banana Republic little round toe ballet flats they're in perfect condition literally could not have asked for anything better when I found these they were a little over 10 bucks so email I think that's a good deal for something that I'm gonna wear a bajillion times so of course those are staying and they think that's another pair that's just a wardrobe staple for any woman you should have in your closet because there were them so much all right we're down to our last two pair of shoes so the next pair is this cutie-patootie a little pair of spectators that I found recently and I got so excited when I came across them just because I've been looking for some for so long and they fit perfectly of course gotta keep those I'm gonna do some photo shoots with them make some outfit is just feel this is anticlimactic just because there are pretty boring pair of shoes but that's how the cookie crumbles it's this pair of brown faux leather loafers that I have and it's so funny because I picked him up just thinking oh they're cute you know they'll be good for fall I think I got him for a specific outfit and then every time I wear them to work I got so many compliments like it was just so weird I'm like really these these shoes okay whatever floats your boat was like that's fine by me so I will be holding on to them I think they're cool and I do like the challenge of kind of styling them up differently we finish you guys yeah yeah I'm so excited that was actually not nearly as bad as I was thinking it was like oh my god it's gonna take forever and I'm gonna human however the ones that I want to keep but I have to say I'm pretty proud that I made quick decisions and decided on the ones that I really loved and didn't want to part with the ones that I want to kind of give a new life and try again and then the ones that I'm just ready to move on and have them go on to their next life and I'll have them join my Poshmark closet so make sure to pop in all of the shoes and I'm gonna be adding to my Poshmark closet later just in case you guys are interested and then what we're gonna do is go ahead and put all the shoes that I'm keeping up back into my closet organize them the way that I want the way that I'm hoping that they will stay and I'm really hoping that we made our goal of only having four bins hi see I'm looking at quite a few empty bins in front of me so I'm hoping that that's a good sign so let's go ahead and put all the shoes and I'm keeping it back into my closet and see how it goes all right you guys so everything is now back up in my closet and I went ahead and kept the organization very similar to how it was previously so now I have all my shoes organized by if they are kids if they're slip-on sneakers if they are mules which I try to put those kind of in the middle right when I open the door so I can see them because obviously it's warm weather I'll be more apt to wear them this time of year and then we get into my black flats my kind of neutral other colored flats that I have and then we have heels so I have two stacks appeals one is more for professional or office setting and then one is more dressy for going out or when I do pin up looks and I'm so happy to report that we made goal you guys everything is under four or less Ben is so exciting to me and I think I counted that I had 24 pairs of shoes right now so I was able to clear out quite a bit so I am really proud of myself I hope that I inspired you guys to do the same and just take a look here closet see what you're using see what maybe you can part with so make sure to let me know what you think of this video if I should do with other areas of my closet or what you've been organizing lately I love to hear from you guys and as always thanks for watching and happy surfing

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