GOP Lawmaker Regrets Voting Against Same-Sex Marriage -Lynne Osterman

GOP Lawmaker Regrets Voting Against Same-Sex Marriage -Lynne Osterman

I’m Lynn Osterman from New Hope and I thank
you sincerely for the opportunity to be part of this discussion. When I was a sophomore
in college I set the goal to serve in the Minnesota House of Representatives. And when
I got here, thinking I was going to be a thoughtful citizen legislator, I was ill-prepared for
the partisanship that greeted my class. The chair’s class of 2002. I served as a Republican because of my interest
in smaller government. And it was incredibly counter-intuitive to me to then upon my arrival,
tell citizens how the government wanted them to live their lives. I didn’t’ come to St.
Paul to single out same-sex couples and their families. But in my only term as a member….. …. I cast a politically expedient vote in
favor of DOMA and I have regretted that ever since. It was not in my conscience or my own compass. My dad is a retired Presbyterian minister.
In fact, he served the congregation that Reverend Chadwick now serves. I’ve heard lots of bible-based
sermons over the years. And never once did I hear that someone else’s love was somehow
lesser than the love between my parents of now 55 years. My husband of almost 26 years
and I have established and demonstrated our decision making priorities with our two children,
stressing people are more important. It’s never been “well, except for those people.” Nothing in my life says it’s OK to treat people
differently than how I would want to be treated— fairly, respectfully, equally. And that’s
really what this conversation is about. Whether you believe in big government or small, do
you believe in fair, respectful, equal? Is it ever OK to say “well, except for those
people?” I feel like I’m at the Oscars, I see the red
sign. Lawmakers before us—you— all over this
nation have had conversations about equality, respectability and fairness. We’ve all taken
our history classes and could come up with our own list of instances. What were the polls
like for those issues? Was everyone ready when our elected officials took the reigns
and led our community, state and nation so those laws were changed? Voting no today, this session, might seem
politically expedient. But I can tell you from experience that you will have to live
knowing that a no vote is not fair, it’s not respectful and it’s not equal. I blew my vote. And I’m imploring you, please
get this right. Minnesota citizens just want you to lead.

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81 thoughts on “GOP Lawmaker Regrets Voting Against Same-Sex Marriage -Lynne Osterman”

  • kudos! bravo! i was moved to tears and am inspired by the integrity of this woman. i wish our country could have leaders like her

  • You bring up an interesting point. Gays and lesbians only to to hell in the United States… the "freest" country in the world. You're an embarrassment to what your eagle avatar stands for. Move to Afghanistan, Iran or Vatican City if you want to live in a dogmatic RELIGIOUS DICTATORSHIP.

  • If you love your life so much, Why are you here demonstrating that you are in desperate of one? Trying to get everybody mad because you're mad. Gays have a right to exist just like any other human being. And why do you hate gays? Because the bible says god hats them?… Form an opinion of your own, or get off your computer and drink some bleach! Your Call..

  • well if there was old feud or totalitarianism I think we would be too tired to talk and problems not so much here in EU when it comes to human fairness.

  • 3:19 Give me an effing Break. I don't care about Gay Marriage or dumb-ass Defense of Marriage. Do what you want. My main problem is Women that want to LEAD in modern days. They're demanding respect, equal pay (understandably of course except for Military since they're not forced to register for the draft) But girls, you need to quit crying and blubbering like children in fucking public.Fucking grow up. Waaah, Waaah, Waaah.. Jesus Christ, give a speech for once without crying. Completely phony!

  • yes, the Nazis were just one of the ignorant oppressors in the world to have ousted or persecuted gay men and women and others who sought equality within their societies. but it is the oppressors who do not belong. democracies do not fail because of those who simply seek equal treatment and respect under the law, but because of those with the arrogance to expect that they can determine which of its citizens can have rights.

