Home – Day 8 – Heal  |  30 Days of Yoga With Adriene

Home – Day 8 – Heal | 30 Days of Yoga With Adriene

– Hello everyone. Welcome to
Home, your 30-day yoga journey. It’s Day 8, and I’m here with
Benji to welcome you back for a special practice, one that
I really love because one, we get to get cozy, but also this is
one that just allows us a little bit of
time and space to pause, to be still,
to breathe, to meditate and remember just how
potent this practice can be. There is always an opportunity
to find a little bit of healing in small movements and small moments with
ourselves throughout the day. So that’s exactly
what this practice celebrates and reminds us. If you have
a pillow or a blanket, bring it to this session. If you don’t,
don’t worry about it. Hop into something extra
comfy and let’s get started. (upbeat gentle music) Alright, darling friends. come on down to the ground. Couple of options today that
I think you are going to love. One, you can sit up
on a blanket or a pillow. You can lay a little blanky
out if you have one or a towel. You can grab a blanket for
yourself and only to have it taken by an
animal in your house. Which I’m going to go ahead
and let him keep that for now. But it’s Day 8. This is a day where we usually say, “Day 8, don’t hate,
meditate, feel great.” So if you’re
new to this journey, I would just like to extend
that little mantra to you. Day 8, meditate.
Don’t hate, feel great. And the idea is that this
year, this session is really an invitation to be open, to heal whatever ails you. This can be like just a feeling you have from a stressful conversation
with someone or it can be something deeper. So my loving advice is to
just enjoy this practice and not really worry about the outcome
but I think that it’s worth considering all of
this as we set ourselves up so sit up tall on something. If you’re a little bit chilly,
pause the video, go grab a sweater. You can wear socks for
this session if you like. I’m gonna let Benji stay on
the blanket since he’s so cozy but my plan was to have
you wrap up in it like a you know,
I don’t know, like this. And so you can get
really cozy with it. The at-home yoga practice is
beautiful in that way that we can really listen and respond. We can do that in
other settings as well but there’s
nothing like this setting. So take a second pause
the video if you need to. Let’s get a little bit
cozy and we’ll meet in a nice, comfortable seat of your choice. Let’s start together
with a little reverent bow, so just bow your
head in gently tuck the chin. Then drop your gaze. Maybe close your eyes. Whilst I could go on and on about all the ways in which I believe this practice of
yoga and its philosophy to be healing, how about we just open ourselves to the
possibility together? Open our hearts and our minds to
experiencing it for ourselves. So best you can and I want to
acknowledge that I know it’s difficult, particularly if
you’re sneaking in this practice because you want
to get your Day 8 in, I know how the
day to day can be. But to the best of your ability,
let’s just see if we can kind of offer ourselves a flash of
surrender just where we drop the day thus far,
we drop everything, all the narratives. And for this moment
and this moment only, it’s you and I and the sound of our breath. Inhale in. Exhale out. Inhale in. Long breath out. Then one more,
big full breath in. And this time, as you exhale,
relax the shoulders. Empty, empty,
empty, empty, empty. Awesome. Bat the eyelashes open,
it’s amazing what just three breaths will do,
I already feel like, whoa, okay, I have to remember
that I’m leading the practice. You’re gonna place a little
charcoal pencil, with the kids I say little marker you to pick
your color and we’re just gonna draw small circles
with the nose one way, keep it small. Like a little saucer plate. And then keep going
in the same direction. Allow the circle to
grow to like a salad plate. The perfect size
plate for your croissant. Your toast. Your concha. And now big, big plate.
Full size. Breathe, listen to
the little soundtrack your neck (chuckles)
has to share with you. Alright, and then reverse it, starting with
the full size plate. Soften through the jaw,
part the lips. If you’re
collapsing the spine here maybe sit up on a little blanky. Here we go, now to
the the mama bear plate. Relax your shoulders and now to
that small saucer sized plate. And back to one, back to center. Head over heart,
heart over pelvis. Take a deep breath in.
Inhale, fill up. Listen carefully. At the top pause, hold. Retain the breath. Capture it.
Hold your breath. And now empty it out. Empty, empty,
empty, empty, empty, empty, empty,
empty, empty, empty. We’ll continue
with this technique. Nice and easy, big inhale. Breathe in. At the fullest heighth
of your breath, pause. Retain the breath. Try to soften
through the shoulders, the skin of the face,
sit up nice and tall. Hold it. Good and empty,
empty, empty, empty it out. Empty, emtpy, empty
it out to its fullest. Empty, empty,
empty, empty, empty. And here we go, big inhale. Pause, retain the breath. Keep the shoulders relaxed. And release, exhale. Empty it out,
empty, empty, empty, empty, empty, empty,
empty, empty, empty. At the bottom of that exhale,
big breath in. And pause, retain the breath. Lengthen up through the crown. And release,
slow and with control, long exhalation.
You got this. Slow and steady. Empty, empty,
empty, empty, empty, empty, empty. At the bottom of that exhale,
big buoyant, beautiful inhale in.
