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100 thoughts on “Meet one of the ranchers who invited Speaker Pelosi to tour the border”

  • That Cow pelosi .schumer ..
    None of them will step up because they dont want to benm proven they are wrong .. they would rather stick their heads up one anothers Ass's ..and lie about it .. them maggots pelosi schumer ..and the lot of them need to go

  • Hello she's a piece of crap can liar Thief she's just looking out for her money she got it and she don't care about the Americans from presidential throw her off stuff out of the house did you piece of crap nobody I know that I ever have anything to do with her and when the people show her the facts she makes her own up God bless our President made Pelosi fall over dead

  • I would hardly consider immigrants the “bad guys” they are just fellow human beings wanting a better life. Not saying they shouldn’t do it legally, but you gotta see their perspective to understand why they’re trying to come over.

  • All of u forgot to mention all the weapons. The US supply to all of the cartels so yea they should build the wall so they stop getting the guns

  • Lol… and you believe that the boarder isn't going to be improve with or without Trump and his boarder wall smoke screen. Let's face it Trump doesn't care for 800,000 Americans what make you think he care about you Ranchers. This money and always have been moneys to improve the wall/boarder. Don't be fall for Trump's wall smoke screen.

  • Huh wonder why she won’t go? Lmao, hey all you illegals go to good old nanceys house and set up tents on her lawn. I bet you will be Thrown off faster than you can blink! Hypocrites!!!!

  • Only people in texas and people that live close to the border areas know what really goes on. Pelosi/schumer don't know anything cuz they live far away from the real crime. Shame on them thinking everything is ok. IT'S NOT !!!!

  • Sorry but Nancy Pelosi is not coming to your invite . It would only prove she is totally wrong along with her other scumbag liberals followers . Please be safe Mr.Rancher , it's terrible you are having these problems with no help . Keep your AR's cleaned & lubricated ….

  • Thanks to those Rancher's for speaking out.. Good luck guy's. I really do feel for you.. I bet if Nasty Nancy, her lab dog Chuckie boy, or Harris, had ranches out there they would have a Wall..

  • Nancy and her open border supporters need to pretend that the United States is a private country club or a private neighborhood they belong to. Where they have big nice public fences to keep the ordinary public out of neighborhoods and private country club.. and a green card is like a Membership to their fancy private country club… then maybe She will support a wall

  • Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986

    The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), Pub.L. 99–603, 100 Stat. 3445, enacted November 6, 1986, also known as the Simpson–Mazzoli Act or the Reagan Amnesty,[1] signed into law by Ronald Reagan on November 6, 1986, is an Act of Congress which reformed United Statesimmigration law. The Act[2]

    required employers to attest to their employees' immigration status;

    made it illegal to hire or recruit illegal immigrantsknowingly;

    legalized certain seasonal agricultural undocumented immigrants, and;

    legalized undocumented immigrants who entered the United States before January 1, 1982 and had resided there continuously with the penalty of a fine, back taxes due, and admission of guilt; candidates were required to prove that they were not guilty of crimes, that they were in the country before January 1, 1982, and that they possessed at least a minimal knowledge about U.S. history

  • She and the rest of the NO WALL crew should HAVE to GO and see the cold hard facts. If she refuses to go and or continues to block the path of a safe southern border wall then she must resign her chair and her place in our government. Possibly even face charges of treason!!!!

  • The powers that be are responsible for bringing the majority of drugs into thus country not illegal immigrants.
    The rich politicians and their friends who have the means to go undetected and are in with drug cartels. How do you think they (politicians) get to live in huge homes and are worth a lot if $$$ it's not from their salary. Next time you view any political person's net worth ask yourself where do you think all that wealth came from ?

  • Tragic mess ignored too long. Trillions overseas, but nothing for the American people. Nothing for our own borders.
    One word: Corruption

  • She doesn't care for no one. Pelosi and schumer are puppets of the devil. Power and for there instrest only. They don't want to let down the country's who are making the money for them. Its a circle of the crooked system. Now thats a shame and sad. But God will prevail. God bless the president of the United States of America Trump :prayer's to him. Amen :

  • I feel for these people for their troubled lives in Mexico but I went through hard times I didn't turn to crimes … Living out of my car at 20 years old for 8 months saving up each dime doing anything for work until I decided to something about it now. Now I'm a licensed contractor at 24 years old with my own place and a new car. I still got my 1989 Camry I use to sleep in just so I know never to let myself get back to that point. God bless everyone 🙏


  • These youngsters climbing the wall that fast could be future line workers of AMERICA. Probably beat all kinds of climbing records .

