Ms. Wanda Tells It Like It Is | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | Oprah Winfrey Network

Ms. Wanda Tells It Like It Is | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | Oprah Winfrey Network

– Listen. If you have a look
in the mirror, you is a beautiful black woman. Thank you. And never bow down
to nobody but God. Never. I’m the last person I think
about because it’s like, OK, I’m out here trying
to do all this stuff. But still, I don’t
have time to go hang out with my girlfriends. I have to come home.
Make sure the kids get dinner. – Exactly.
– Make sure they have homework. So it’s just like, I don’t
have all that time for myself. Like you, you just get up
and do what you want to do. Everything’s going
to be OK, baby. Everything’s going to be OK. But you can’t just let him talk. You just, you got to just
sometimes put your foot down and say listen, Marceau. Either it’s me or the road. He can have it one or the other. He can’t have both of them. He can’t have you and want
to be in the streets too. He can’t do it. And if he’s not that
man that you wanted, and the man that you
married, and the man that came and asked
for your hands, then you need to let him go. Don’t stay in a relationship
that you not happy in. Never. Because guess what, what good
is a big nice house and you’re not happy? You need to not let him
take you through there. OK? Don’t do that. You too beautiful girl
to go through that. And I refuse to let this happen. As long as I’m living. You can get another one. Don’t never let nobody
demean you girl. Something is going
to have to change around here in order for me
to continue on like this. Maybe we need to
go seek counseling. I don’t know. Something is going
to have to change. I got some serious
thinking to do I guess.

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51 thoughts on “Ms. Wanda Tells It Like It Is | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | Oprah Winfrey Network”

  • OWN channel always inspires me. I have taken all advice and jumped out of my comfort zone. I've even created my own YouTube channel to follow my progress. My video will drop in the next 24hours. I would love some support/feedback so please hit subscribe and check it out. Peace!

  • Tbh Tisha and Marsau issues have taught me that you have to have important convos before marriage. Ask alot of questions including hypotheticals. But Tisha girl, see if yall can try therapy 1st.

  • Bad advice. No wonder the black divorce rate among blacks is higher than every other race combined. Although we are only 15% of the U.S. population. Nice job brothas & sistas.

  • She does not need to leave her husband to find another man. She just needs to find some confidence and self worth and put Marsau on dam notice! Period!

  • Her husband is a horrible lying, manipulative cheating no Good dog! And i hope Latishia finds her voice smh she lets him get away with murder

  • Tisha's mother is WAY out of line for interfering in the martial concerns of someone else… Thier issues are their issues, NOT her mother's concern.

  • Why Tisha's mom enters in her daughter bedroom without knocking and gets into arguments with her husband. She doesn't have no RESPECT at all. She acts like a spy in that house. She needs to leave.


  • Thought Tisha never experienced cheating from her husband so what she and her mother going on about – she had a dream last night?

  • Her mother was out of line for talking to that man like that in a house he pays for … she need to go … she didn’t need to insert herself if anything talk to Tisha don’t disrespect her husband and I don’t care for marsau but still

  • Ohhhhhh pulllease…….Marsau is ALREADY FORMED…… HE'S NOT CHANGING… AND SHE MAY NEED TO LEAVE HIM…… GIRL PLEASE……… MARRIAGE involves TWO PEOPLE and he hasn't been in it SINCE THEY SAID, I DO, that's why she got a job. First he didn't want her to work. Now he doesn't really wanna be involved in the DAY-TO-DAY PARENTING… He's OLDER THAN HER…… What is "NOTICE" gonna do…… Help him cheat " BETTER", COME on wit dat old fashioned thinking…….#FreshlyDIVORCED

  • That's HER CHILD…what are you all talking about…she is not going to stand there and watch her child suffer…what in the world kind of non supportive family do you all have? Her mother has her back…marsau is disrespectful PERIODT and men like marsau is the reason black women have hivaids…it's serious out here and if he wants to be in the streets then let him and move on

  • People change, priorities change, situations change. If you notice no admittance of adultery from Marsau. Melody and Martell don't just call him out on it. Everybody just tippy toes around the subject. Probably a contractual agreement that the show or it's members cannot discuss his infidelity. Tisha And Marsau is a classic case of a woman who lacks independence. Her husband is the provider n she has no say. Tisha has no idea how powerful she is. She is a woman with no pre nup, I hope. It's up to her. Melody is a Boss. Martell still ain't right. Both Martell and Marsau know they stand to lose everything. Good luck to both women. Melody has had time to regroup and she's finding herself again. She know she don't need this man who doesn't value her.

