Mr Beasts hosts Meme Review? (he maybe does)   [MEME REVIEW] 👏 👏#51

Mr Beasts hosts Meme Review? (he maybe does) [MEME REVIEW] 👏 👏#51

Meme review last week Elon Musk and Justin Roiland Hosted meme review a legendary episode. What do we do now? I don’t know. We’ve never gotten this far How do you follow up an episode like that? You can you just can’t Except we will! I have a secret plan in mind for another bonus meme that’s gonna knock it out of the park. Just wait, but first it’s meme review time Let’s freakin do this . Smash like if you’re excited. When it’s Steve Irvin’s birthday and Nobody seems to be celebrating. This is very sad But but but but but out-out of nowhere comes Google and Google knows what’s up Commemorating the legacy the legend Steve Irwin very nice. Thank you. Google. Very cool But oh no, no. Oh, no, no. We can’t just let things be positive. We can’t just have nice things Peta that’s right PETA everyone decided to take the moral high ground and As a response to this Google header, PETA posted this Steve Irwin was killed while harassing a ray the mental gymnastics of this Organization he dangled his baby while feeding a crocodile and wrestled wild animals who were minding their own business You know who should be minding your own business PETA. I you you shut up Today’s Google Doodle sends a dangerous phony message well I can’t even read this. This is giving me brain damage everyone Dislike that no one likes you PETA. This is why people don’t care about anything you say Someone replied Steve Irvin didn’t have a kill rate of 80 percent you DO he didn’t donate seventy thousand to a convicted arsonist you DID and he wasn’t in bed with eco terrorist networks again YOU so take your Self-righteous BS and shove it. That’s right, PETA Now the meme community is not happy about this. The meme community PETA Disrespected Steve Irvine on his birthday everyone like Hitler but even Hitler cared about animals or something He probably did. Next meme. PETA when animal abusers set up dog fights PETA when Chrome changes its logo to honor Steve Irvin, how could they hey? You’re a fairy. Here to grant your wishes I wish I could talk to ponies Steve Irvin was a hero you *not Christian Word* Good meme great meme there’s one way to properly ridicule and shame someone it’s through memes There’s no other way. Okay shame on you PETA Steve Aaron’s memory the whole internet Preaching need things Peter have done to have animals. Wow. Look nothing When I kill a deer my parents family of deer PETA you have to die now app. Oh my God it’s time to go. Wish I had a good organization No *not Christian word* No one likes you PETA. Just crawl back into whatever hellhole you came from. Okay, no one likes you No one wants you;re like that one kid in class that that farts really badly. Good analogy Felix. Thank you What good is a fast car flash house and a gold-plated unnie to me? Absolutely, no good at all I’ve been put on this planet to protect wildlife and wilderness areas which in essence is gonna help humanity I want to have the purest oceans. I want to be able to drink water straight out of that Creek I want to stop the ozone layer. I want to save the world and you know money money’s great I can’t get enough money. And you know what? I’m gonna do with it. I’m gonna buy wilderness areas with it every single cent I get go straight into conservation. And guess what Charles I don’t give a rip whose money it is, mate I’ll use it and I’ll spend it on buying and land and the truth about the croc hunter Was that he was just a big kid with a passion for the planet Well, Terri Irwin hasn’t been on a date since losing Steve. I have already had Happily ever after Oh Steve Irwin gets a golden seal of ten Frick you PETA. Next meme. Elon Musk memes they just kept coming I swear my whole reddit it’s filled with nothing but Elon Musk memes at this point. I guess he likes dark humor, I guess so Hey, man, the video didn’t get demonetized. So I assume YouTube is fine with it. A deer lying dead in the pool exists Nobody: Elon Musk. I love this picture. It’s goddamn beautiful PewDiePie with the sub gap It was literally one and then rose up to 10k. Uh-huh. I think it’s a hundred K now. Thank you very much That’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. This has to be one of my new favorite laughing reaction This is so good When you tell a slightly offensive joke at the dinner table. You: Your brother: The guest: The dol- Hey, stop it stop it with the dolphin jokes Elon. This is not a dolphin. You’re drowning the oh god He has air pods, of course He has Airpods in. He’s a billionaire, my god. Dark sense of humor can be dementia warning Well, then I guess we all have dementia on this channel. Let’s get real here. Yeah Definitely my favorite Rick and Morty moment. Can’t stop laughing. Thank You. Justin Roiland for hosting me in review with me. So this was a plan all along. I knew it I freaking knew it. Teacher: Why are you laughing? Me: nothing my brain: Elon Dusk Hmm. What are