India vs Sri Lanka (PRESENTATION CEREMONY) Cricket World Cup 2019 - MATCH 44 ~ Rohit Sharma MOTM

India vs Sri Lanka (PRESENTATION CEREMONY) Cricket World Cup 2019 – MATCH 44 ~ Rohit Sharma MOTM

mr. sinan Oh skok the president of Nissan India is against this evening to present the player of the match award to Royce Sharma 103 of 94 14000 two sixes striker Dov 109 point five seven the first batsman in the history of World Cups to get 500 in one tournament did you ever imagine that coming into it especially after the form in the warm-up games no not really like I've been talking about just trying to go go out there and trying to do my job not not thinking about all these kind of milestones I know if I play well all these things will happen along the way my job is to keep my head straight and keep playing and get the team to finishing line tell us about the conversion rate from 5200 unit tell us about why you think that is happening more and more now it's just the short selection once you're in the short selection becomes very important you know I have to keep telling myself you know and understand you know the pitch what sort of short I can play on that particular pitch what sort of bowlers are pulling at me so based on all of that you know I try and calculate how I want to go forward and actually you know it has paid dividend so far but yeah you got to be disciplined in your batting and that is something that I've learned from my mistakes in the past well you know in this kind of form and the kind of ability that you have the opposition today also not the strongest boiling opposition so did it go in today thinking hundred no not really I don't think like that you know like I said in the post match after the last match as well what has happened has happened I don't try and look into those kind of things every day is a new day we we know that in cricket so I want to start every day afresh and I try and come out thinking that okay I have not read any ODI I have not got any hundreds in the tournament it's just the first game of the tournament that is the kind of mindset I want to get in and I keep telling myself that although people around me they keep talking about your hundred two hundred and yeah but you that's that's that's the Challenger the sportsman for you you know try and keep your head straight and focus on the job at hand just two questions now Lasith Malinga playing his last World Cup match you know easier colleague at Mumbai and there must have been a little emotional moment there playing against him yeah I mean look he's been a champion bowler you know for Sri Lanka as well and then for Mumbai Indians as well personally for me I've had great time playing with him he is definitely a match winner where whichever team he plays for and he's shown it you know over the years he's shown it you know how the team relies on him to come and deliver for the team and he has done that he's taken that pressure of the captain of the team and of the owners as well at times so yes I've seen him in close quarters and yes the world cricket will miss him and final question your preferred opposition there's a match going on Australia South Africa South Africa I put on a good score on the board who would you prefer in the semi-finals as a team you know we actually are not thinking about that honestly speaking you know as we we had a great victory today we want to go and celebrate that victory rather than thinking about what's going on in there because what's in your control is in your control we try and focus on whichever opposition comes our way and you know put up a show put up a good show in the semi-finals as well and then the finals fair enough congratulations on the award all the best for the semis thank you you've got the Sri Lankan captain yeah they both got no year with me just not enough runs on the board in the end anything but 54 four and you know after that you know getting a good party to be Angelo and Terry mana but really well and I think that's that's you know ended up with the 268 I think it's a it's a good score you want a very important torso chasing was not gonna be easy but in the end India getting that quite comfortably yeah I think in the first first previews you know we we were really well and after that we keep losing because you know that's the main key if we get a good start you know we have we capitalize with one and fifty over voice and after that you know we need to will rebuild raining and Jen bungee and three better dinner that's why we ended up with this 260 what I think it said what we got to bat and row it and hold up really well yeah just a couple of more questions one is now four years later you'll have another World Cup Sri Lanka I've had a tremendous record in Isis tournaments can we expect a much stronger team four years down the line what can we expect from Sri Lankan cricket yeah I think after that after this one I think we have to go and sit back and you know we hadn't think about what we will get wrong and what we have to do and we do with the talk to the selectors and you know high performance and then you need to add some new talents you know it's for four years it's a long long long period so we he will find a nice guys who can play a good role for Sri Lanka definitely we will you know after after this one you know we're going to talents and you know discuss with the celeb doesn't want to get some serious missions if you want to play you know competitive welcome next year and of course that team will not have Lasith Malinga and it is such a loved cricketer and what great record is had an international cricket in boy Cup cricket as well of course it's really got really miss him you know he done a lot of thing for Sri Lanka and you know we went the Test cricket and the one day he got done such a wonderful effort you know he was the man you know all the other bi in the World Cups and you know he doesn't really good job we surely we will miss any seam or a you know P it's you know everyone has you in you know and his capita and now it's time I think after that you know we have to find a new new guy who can get away because you know and in the middle part you know we were you know lack of bowlers to get we cut in the middle parts so those are the things we have to search for after there this work of all the best for that thank you so the score line we're at seven one and one no result that's a fantastic score line yeah I mean yes we wanted to play good cricket but to be honest we didn't expect that we're gonna have this kind of score line heading into the semis but yeah that's what consistent performances in hard work get you and really really happy and really proud as a captain of our team you know it's it's an amazing bunch to be a part of and just the most amazing people and and cricketers as we see on the field so it's it's a real honor for all of us to play together on the field for India and today you were looking at certain options certain players coming in are you coming very close to your final eleven for the semi is yet or there's still some thinking and trying of lose ends no more or less everything is set but we don't want to be one-dimensional I think the team that is flexible on the day has more chances of executing what they want to obviously dimensions and the kind of pitches we're gonna play on will matter a lot also so you know we need a good balance in the side and whatever combination provides the balance to us I think we'll go ahead with that and really feel confident heading into the game that even if you're batting first or bowling first they're covered with all dimensions so yeah from that point of view I think we're very very happy we'll be placed and it's just about turning upon on the semi-finals day on a day now and putting another performance in yeah Rohit Sharma was non-committal as he should be and I'm expecting you also to be non-committal there's a game going on I'm sure you're you'll have one eye on that I mean I would want India to play New Zealand more than England what would you what would your preferred opposition be well for us the opposition has never mattered we don't focus on what the opposition brings to the table if you don't play well anyone can beat us if we play well we can beat anyone so the focus has to be within and we just confident of our skill sets and we just want to go out there in the semi-finals really express our skills as I said and strengths as a team so regardless of who we play we just want to play a good game and get the result our way just a final question of there the obvious heroes in you know your wedding run that you've had I just want a single or hardik Pandya you know for his all-round performance because he's taken the load of you with the way his bowl I mean the batting was to be expected at the has been a revelation completing his turnovers at least four times in this tournament brilliant yeah it's been outstanding especially after you know being under the pump as well couple of gains first three four overs he traveled and then he came back beautifully so he's really motivated for this World Cup he's thinking like a batsman so that helps he's got a gut feel of what the batter might do so he's trying different things thinking what might be difficult for me when I'm batting out there and then when he goes out to bat as well you can just see that intent you know for the team he's just switched on from ball one so it's amazing to have a cricketer like that who can bring in so much to the table and yeah hopefully two more performances from him and yes till now I would say it's been wonderful to see is intensity and his passion for the team congratulations into getting into the semis and just the way you have made that commanding entry into the final four well done Bernard thank you very much [Applause]

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