  • That guy stood there and counted 2 million people walking across the fence LOL

    And Trump said El Paso was a criminal war zone.

    And Trump said he had 30k people at the El Paso rally but the fire department said that building only holds 6k hahahahahahahahahahahahhaaha so much for "REAL NEWS"

  • The videos you show are paid ppl simple facts … Get real ppl trying to come over here , bcuz you can't you have to pay ppl so that you have video proof these are all actors

  • How do the Dems keep that Pelosi propped up in front of the camera ? She already looks beyond the living. Must be puppet strings and wires. But of course those ranchers better be careful … If they were to actually feed her a real, american, prime beef meal. She might come back to life … AND NOBODY WANTS THAT NIGHTMARE !!!

  • Trump needs to Build That Wall we can't have none of these Mexicans coming over here ruining our kids with drugs and their rapist attitudes and their rapists views of life plus now that I'm successful in my life I don't want none of my relatives coming over here knocking on my door asking for a handout please people Build That Wall

  • Her and her team are making money off all the immigrants offer all the homeless off all the dope the lower courts the probation department's they're all a bunch of losers

  • Shoot them on your land its your huge giant ranch in the dessert in Texas nobody will miss those dopemules and traffickers.

  • Let's not forget about the rancher who was killed on his own property in his own country. The government job is to protect its citizens from foreign invaders. We have the second amendment that clearly States about invaders and everyone has a right to protect themselves. The problem is people use to protect themselves but the United States government and the United nations has been stripping people of their rights since the second world war. We are a sovereign nation and we have a right to protect our borders, country, family, and property. Second amendment folks don't let them fool you.

  • She can spend money on alcohol on taxpayers money and trip overseas using taxpayers money, but she can't defend American citizens.

  • Then the Ranchers are going to cry when the government takes a couple hundred acres of land away from them and give them nothing for it.

  • She won't go there. She knows she just doesn't care. Send these people to her home since she loves all of them so much and she says none of them are criminals. How the hell would she know?!

  • You mean THE rancher who invited Pelosi… Billions to help a handful of 4th generation millionaire hillbilly yuppies lying to you. They all say the problem was better before the hard wall but the only way to fix the problem is make the wall harder. Why? Because it means taking money from us and giving it to him.

  • I'm Mexican American with family in Mexico we all agree there should be a wall and that life should be made better there for their Citizens. There us a blood bath war raging down there. Endless amount of corpses and missing people. Common sense if you open your eyes. Build the wall

  • Well the only reason why narcos are crossing drugs is because american people are buying them, if they boycott the narcos they wouldn't want to cross drugs anymore because they would be losing money paying the people crossing the drugs.

  • She as well as all other politicians who have received millions from drug kingpins such as El Chapo will never concede to anything that will obstruct the flow of drugs and human trafficking through the southern border. El Chapo has admitted paying off/ contributing
    To these crooks.

  • Maybe these farmers need to hire hitmen to just sit and watch or better declare hunting 24/7/52 24 hrs 7 days and 52 weeks each that cross the line shot and killed .this problem will stop

  • Well Mrs.Pelosi,Just so your will know not that you will even read this as of today i have adj and have put the democratic party in notice that they have formly been ask to terminate your as speaker of the house and maybe from your seat in Congress. The democrats have attempted a illegal coup against President Trump too removing him from office that the American people put him in,So now i am putting you on notice w we are going to do the best to remove you from the seat of the speaker of the house and hopefully from the halls of congress,Mrs Pelosi what ever your so your will not van our guns,We the citizens if America have the constitution,2nd amendment that guarantees the people the right to have and bear arms,I hope you will listen because i don't want anything go happen,because you will start a firestorm you start across this country and as God is my witness i dont want that at all because it will spread across this nation like bitter honey and may end up6 with no nation at all

  • Democrats want illegals here. There's incentives for them. It's a real shame. I don't know how they can sleep at night?!

  • And we need to not forget that she's been taking money from El Chapo Guzman, that's why she was fighting so hard to not have the wall built.