you laughing at? Nothing. Elon Tusk God, damn it teacher. What are you laughing at? Me: Nothing My brain: Elon Mosque Teacher: Why are you laughing there? Me: Elon de Dusk 2 All right Jesus Christ, you know, I was kind of disappointed that Elon didn’t like this meme of himself I was like, ah, what a shame. You know, I usually think these were actually funny but then I started seeing them on myself It’s not funny okay it and I’m saying it genuinely. Teacher: What are you laughing about? Me: Nothing. My brain: Felix smell bird. Stop just stop before. It’s too late. You don’t want to mess with me boy. What are you laughing at? Huh? What are you laughing at? Nothing? Oh, yeah, whatever. What is this? Felix Shellberg. This is racism at its finest. I mean, as the worst What are you laughing about? Nothing.. My brain: Felix Kjailberg. Jesus Christ So bad The Elon meme gets a ten Okay, the Elon deer memes ten out of ten baby, but that Elon teacher meme format. Zero. What are you gonna do about it cry piss your pants maybe Mmm, next meme another PewDiePie related meme. Of course, I’m gonna bring this up. Evidence shows that vaccines don’t cause autism Anti-vaxx moms: What the ** is that even suppose to mean? Pretty good meme Treaty of Versailles exists: Nazi Germany what the ** is that even suppose to mean? When your girl wants you to touch her but she’s too vague. Bobs or vegana, whichever it will be Good memes. These are great memes. These are fantastic memes. Normies when they see a meme with no caption Ten out of ten baby. Ten out of ten. My god! Damn. All right now as a final meme of this week’s meme review we have a meme that’s been sitting lurking in the background for quite a while and It’s kind of taking on many different shapes and forms, and I don’t really know how to summarize it But I’ll try my best to explain this god-awful atro-shitty named Ricardo. Ricardo Started off with Tik-Tok trolls. Okay. Here I am basically trying to watch them Some Tik-Tok videos and then out of nowhere, this frickin guy comes in and I’m like, I’m not gay I don’t like this It’s basically their Skidaddle skadoodle your dick is now a- It’s basically that level of **-tier okay, first you get annoyed but then it happens again and and you just look at him and you’re like Oh god him. His smile. His eyes. His dance. His bandana. His warmth His existent and you know, I’m not gay but if I had to pick between the Tik-Tok girl or Ricardo I’m gonna have to think really hard about it at least. The eternal struggle between good and evil Tik-Tok girl Versus Ricardo. While Ricardo is stronger, I have to say that he has more muscles. So I think he’s got the win on me Okay, that’s pretty good. Hey, shut up. I’m on skype with someone. Sorry beautiful. You were saying, oh my heart Oh, stop it, Ricardo. We are sitting here in Venten and playing little DotA shut up guys I’m talking to the cutest girl ever. Sorry, babe. You were saying ah Kpop guys. No. Thank you Ricardo I don’t really understand this meme I’m gonna be honest. Why have people spent hours editing this stuff. I don’t know. Like what is this Just stop. Please. Well, now we understand where he gets his power from. Ricardo meme gets a zero Just because they need to stop. Just stop the Ricardo meme. Please I’m begging you I think I’ve proved my point here today cuz I’m not gay okay I don’t like men. Now, of course to the big surprise Who is gonna top Elon Musk and Justin Roiland as bonus meme who could it be? Three two one. *Meme* *Review* In case you guys didn’t get the memo, today is bring your kids to work day, so I brought by But before I host meme review, I’d like to do a moment of silence for all our fallen bros on the war on t-series But what was that? Why’d you do it straight? Bro you said I could do it Just because it’s PewDiePie’s channel, doesn’t mean it’s okay *First* *Meme* So, here’s the thing. PewDiePie just give us the cluster of memes. Guess we’ll just pick one? Spending seven million dollars on a dad. Giving PewDiePie 7 million. Mm I’m sure they did put this in there. Wait giving PewDiePie 7 million subscribers? Oh giving PewDiePie 7 million dollars. Yeah Well, I need a few years I’m not Logan Paul-I don’t have that kind of merch sales. Seven’s a little high. I-I maybe like four but not seven. Maybe like four-no you have to give him your subscriber count. Give him-his dollar per subscriber? No, penny per subscriber. Cool Cool. All right. We’ll just continue the illusion that I’m filthy rich and move on Dude this is my favorite website. Four crazy dudes and one lucky teen I guess you’re the lucky teen? Dude you don’t have premium? Ah-well I didn’t make this meme. Why? Whoever made this meme doesn’t have premium? Yeah they don’t have premium. Come on man From Mr. Beast. Dude they put some effort into it. I like The top right. Actually, are we allowed to say that? Mr Beast: spend hundreds of dollars buying PewDiePie ads. Pewds: Can we get Ben Shapiro to host meme review. Mr. Beast: Am I a joke to you You okay? Just