  • Us mens’s, all think we players till the next man come thru and fck our woman long dck style.😂😂😂😂. All because of BS we put them thru.

  • Girl you not going anywhere! The problem that I have is that you seem to think Marsau is perfect and haven't cheated,I almost bet he has

  • Marriage is not a power struggle its a partnership. Her mother knows NOTHING of marriage. Unless there is physical or emotional abuse MARRIED ADULTS work out their issues. This is so disappointing and upsetting. What grown woman berates her son in law in his own house. I'm suprised he didn't tell mom to get out and take your daughter with you.

  • Sorry mother that's not good advice. You shouldn't tell your daughter to leave her husband remember they have kids. Divorce doesn't only affect the spouse it affects the kids too. That's why Tisha need to stop involving you in her marriage. It's time for Tisha to use her voice and tell her husband what she wants from him. Tisha is a grown woman with grown woman problems.

  • Just got engaged and my mom had to tell me the same thing. Don't ever allow a man to walk all over you; money isn't that important.

  • Black women love to talk other black women out of their relationships. Instead of giving them advice on how to salvage the situation.

  • Latisha doesn't need to leave Marsau because Latisha holds all the cards. Unfortunately she doesn't know how to play them. Latisha has three children by Marsau. If Marseau doesn't respect Latisha, it is because she doesn't demand it. Marsau needs to be put in time out, and that means out of the house until he learns the value of family, respect and marriage. Ms. Wanda can't fight her daughter's battle, especially since Latisha has all the weapons needed to win the war. Marsau says he pays all the bills, and has no time for family. Let him pay all the bills from another location. A little distance will definitely do the trick. Men like Marseau need to be shown that there are consequences for their chauvinistic behavior. Latisha doesn't have to leave Marsau. She just needs to establish her self worth and relay it to Marseau loud and clear. Latisha doesn't need a speech therapist. She needs self-esteem, confidence and a backbone to replace the balls Marseau lost during the vasectomy surgery.

  • I have to comment on this I see alot of comments saying her mother should not be telling her to leave apparently its more than communication issues going on in there marriage. If that man is cheating she better leave….. hell she better 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ real fast where is the self love here. Tbh I dont give relationship advice to friends/family because people are going to do what they want. As for me one my deal breakers is cheating I love me first😘

  • I hate say it but it does not appear he respects her heart, he is comfortable with lying to her and it works because she does not know her own Self worth. Find your worth. Your self worth ! What’s on the inside🙇🏾‍♀️. Your own definition. Hugs.

  • Mama right. He don't respect her because even he stink she's slow and not smart enough to see through his game. She needs to show him another side of her. Keep in mind, momma know more . We only see an hour of the show I don't believe her mom is telling her to leave for nothing especially having kids. There's more.

  • She ain't going no where! She' s beautiful and he is HANDSOME! TELL YO MOMMA'NEM TO MIND HER BUSINESS GET HER A HUSBAND AND BEGONE!💨

  • LET me break it down how I was raised. My grandmother used to always say what goes on between a man and a woman is between THAT MAN and THAT WOMAN PERIOD (Unless there is a life and death situation). Tisha's mom is right in what she has to say but wrong in intruding in their marriage and disrespecting her son in law. Give advice and wisdom TO YOUR DAUGHTER and allow her to be a grown woman and deal with her own husband. My mother has been there for some very heated arguments between my husband and I, but she never stepped in, she let us figure it out. She would state her opinion out of the earshot of my husband, and I like that respect regardless of how she felt. It also built a stronger bond between my husband and my mother because she's always respected those boundaries. But then again my mama knows who she raised, she knows I can definitely fight my OWN BATTLES with MY OWN HUSBAND. It seems maybe Tisha moms guilt is weighing on her to see such a docile woman that she has reared, and she has to come to Tisha defense even as a grown woman. Tisha's mom missed out on planting some key elements of confidence, self awareness, and self esteem into Tisha and its coming back to bite her.

  • Never get relationship advice from.a single person. If they were so good at it, they wouldnt be single.

    How she gonna tell you how to have a successful marriage when she doesnt have one?