I Busted A Wedding Yelling Out The Bride’s Secret

Hi everyone, I’m Jane and I’m 16 years old. I was at a fancy wedding recently. It was like an English lord marrying a king`s
daughter. But then I messed it up when I yelled out
one short sentence. Worst of all, I’ll have to pay for it. But to understand this, I need to start from
the beginning. My mom had a wedding business. She was involved in the planning of weddings
from the search for a venue and decor, to working as an administrator at the event. Unfortunately, we didn’t have many clients,
so my mother made very little money, and life was pretty hard. Plus, our family was just mom and me, and
we didn’t have a father figure around to help us. But this only made my relationship with my
mother better. Since childhood, I helped my mom with decor,
invitations, and other little stuff. And I’ve always loved doing it. When I grew up, I became more involved in
the organization process, and I just fell in love with this profession. Of course, I was constantly in contact with
happy and loving people who charged me up with positive vibes. And recently, we had had clients who we just
loved working with but they also paid us a huge amount of money. They were a lovely couple, Dan and Joan.They
were young, passionate, and they came from very wealthy families. At our first meeting, they described their
vision, and we realized that it would be the wedding of the century. Oh my God, they wanted to rent a luxury hotel,
expensive limousines, and they wanted Lana Del Rey for music. By the way, hit like if you love her too. In addition, the food would be prepared by
a chef from a Michelin-starred restaurant, and a huge film crew would shoot the whole
wedding. In short, it was madness! I mean, in a good way. These people loved each other so much that
they didn`t spare any expense. To be honest, I was a little jealous of the
bride, because she was very lucky to be with Dan. I wish I had a boyfriend like that… Okay, I got distracted for a second. So my mother and I got to work. The two of us worked as if we were a whole
office of employees. Calls, correspondence, emails, meetings. We didn’t have enough hands to do so many
things at the same time! But my mother and I knew exactly what we were
working for. On our fee, just from this wedding, we could
live comfortably for a whole year! Plus, the planning of this type of wedding
would be a great addition to our portfolio, and it could give a new life to my mother’s
business. So it was worth it. But in the process, I accidentally witnessed
a very strange scene. I was on my way to Joan’s house to give her
a box of special wedding invitations. As far as I knew, they were for very important
people who were going to be invited in person. So I was driving through this super expensive
neighborhood, and I was headed to her house. Security let me in through the gate, and I
saw Joan in the distance. But she was not alone. When I got closer, I saw that she was passionately
kissing some guy near his car. And it wasn’t her fiance. My eyes were like bowling balls from surprise,
and as I approached them, Joan noticed me and realized I’d seen everything. There was a very awkward pause. A second later, this guy got into his car
and quickly drove away. I started to mumble something about the box
and the invitations, but Joan cut me off abruptly. I swear to you, she turned into the devil
himself for a second. She grabbed my arm hard and looked me straight
in the eyes. Wow, she basically looked into my soul. Then she ordered me to keep my mouth shut,
and to not dare tell anyone what I had just seen, or she would do something terrible to
me. At that moment I almost cried with fear. I just handed her the box and left. A cocktail of thoughts about what the hell
had just happened were bubbling in my head. And with these thoughts, I went back home. It was obvious that Joan was cheating on her
fiance. That’s why she yelled at me and ordered me
to keep it a secret. But I am an honest person, and I couldn’t
tolerate infidelity, even if it didn`t concern me. The fact is that mom and dad divorced for
this very reason. I remembered how much pain and suffering my
dad’s betrayal of our family caused. So, despite Joan’s threats, I decided to tell
my mother everything. Unfortunately, she didn`t share my views on
this situation. She said it wasn’t our business, and that
they should sort out their relationship themselves. Besides, the fee for arranging their wedding
would be enough to finally pay off the loan for our house. So in fact, my mother told me to keep my mouth
shut too, only with other words. So I had to force myself to keep working. Oh my gosh, it was very awkward. Time after time, Dan and Joan came to our
meetings, we talked to them, discussed something. And every time I looked into Joan’s eyes,
and I knew what kind of person she really was. And she looked into mine, and she knew that
I knew everything. But after the next incident, I changed my
mind and decided to reveal the whole truth about her, no matter what. Dan made another appointment, but this time,