Here we go. Pause, retain the breath. And release, empty it out. Slow and with control. Nice, long exhalation here. Empty, empty, empty, empty. For this next round, please soften your
gaze or close your eyes. I’ll guide you.
Here we go. Big inhale. At the top, pause,
retain the breath. Nice work.
Empty it out. Keep going, keep going,
just keep going, going, going, going. Big inhale.
Here we go. Fill it up, fill it up,
fill it up, fill it up, fill it up,
pause retain. Stay calm. And release slow and
with control and make it long, make it smooth. Enjoy. Exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale. And one more time, breathe wide. Think a big, full lateral breath
you’re breathing in to all four sides of the torso.
Inhale, inhale, inhale. You know what to do. Gracefully pause,
capture the magic, the spirit, the breath, retain. And empty it out. Slow and with
control, empty, empty, empty, empty, empty, empty,
everything out. Awesome work. From here, please lean back. Gently, bring
the knees together. Send your legs
out long in front. If you’re lifted up on the
hips, you can stay lifted here. It might be quite nice. We’re gonna bring the
hands back to support us. Little stretch for
the palms and the wrists. Point the toes,
breathe in, lift the chest. Flex the toes up
towards the face, flex your feet and
exhale, breathe out. Aw, little Benji’s
enjoying the Day 8 practice. Inhale, point the toes,
lift your chest. And exhale, flexing the feet. Toes towards your face. Excellent.
Press up on the fingertips. Sit up nice and tall. I’m wanting to create a nice
straight line or the sensation of a straight line from the base of the spine
all the way to the crown. So just do your best. And then we’re gonna
pick the right knee up. We’re gonna place the
right foot on the ground. You’re gonna give yourself
about a hand’s width of space between your left inner
thigh and your right heel. So no need to zip it up
all tight and pretzel like. Give yourself some space. Yes. And then big inhale. We’re gonna take the
left fingertips up high. You know what to do
here but I’ll remind you. Use this action to
find length, find space. Spaciousness is
what I was gonna say. Inhale, keep that space,
that lift as you breathe in. As you hook the left
elbow to the right knee. Right fingertips come behind.
Peek at me if you need to. Sweet, and then inhale. Lift with the inhale. Exhale, twist. If you’re used to
doing this really tight, I lovingly challenge you to keep
that width so you can create
more of a twist in the spine. The mid back in particular. And you can turn to gently look
past your right shoulder if it feels right. Inhale in.
Breathe into your belly. Pause, retain at
the top if you like, and then use that same slow
and controlled exhale out here. You got it. Nice and active
in the left foot. One more breath in. And use your exhale to slowly
release and come back to center. Send the right leg out.
We’re going to switch sides. Peel the left foot up. Again, give yourself
about a hand’s width here. So this femurs,
just a little nerd moment, this femur, this hip socket
dropping down in to socket. If I’m here and
kind of zipping in, trying to get this
like picture book pose, kinda missing out on
some of the good nerdy stuff, the magic.
So give yourself some space. Let this drop down into socket. Yes, and then
flex your right foot. Reach your right
fingertips up high. Lift your heart and
then exhale, find your twist. Hooking the right
elbow to the left knee or just right hand here. This is a great
little modification here. Left fingertips come behind. Left hip is still dropping down. I’m flexing my right
toes and we’ll find it here. Breathing deeply
down into the belly. Using that inhale to find length and the exhale to
explore the twist. So these twists,
I’m sure you know this, but just a little
reminder so healing, potentially healing for
the body and for the systems. It’s like the image I love is of
taking kind of a dirty rag and dipping it in the water and
gently wringing it out and just all of that
excess stuff all, you know, that which you no
longer need washing away. Take one more big inhale here. Replenishing the body
and the energetic body. Use your exhale to
come all the way back. Okay, send the legs out long. If you brought
a pillow to class, you’re gonna
grab your pillow now. Bring it right on
top of the thighs. Take the hands move the fleshy
part of the buttocks aside. Sit up nice and tall.
Big inhale to reach of the sky. Exhale, yep, you guessed it. Think up and over. You’re gonna drape
your body over the pillow. Feel free to bend the knees. You can just allow the hands
to be soft as you Forward Fold. Or if you want
to take a bind here. Use your peace fingers bring
them in-between your big toe and your second toe here
or whatever works for you and use that to kind of tug in
as you melt the belly down. Take three to five breaths here. Enjoy. Feel the skin of your
back stretch as you breathe in. Softening as you breathe out. Calming the nervous system. Gently release. Slow rise up,
soften through the feet here. Wiggle the toes. Inhale in. And exhale, just sigh it out. (sighs) Come on now, don’t be shy,
if I’m doing this on YouTube, you can do it
wherever you are, I’m sure. Here we go, big inhale. Sigh it out. Let go something that’s
just no longer serving you. Just let it go. (sighs) And one more time, here we go. Let Benji and I
hear you all the way here in my home state of Texas. Big inhale. Sigh it out. (sighs) A little sound,
