MERRY ORTHODOX CHRISTMAS! Russia Celebrates The Birth of Christ! CHRIST IS BORN!

MERRY ORTHODOX CHRISTMAS! Russia Celebrates The Birth of Christ! CHRIST IS BORN!

Тhy Nativity, O Christ our God, Has shone upon the world with the light of knowledge For thereby they who adored the stars, Through a star were taught To worship Thee, the Sun of Righteousness, And to know Thee the Dayspring from on high. O Lord, glory to Thee.

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100 thoughts on “MERRY ORTHODOX CHRISTMAS! Russia Celebrates The Birth of Christ! CHRIST IS BORN!”

  • Dear friends,
    MERRY ORTHODOX CHRISTMAS! Russia Celebrates The Birth of Christ! CHRIST IS BORN!
    We wish you a lot of happiness, peace, and love!
    Unfortunately, stereotypes about Russians and Russia are very popular nowadays, especially in the West, so we decided to play with them ))
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    We have just started! There will be much more interesting merch! Any comments and suggestions are welcome!
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    Get one for yourself and for your best friend for the Orthodox Christmas and coming year!

  • Beautiful thank you for sharing 🎄 Merry Christmas to you and your families from the USA 🎄 God Bless 🕊️🙏🕊️

  • Dear Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for coming to us, teaching us, and sacrificing yourself for us. Christ is born. Amen 🙏🙏🙏 ☦️❤️

  • May Christ’s blessings continue to surround Russia and Vladimir Putin in holy light and goodness. Thank you for being such a beautiful reflection of His love , grace & divine will. 🇷🇺❤️✝️

  • Merry orthodox Christmas. I am sure when he comes back he will surely choose to live in those enchanted villages in Russia. Covered with snow. Never in the ugly dirty west who has lost his mind and soul.

  • Falicitations To All People Of The Orthodox Faith. Congratulations I Am Deeply Impressed. Vladimir Saved Russia Going From Strength To Strength.

  • Russia is #1 when it comes to celebrating Christmas. A beautiful celebration, inside a beautiful church.

    The other day someone on YouTube showed what Moscow looked like during Christmas. They walked around and showed is from a 1st person perspective. OMG! It was unbelievable. The person must have had a really good camera. Because the image looked good and clear. I felt like I was right there. I love the way the snowflakes dangle over your heads. I loved the huge Christmas tree. I love all those little shops outside.

  • 🌹🙏🐻🙌🐻🙏🌹. . . Praise Our Lord, Highest of High, may Father God, always shine in your hearts Russia. Happy New Year ! ! ! 2020 ! ! !

  • Love it…i am serbian orthodox from down under Australia…love my brothers and sisters in Russia….

  • Thank You God Almighty for the sane Russian people and Country showing the world real respect and honor for our CREATOR and SAVIOR.

  • Marry Christmas President Putin and to all the orthodox peoples, wish You Prosperity, happeaness, peace and may GOD protect you like you protect all of us. 🌷🌷🌷❤❤❤

  • Meanwhile in the West they close Christmas markets to not offend their muslim overlords. The west has fallen.

  • Believers in Russia have simple truths. Do not kill, do not steal, etc.

    The Americans seem to be the same. 500 years. Kill and steal.

    You have stolen oil from the Syrians. Stop. Well do you need more food?

    Now killed the politics of a sovereign country. Which incidentally fought against ISIS. Are you all fucked up there? If so then the war is just around the corner for the planet. There are not many chances, but rabid dogs are euthanized. I am in shock.

    I have not seen a more fucking and stupid nation. Are you all crazy ?!

    Let's all burn to dicks in a nuclear fire. So more fun. Morons.

    God forgive us for ruining the world.

  • Hristos se rodi,vaistinu se rodi!
    Merry xmas to all orthodox around the world
    Merry xmas to mother Russia and Tsar Vladimir Putin
    May God bless him and all good people

  • Christ was not only the son of God he was his prophet. It's safe to say that Christ was determined about his Covenant, he walked across water to share it to be able to receive the gift of everlasting life within his Covenant. Remember the Sabbath day and keep it Holy of Our Heavenly Father commandments and Christ prescribed Saturday to be the Sabbath day in full filling that law of his Covenant.

  • MeanWhile the West focuses on Rudolf the red nose reindeer, the Grinch, Santa Clause -with little to no mention of the birth of Jesus a Christ.

  • Merry Christmas Friends,

    Let's pray this year brings revelation of Great change for this planet & it's people. Gods people will be favoured & rewarded in the these times we face so stand strong with faith. Happy New Year! To Changes! 🥂🍷🎇✨🎆🎉🎊

    Thank You,
    God with Us

  • It would take more than a pretty Christmas scene to erase the horrors Russia/Putin have wreaked against Christians in the past. On the ground Christians are afraid, and rightly so.

  • Merry Orthodox Christmas to all…
    In solidarity with you i will leave my Christmas decorations a few more days….

  • Jesus replied, “The most important commandment is this: ‘Listen, O Israel! The Lord our God is the one and only Lord .

  • Selamat natal teman-teman Rusia dan Presiden Putin, Marry Christmas to all my Orthodox Russian Friends and President Putin. Salam dari Indonesia

  • Whenever Christmas happen Merry Christmas. Assuming certain things I the present Tzar of Russia and a direct desendent of Tzar Nicholas II. What would you do if I told you that the Tzar Nicholas II's daughter got secretly "married" in November of 1916 and had secret children ? Did you know that historically the Tzar the head of the Russian and Bellorussian and Ukrainian ECT churches ? Assuming certain things I Tzar Feodore IV.
    In Matthew 1 the fulfilled prophecy ( in the original Greek ) said in " belly". The "star" if real probably proclaimed the conception not the birth of Christ. It took time to come from the east . The pro- abortion people may not like this . In history you have a problem with Roman history conflicting with other non – Roman history. According to one source Herold got the throne while still a teenager. If he lived to around seventy he died around 9 ad. He probably had a phoney funeral earlier than that. God don't lie but "history" can. You have 3 mysterious people mentioned around 3 ad. One of them got murdered. One of the names ( I think) something like Athelia.I suspect that the Jewish people rejoiced after the death of one of the 3 cause e the last of the rulers of the 10 lost tribes putting .This fulfilled prophecy reuniting all 12 tribes of Israel.This meant that all 12 "crowns" ended up on the Mother of God's head (do you think Revelation 12 apply here ?). Assuming certain things I Tzar Feodore IV.

  • All those Nato « strategics » never seemed to have figured out that a decade of anarchy isn’t sufficient to eradicate a thousand year old culture. The world’s most powerful military alliance is thinking in months or years at best…empires think in centuries.

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  • The portraits which shows in this church were really respected. I mean a Marry and other women's are wearing Hijab and Man are also wearing Arab culture cloths with Beards. Even in church all the people are looking in a good manner. so the question is does this all for Only churches or we should apply it out of church also? And why western countries portrays hejab as negative thing there, are some countries where you cant wear hijab or a man with beard is considered as backward WHY?