he was alone. As he said, it was a matter of special importance,
and it had to be kept secret. Another secret, that’s just great. That’s exactly what I needed. Dan asked us to arrange a gift for his future
wife. It’s a honeymoon. Even though it wasn’t our main job, my mother
agreed to help arrange the trip. And not just a trip, but a two-month tour! First the Paradise Islands in Indonesia, then
a ski resort in the Alps, and the final destination was on the azure coast in Nice. It was just a dream! And the worst of it was that Dan was going
to give this gift to a girl who was cheating on him! He was willing to pay tens of thousands of
dollars to please this scoundrel! I almost exploded with anger and wanted to
tell him everything right away, but my mother understood my intentions and kicked me out
of the office. Of course, she did it for the money. She would get a fat wad of money again for
arranging this honeymoon. After that, I had a big fight with her. Mom told me to put aside my stupid principles
and to just do my job because we were doing it for the good of our family, and she would
never be able to forgive me if I screw it up. Hell, everyone was against me. And then I decided to drop everything, end
this damn wedding, and forget it like a bad dream. So the wedding day came. Everything was ready. Tables were set in the hall, waiters everywhere
with refreshments, and guests in tuxedos walked around the room and talked to each other. I swear to you, I recognized one of the guests
from his billboard that was asking people to vote for him in the last election. Some big shot. I worked as a hostess, and welcomed the arriving
guests. Soon the limousine pulled up, and the guests
began to warmly greet the people that everyone had gathered together for. The applause was too loud while Dan and Joan
walked into the hall. But then the groomsmen and bridesmaids started
coming out, and then I just froze in surprise, because one of the groomsmen was the guy who
was kissing the bride when I came to her house. Worst of all, it was Dan`s brother. Brother! My God, what was wrong with these people?! That was the last straw of my patience, so
I quickly walked over to Dan and said we needed to talk urgently. We went into the staff room and I blurted
out the truth about his fiancee and his brother. He started to calm me down and tell me that
that was impossible, and that I should forget about it and focus on the wedding. Then he left me alone. But I couldn’t let those horrible people fool
him, so a second later, I came out of the room and shouted at the top of my lungs that
Joan had cheated on her fiance with his brother And then there was that pause. In ringing silence, all the guests processed
the information. Then they looked at the couple, and the bridegroom’s
brother began to blush and deny everything. But Joanna’s reaction was clear. Everyone who was present understood that this
was true. Perhaps, some even guessed it. Then the chaos began. Someone shouted at them, some swore terrible
words, others tried to calm them down, but this only added fuel to the fire. At this point, my mother quickly took me away
and began to just destroy me. I’ve never seen her so angry. And I could understand it, because I’d just
messed up a lot of work, and robbed us of a lot of money. But I had a sense of justice, because I did
all this at the call of my heart. And as it turned out, I shouldn’t have done
it after all. A few days later, Dan came to our office. He looked very sad. But he didn’t care that Joan was cheating
on him. As it turned out, he was well aware of this. The thing is, this whole marriage and this
wedding was just a sham. Their parents had agreed to this years ago. This event was supposed to create an alliance
of two large and wealthy families. Literally, as if they were in the middle ages. Dan and Joan didn’t love each other, and they
never had a real relationship, but they had no choice. So he didn’t mind his brother dating his fiancee. Moreover, Dan had a mistress, and the trip
that my mother and I had arranged was for her. But now everything was ruined, and both their
families found out about the deception. It was a huge blow to their reputation because
all this drama happened in front of them. But the moral damage was only half the puzzle. A huge pile of money was invested in this
wedding. And since it was our fault that it was destroyed,
we had to make amends. The thing I decided to blurt out just ruined
my mother`s and my life. I don’t know how many years we’ll have to
work to recover such a large amount of money. And I don’t know if my relationship with my
mom will ever be the same. She had told me how to behave from the beginning… Do not interfere in other people’s relationships,
guys. This could turn out very badly for you. Well, that’s it for me. Thanks for your attention. I could use a few words of encouragement right
now. Feel free to express your opinion in the comments. And be sure to subscribe to the channel so
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