Making Hama Bead Christmas Decorations of Steven Universe Characters

Making Hama Bead Christmas Decorations of Steven Universe Characters

hello and welcome to my channel!
I’m Inkyswampboy and today I’m making some Christmas decorations out of Hama beads
inspired by Steven Universe characters just wanna show you one I did earlier of Steven’s
face it was a bit of a difficult one to work out
as a design because it didn’t really work with the thick black
outline the character has in the show so I had to go with a lineless design
but I think it worked out in the end he looks cute and happy and excited for the
holidays the one I’m doing in this video is Cookie
Cat from Steven Universe well the first episode of Steven Universe
I guess a pretty minor part of the show at this point
but I really like the design I also thought it would look cute because
it’s a Christmas tree decoration and I feel like cookies are something which
fit in well with a Christmassy theme so the thing about these beads is it’s very
similar to pixel art which is why a lot of people use it to make
figures of uh 8 and 16 bit video game characters so I find it useful to plan out a design by
getting a reference picture of the image I’m making and pixelating it
luckily my current phone has an option in the image editor to pixelate the image
so it’s very quick for me to do and this has been so helpful as a tool
don’t feel bad about needing references! it’s really helpful for this kind of art
I think the real name of Hama beads is fusible beads
or some people just call them melty beads they’re the same thing as Perler beads
or whatever brand you might have depending on where you live
basically they’re a kind of little plastic bead you lay out on a pegboard
and make into a design and then you melt them together with an iron I know some people find this process very fiddly
but I enjoy it when you get into it there’s something very
calming about just putting down bead after bead
filling in big areas of colour putting down lines
it’s nice you might be able to see the tweezers on my
workstation I do find those very useful for when I’ve
put one bead in the wrong place or need to rearrange something
that is one part of the process that is kind of fiddly
might be better if you have long fingernails mine are very short so I struggle a lot picking
these things back up it’s really satisfying when you start to see
the image coming together it’s difficult seeing it up close
especially since the beads have little gaps between them
so it’s not a really clear coherent image I kept looking through the viewfinder on my
camera to get a look at it as I went I really like how much depth I could get from
just five colours of beads at this point I need to melt it all together
I had to carefully- very carefully so I don’t send beads everywhere- put a tea towel under
it to protect the work surface underneath legitimately the most nervewracking part of
the whole thing since I have sent beads flying everywhere at this point before
anyway so I covered it with some baking paper smoothed it down and pressed it with the iron
I carefully checked it but it hadn’t all melted so I went again
I think I actually went a bit hard and melted it too much here
the iron was suddenly a lot hotter than it had been before
the middle part of the image ended up much more fused together than other parts
serves me right I guess for being impatient and starting ironing before the iron was fully
hot I took the piece off the board and luckily
it all came off easily and in one piece the next step is optional but I like to do
it which is to iron the other side of the beads
I prefer it aesthetically because it makes both sides look the same
and also it makes it a lot stronger and less bendy
which is good for a hanging decoration it doesn’t need as much ironing this time
just a quick press I probably do it more than you need to here
because I prefer how it looks when it’s a bit more melted
I know other people like to be able to see the beads more
but I’m less of a fan especially when it’s an image that’s a little harder to understand
when it’s turned into like a pixel art style when it’s hardened a little bit I use a piece
of ribbon to make a loop to hang it from I try to leave a couple of the beads at the
top with a bigger hole still in them so I’d be able to thread the loop through
but I forgot to leave as big a gap as I usually do
it worked out fine I just had to pull it through with the tweezers
to be honest if you don’t want to use a ribbon it may be tons easier
but I wanted it to look fancy because it’s a Christmas tree decoration
and yeah I think the finished one looks really cute
after I finished filming the main part of this video I wanted to make more of these
so I made a Peridot in a santa hat the angle on this one was a little harder
to get across especially since there’s more going on in the image
but I got to use these see through kind of translucent beads for her visor/glasses thing
which I think looks really cool makes me want to try and get more of the other
kinds of beads you can get there’s loads with glitter in them
like I love that kind of thing the kinds of crafts I’d have also loved as
a kid I haven’t really changed that much!
thanks for watching if you made it this far I really appreciate it
if you’d like to, please drop a like, subscribe to my channel, press the bell for post notifications
and stay tuned for hopefully more holiday themed crafts
I want to try out some more over the next few weeks
see you soon bye!

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  • Hello my friend! Cool video! I watched the whole thing, couse as I'm shure you know – WATCHTIME is the most important thing when you want to grow on youtube! Feel free to return the favor, I also uploaded today! But only if you are really interested in my stuff πŸ˜‰ A short few is actually bad for the channel… Looking foreward to see you in the future! All the best from beautiful Austria πŸ˜€

  • So CUTE! I haven't done that since I was a kid. This nostalgia is strong in this one. And I love SU! Love these videos you're putting out, keep going if you can.