a little healing vibration. Alright, watch this cool move. Take the hands, use them to
support you as you lift your bum, draw it forward,
knees come up. Then take your pillow. Bring it up and behind,
(mimicks triumphant trumpets), come onto your back. So this is where we take the
blanket and we’re gonna wrap up like a little tacquito or a
little burrito but I feel like it would be animal cruelty
for me to take Benji up off this blanket right now. So I’m not gonna do it. Okay, guys, I’m just not. But I would love for you,
my darling friends, to get your blanket and bring
it on top of your body here. Let’s actually take a second
before you get legs extended to hug the knees in. Sorry, I got
distracted with the blanket. And then let’s wrap up in
the blanket if you have it. If you don’t have it,
you can be like me. And we’re coming essentially
in to a Shavasana here. So get cozy. You definitely want
to get to a place where you’re not holding anything. So if your back is fussy and
you want to bring the knees up, wonderful, great,
great listening. Great of you to listen. But let’s find a place where
we’re not holding ourselves up so you can bring the feet wide. You can bring
the knees together. Definitely want to get to a
place where you can relax the weight of your body completely
and fully into the earth. Awesome. Then here we go, inhale,
send the fingertips up high. Big stretch. Exhale, right arm over the left. You’re gonna give
yourself a big hug. Now close your eyes here. You can really walk your
fingertips underneath your shoulder blades. And with the eyes closed,
feel your breath move you here,
feel your own embrace. We’re signaling in
the brain that I am held. I am safe. And if you guys think I’m
crazy this is like now proven, you know, scientific research is
now proving that these types of gestures, holding your
own hand, finding an embrace, many of the things we do in yoga they change our
chemical makeup or they can. Okay, inhale, reach of the sky. Hang with me, nice
little shoulder opener here. Gentle shoulder opener
here at the very least. Left arm crosses over the right.
Give yourself a big hug. Start to relax
through the low back, the hips, the thighs. Let your knee joints
just be heavy and loose here. Calves heavy,
ankles, feet, toes softening, letting go. And then inhale,
reach for the sky. Exhale, allow the hands
to rest gently at your sides. Palms face up. Tuck your chin
slightly to lengthen through the back of the neck. Close your eyes. Whether you grabbed a blanket or
you sacrificed it to a literal angel, furry angel or maybe something else. Basically, whether you have
a blanket or not, my darling, blanket yourself in love. If someone asked you to
blanket yourself in love, which someone is,
that someone’s me, how do you want to respond? What does that make you feel? And does it change the
quality of your breath? And if not, that’s cool. Together, let’s
find a full breath in. Here we go.
Inhale lots of love in. The deepest, fullest, most
loving breath you’ve taken all day, all week,
all month, all year. And exhale, lots of love out. Using this exhale to find once
again that flash of surrender. Finding stillness. Relaxing the weight
of the body completely and fully into the earth,
softening through the belly. Letting the rib cage get heavy. Letting your heart soften. The shoulders relax. Let the arms, the wrists, the fingers be soft and easy. Relax the throat. Take a second to swallow and then consciously relax the tongue here in the mouth. Notice if you’re
holding in the jaw, soften. Then bring your awareness
between your two brows to the forehead, soften. And the weight of the head
and the skull now softening. A total surrender to
that which is so much bigger than us. And it’s beautiful because
from the yogic perspective, as we surrender to that
which is bigger than us, there’s also this beautiful
opportunity to recognize the surrender as actually a unity. This idea that we are part of that
which is bigger than us. Went deep. Okay, take a couple
of quiet breaths here. I love you. Give yourself permission
here to do absolutely nothing. We’re not going to be
here long, stick with it. Be still. Nice and slow bring your thumb
to your index finger. Let them kiss together and then
start to move your thumb on your other fingerprints back and forth, back and forth. Begin to gently deepen
the breath once again. Think inhale lots of love in. Exhale, lots of love out. Continue that cycle as
you bring some movement or energy to the toes,
to the feet. And notice how you feel. If time allows, you might
stay here a little longer. Just pausing the video. You might rise up and find you have
one minute to write down in your journal, or on a
napkin how you’re feeling. And maybe it’s off to
the races for the rest of your day or your evening. Wherever you are,
I hope this practice has helped you feel the love that you deserve. And may it remind us all
that a little goes a long way in the healing process. Just get up and
start again each day. I have your back.
Let’s bring the palms together. Benji does too,
my prince (chuckles). Thumbs are gonna come
right up to that third point. I truly believe
that the more people, more of us doing yoga together the better position we are to find healing and to live in a kinder world.
So thank you so much. I mean it for practicing
with me and for showing up. I show up because you show up. So on that note,
take a deep breath in. And we’ll finish
by whispering Namaste. (upbeat gentle music)

