New Year Vlog: Thank you, Announcement, and Invitation!

New Year Vlog: Thank you, Announcement, and Invitation!

Hello! Happy new year — 2017, very exciting. I’m here for my first vlog, which is also exciting for me; I haven’t really vlogged here yet, but i just wanted to all let you know something: In 2016, many people were complaining, weren’t happy… but me honestly, my year was great for two reasons: First, I had many wonderful experiences and celebrations with family and friends. I really enjoyed… my heart was just full. It was a great year for me personally. And second, because of YOU! Here on youtube, so many people have joined, subscribed… you’ve signed up, watch my videos, given feedback, commented… really i’m just SO happy. Last month, we had 10,000 people subscribed, which is just incredible. I’m so excited; thank you so much for joining, for coming, for watching. I’m just really happy to be helping you learn ASL. So I THANK you for watching, yes, but not only that — also for your feedback, your comments, your stories. I’m teaching, yes, but you teach me, too. I’m learning so much from you every day. I read ALL of your comments and I learn so much, so thank you. And NOW, looking forward to 2017, I’m really excited. I’m planning more videos to film for you, AND… also, starting *this* month (January 2017), I’ll be making a new newsletter! So, it’s a letter I’ll type up and send to you through email. It’ll be just once a month–that’s it. Once a month, not every day. I won’t be bothering you, I promise 🙂 Just once a month, and it’ll include new signs related to that season or that month, Deaf history, Deaf culture, community, recent events, etc… what’s going on and what people are talking about, we’ll talk about. We’ll also dive into ASL linguistics, grammar… and of course recent ASL videos that I’ve uploaded here to YouTube, as well as Instagram. The first email will be next week — so excited. And if you want to sign up to get these emails, you can you go to and sign up there, OR below this video, there is a description and that includes the link to the signup form as well. That’s it for now! It’s just a quick vlog for you. I hope that your new year is off to a good start, and I really hope that your future is bright! I’m excited to continue learning ASL with you! I’ll see you soon, bye!

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12 thoughts on “New Year Vlog: Thank you, Announcement, and Invitation!”

  • i think i made a good choice in the cirst ace but now that i found this cbanel i yhink i will have fun learning it but do you suggest a way of learning it that will make it easier wold be so happy if you reply

  • i have another question do you have books or videos or apps (preferably free) i could use to help me learn on the go

  • can you do a video for ordering pizza? i work at a pizza place and i would like to sign with my deaf guests so they can order.

  • Thank you for all you do! I am learning ASL now because I want to be able to converse with my patients who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. I am a music therapist at a cancer center and I want to continue teaching the staff that because some patients can't hear that doesn't mean that they don't enjoy playing music or moving to a beat through vibrations. If you have any recommendations for me I would greatly appreciate it!! Maybe a video on few health concepts in ASL? Like "how is your pain today?, are you nauseous? How can we help make you feel better?" THANKS!!
    P.S. You have a very beautiful smile! Keep bringing light to the world!

  • Hi. I am really new to signing. I'm trying to learn for my job. I've not ran into any deaf patients yet but I want to be ready in case it happens. I work at a pharmacy. I would love and really appreciate if you made a video showing how to sign some key words I might need to use to help me do my job. I need to ask patients their birthday. I found one of your videos with the sign for birthday but need to know how to sign the names of the months, the days, and the year. I also need to learn how to ask if they have an insurance card. The store/restaurant video helped me out a lot also.

  • Do you have a video on signs for emotions? I have learnt so much from your channel, it's amazing. I live in New Zealand so we have our own signs here which are completely different but I wanted to learn ASL as most the people I've meet who are deaf have chosen to use ASL instead of NZSL. Although I'm from another country and I'm also hearing I find ASL super easy to learn, I usually only have to see a sign once or twice and I won't forget it so I'm really enjoying expanding my vocabulary and my understanding of how the sentences are structured. 😊

  • hi meridith your advice really helps and if you can could you do a video with a conversation so you do it then give a little space in bettween then do what you should have signed back i think that migjt help poeple review asl

  • I really like ur video's thanks for sharing you should make more evryday I do like to enjoy them evryday I whatch them

  • Hi Meredith last years 2017 I miss to view few years ago so I begin to appreciate your help with asl this years 2018 great enjoyment sign language skill and not perfect but keep mind to spell your own mind signs so l was worked long many years not one body communication with deaf or hearing l just quiet to my whole life good man so l glad to see you asl Meredith sign better often !