Natureboy  Ra A Husband Is Already Married W/Family😲 GIRL YOU ARE A SIDE CHICK🤔

Natureboy Ra A Husband Is Already Married W/Family😲 GIRL YOU ARE A SIDE CHICK🤔

hey guys back with another video but
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to check that one out because yeah she definitely got played from Nature Boy
and I want you guys to hear what is going on so with all that being said
let’s get into raw I was shocked when I came across this information of this guy
that’s coming over to carbonation to be with raw and it’s supposed to be her
fake husband but what is really disturbing to me is this man is a
married man with a whole family allegedly he even has two small young
uns that he’s leaving behind so we’re
talking about this man is leaving his wife behind and his two children to be
with raw how is this gonna work and where do they do this at why would raw
want to put or subject herself to this kind of situation or behavior knowing
that he has a whole family how is it going to work with her in this dude if
he already has history with his wife and he’s quick to leave her with two people
who he made a family with he’s just up and leaving to be with raw how is that
going to work out where there’s not a problem and I don’t understand why these
women have allowed nature boy to destroy their self-esteem to the point that they
are subjecting themselves to any kind of situation not to be alone
you’re in this situation of being alone in the first place and not wanting to be
alone because you’ve been accepting of sharing nature boy at his convenience
and when he wasn’t sharing um his self with you guys he was passing you along
to other members of carbonation that you weren’t interested in but just to have
some type of companion ship with someone you guys accepted what he was dishing
out but I really think that this is a desperate act on Ross pot it shows the
lack of respect she has for herself she’s basically a side chick that’s what
they call him a side chick because even if he’s not with his wife and he’s left
his wife to come over to carbonation or he’s on his way the carbonation he’s
still legally married to his wife and you are the side chick because then
unless he gets a divorce he is still legally married and another thing that
she needs to take into play is men that are in these kind of situations nine
times out of 10 they go back to their family so what’s gonna happen to Raw at
the end of the day you’re going to be left with nothing like you already have
been all this time over here in carbonation left with nothing
everyone around you is coupled up whether they’re happy or not and you
have been left on the wayside and natureboy per usual is back happy with
velvet the two narcs are back together and now you’re looking for love because
now you’re starting to see that everything that nature boy was teaching
you and everything that you were made to believe was all a hoax it’s just time
for these women to pack their things up and go let the women that are watching
from a distance go through this because there are women that are still trying to
we speak go over the carbonation even with these changes look at serenity she
threatened to take down her IG page which that’s not gonna hurt us it’s not
gonna hurt natureboy it’s going to affect serenity like it already is
because you were willing as well to leave your family for someone who
doesn’t want you in the first place I don’t understand this is a pattern with
all of these women and carbonation they’re looking to be loved when what
they don’t understand is they came to a place where love was supposed to be
unconditional and lots of it they’re supposed to be living this holistic
approach in the tropics getting healthier and showing us people in
Babylon that this is how we’re supposed to be living but they should have known
that there was something wrong with this situation when their chief or velvet the
wife has the option to place you guys as couples when there’s no chemistry that
right there should be enough for them to pack up this stuff and say I can’t live
like this this is not what I signed up for and
what is so messed up with this whole situation is some of them stayed too
long and now they’re stuck I really think that rah is fed up and she doesn’t
like her current situation but she’s stuck a lot of people are saying I’m
gonna say allegedly raw is one of the carbonation members that you know
there’s allegedly no family she can go back to maybe she does have a family I’m
not saying she doesn’t come from a family of course she comes from
somewhere but it’s not a support system there and this is probably why she left
carbonation to begin with because the support system doesn’t exist is
non-existent and I also allegedly heard she doesn’t
really have just in general nothing to go back home to she’s been gone long
enough that I’m quite sure even if she had her own place prior to leaving
Babylon it’s gone all she has is the clothes on her back and I say this
literally because if rah was – excuse me decide to go I’m quite sure that’s all
she’s gonna leave is the clothes on her back I really think because I believe in
my heart that out of all the women raw is a very defiant and strong woman and
she demands respect there’s been a few times Nature Boy has said our live he’s
about to put hands on her so she can be feisty from time to time I think that
this is when she needs to display her power and to let Nature Boy understand
completely that you’re not gonna do this to my life because what you’re doing in
your life you’re okay with it but you’re trying to make these sound decisions for
us that we’re not okay with the one meal a day the solar noon meal these girls I
think the reason why they’re not fighting back and I don’t mean
physically because why would I want to see a woman fight and physically with a
man but mentally because of the deprived sleep and they’re not eating on adequate
amounts of protein and they’re eating a lot of stuff that has carbs in it which
is loaded with sugar and when they get that sugar rush and then they get that
crash effect and that can make you delirious and that could also be why
she’s not making sound decisions on her life because ultimately this is Ross
life that she’s allowing Nature Boy in velvet to play with and playing with
someone’s life is serious but when people don’t value you as a person or
respect you that’s how it makes it that easy for
them to put you in a compromised situation with a married man and it can
be dangerous as well because I’m quite sure if this wife wanted to know the
exact location of where her husband was at and was to come over the irate
somebody could seriously get hurt including raw for accepting this married
man and not putting into account that maybe his wife still loves him she’s not
okay with it and she’s not respecting the fact that she is willing to play
house with her husband when do we draw the line with all of this when do we
start to look at what’s going on over the in carbonation as out of control
these people are supposed to be conscious or what people in a spiritual
place that’s supposed to be doing better than us and all I see is a lot of drama
love and flip-flop and confusion

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