kidding I never really wanted to host meme review because I don’t want to look like the leech so like that’s why I only did all this BUT I get barrage by tweets every day. So, uh, why don’t you are yeah One week she loves me. One week she hates me. Both weeks, I shat on the bed. Come on Bugs Bunny. He should get a diaper. Seems like the simple fix. Yeah. Dude, that’s how big Chungus came along He was just sick as ** on the bed. And so you just how I got it I got a h-hold it in and you just blew up That’s like a-that’s like an eight or nine per minute. We got it-*NEXT* *MEME* Mr. Beast: PewDiePie putting in no effort to beat T-series All right. That one it’s pretty accurate up until he started live-streaming it literally it’s something it do be like that. But seriously it does kind of hurt when you put a lot of effort into a bill board campaign and PewDiePie the next day or whatever just like I don’t care if I get past. I don’t really care about being number one and they just like But we do. We care *MEME* *REVIEW*. I am NOT a racist but That’s how every racist person starts off everything. They say. I’m not a racist but There’s so many things. I want to say. I just can’t I’m not as Savage as PewDiePie. You know, I feel like he would probably say something slightly racist would probably say something slightly racist here T-Series: Mr. Beast: PewDiePie: I mean, it’s true Bow down king. Why is PewDiePie so hot? Yeah, he’s one of the most attractive men, rated thing. That’s a long time ago I don’t know. I don’t really like memes like this. This meme is terrible and this is why. I mean it is true ruins the entire me,e You didn’t have to explain it here we’ll crop it up the good part. That’s all we need. Yeah The meme should have been this it is boom problem solved. All right. All right I think we have two left. Superbowl ad: PewDiePie: Knowing Mr. Beast supported the most by spending a lot of money for PewDiePie ad Saving PewDiePie a hundred thousand times and helping PewDiePie receive eight hundred thousand plus subscribers. First off I don’t think I ever tweeted that. I think you did. No, I never tweeted that. That is a big tweet But anyways, let me clear it up a little bit basically when I said PewDiePie 500 thousand times, I said I was going to try to buy a PewDiePie ad. The game plan was to Sell syb to pewdiepie shirts and hoodies like this, make a few million dollars off of it, and put that towards the ad That is what I planned on doing And that is why I said that but after I uploaded that video we ran into some complications I learned that there’s a really good chance the Superbowl probably wouldn’t approve yet Like there’s some marijuana company that didn’t get approved even though they offered like ridiculous amounts of money for their Superbowl ad So then I had a dilemma Do I sell stuff to peopIe shirts telling everyone I’m gonna take all the money and put it towards a Super Bowl ad and then you know, Make a few million dollars, but then the ad gets declined So then I’m stuck with a few million dollars and then yeah, obviously I give it to charity But then people would be even more disappointed. I didn’t know I just I didn’t know if they would reject or prove yet so I never went through with the idea of selling this like really hard with the promise of buying a Super Bowl ad. So after that, we decided to make these shirts and the blankets and get a you know seats right behind the goalposts to promote them because they said we’re gonna do something at the Superbowl and We didn’t want to not deliver anything. Just what we were in a bit. Uh, yeah, so this meme doesn’t have accurate information So it’s labeled inaccurate does not get a rating *NEXT* *MEME* During labor-oh god. Oh, man oh pain is so great that a woman can almost imagine what a man feels like when he accidentally kills the dog in Minecraft. Dude- dude it hurts. It does. When your Minecraft dog falls in lava I may not be able to relate to a lot of these memes But this one hit me right here dude, 12 year old me. Oof, yeah. I vividly remember my minecraft dog Oh, falling in lava one time and I just like got so sad about it This one gets a nine out of ten. Nine out of ten. To wrap this meme review up. I’d like to plug something PewDiePie Sent me a message say I could plug whatever I want at the end and I really want to plug Grande because he actually helped us make some of these billboards. He’s been a strong fighter for PewDiePie He’s very good for the meme economy He’s really helpful, you know keeping the GDP up, you know quarter-over-quarter and I’d like it you guys wanted to subscribe to him So he could make more memes. So PewDiePie could react to them. Alright bros. That’s it for me review. I’m your general I’m gonna go back to fighting t-series Appreciate you guys having me on. Thank you PewDiePie. Honestly, if anyone else was the number one most subscribed to youtuber They’d probably bring it up a lot or if they got an argument say

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