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  • Finding unity in the surrender – deep indeed. I love when you said I show up because you show up. It’s okay to surrender. Surrendering allows healing, great class as usual 💜

  • Thank you! Without this video I would have started the day irritated with my husband and in-laws. Instead I took this time to reflect and appreciate them. Total 180 to how the day almost started. Thank you!

  • Even though I am two days behind, I am enjoying this journey so much already. This here is going to be a little love letter. For you, Adriene (secretly it's for Benji). I truely feel so at peace when I am doing yoga "with" you. You have taught me so much about loving my body and my mind, just through the little things you say and the incredible practices you put together. Never have 30 minutes of moving (or not moving) your body felt so short (in the best possible way). I can tell you wholeheartedly that you are truely gifted, even though I can't even put my finger on what it is you're gifted in. I guess you could say in love, and giving, and reassuring. Thank you so much for what you are doing, I really mean it.

  • I laughed, I cried, I kinda felt like I was dying while being calmly lead into the next life or something. It really creeped me out.

  • Magic.
    This practice showed me, that I am loved, I feel peaceful, and feeling like I gave myself the opportunity and space to start healing.
    I am beyond glad and gratefuI, that I showed up for myself today.
    You Adriene, are a miracle, and such a Godsend.
    Thank you so much, for everything you do.
    It really is something so special in my life.
    I feel my heart, and it is so full.
    Thank you💛
    From my heart to yours,
    May you keep on shining✨

  • Not even gonna lie, I almost fell asleep laying down. 😂 it’s only 12, I had this weird pull pushing my body down not to move. It happens sometimes in yoga. Where I feel stuck, but in a good way.

  • i was not rasid to love myself , and i never trust people , i dont let go of my pain and i dont feel better , i never had a home , my parents come and go so for my childhood i was alone , still am, i dont allow myself to cry or feel week , always be postive no matter what you feel , but maybe i do need help, anytime you say home , it hurts me , but today i feelt like i'm home , with people that love me , when you said blancket yourself with love i fwlt alone , and them the i love you , that one made me cry cuz no one says it to me , but for the first time in my life for a moment i let go of my pain , i dont know how to thank you , what should i thank you for ? for making me feel loved ? giving me a home maybe ? giving me a place that i feel safe in ? adriene is there any way to say thank you that would be enogh for what you do ? how can i thank you for giving me hope ? if i say it over and over it will never be enogh but really thank u ( shokran شكرا ) thats thank i arabic😅❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • I let out some unprovoked, cathartic tears during this practice. INTENSE. I just let them come, let them go. I felt amazing after…… thank you. <3