  • actually, I believe your main problem is your inhumanity…or is it your stereotyping? …or maybe your irrational response genuine human emotion? …then again it could be simple rudeness. so hard to tell, really.

  • Good for you.. your speach was bery moving and I as an american lesbian applaud you and thank you… Janine

  • Yes, because a football coach crying over his athlete's imaginary girlfriend is the epitome of masculine stoicism.

  • That takes some serious courage to admit that you did something wrong like that and to then stand up and try to change the world for the better despite your past. Good on her.

  • I hate Football and haven't watched a SuperBowl in over 2 decades.Shittiest sport known to mankind.MSNBC (which I try to watch) keeps talking about a 'War on Women'.Sandra Fluke slut comments etc. Limbaugh's an asshole but has every right to call her a slut.Waaah! Check this out.Since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976,around 1,383 men have been executed. Females? 12. That's complete B.S. I know damn well more than 12 women have murdered someone but they all play the 'abuse card.BS! Waah

  • I have always been consistent, when it comes to same sex marriage, interracial marriage, man/woman marriage, animal/man marriage I think all of them should be outlawed. No one should be allowed to have children. This would solve most of the worlds problems over night. I will even go further, and say we all should have been neutered at birth.

  • This is why we need to seek out people of integrity to put in office. People who care about people. Not rich people. Not poor people, but ALL people. Thank you so much Lynn. You have the courage of a lion & the heart of a saint.

  • Taking the right side of history can bring great redemption and self-acceptance. Basic decency, sympathy and courage are required.

  • …Wow….well now I get it!
    Having the opportunity to learn from the compelling grasp of logic offered by big minds like yours is what makes these comment forums so valuable.

  • Unfortunately, this kind of honesty can't come from a sitting member of a legislature because they can't afford to offend their party leadership or the rank and file of extremist voters (particularly among Republicans) who vote so fervently in primaries.

  • I think religious people get confused since god killed and ordered the deaths of men, women & children for being homosexuals, fornicators and just wicked. A thousand years later, though, Yeshua popped up saying you should love your neighbor and that he was the prince of peace as if Sodom & Gomorrah was an act of love.

  • Why we need to get rid of the "representative" in "representative democracy". Direct voting via internet means you don't have people voting the party line, or for a cushy lobbying gig, and makes sure we hear all voices. Without corruption.

  • I feel sorry for you. If you don't like gay marriage then don't have one. Government get out of our bedrooms!

  • It's very simple. What 2 consenting and loving adults do is their business and should be allowed equal rights. If you any reason against allowing them same rights as everyone else then you are this: A BIGOT and your stupid religion made you one. Deal with it.

  • This shouldn't be about what you support personally, its about what should be a right. Marriage as a definition has changed many times throughout our history with several meanings. Its used to be a pre-arranged ordeal between a pre-teen boy or girl and their over 20-something "spouse". It also was one man and his many concubines.
    If you wanna protect the sanctity of marriage, than show it through your actions.

  • Hey heteros(including me), it seems your divorce rate is pretty high. So what are you protecting?

    The religious right wants you to believe that heterosexual marriage is right. It is right to marry someone for a month, then divorce them. It is right for someone to get married while drunk and on drugs and it is right for a politician to preach the sanctity of marriage while being an adulterer(Newt Gingrich, the most famous one).

    Wedlock is ok too(Sarah Palin's daughter), as long as its hetero

  • Yes there is, so this should be a no brainer. Vote for same-sex marriage, give people equal rights, and move in. No need for huge long debates or clogged voting sessions.

  • Today I tried to vote in a "poll" for or against background checks for buying guns. To begin with, the questions were obviously biased AGAINST background checks…and then if any boxes were checked other than the one preferred by the pollsters, the vote would not register. This is how the NRA gets the poll results it likes to quote (91% against). Poll conducted by Independent Living News.

  • Being a gay; i want to say; that i believe your appology is sincere, and i forgive you. Second, that forgiveness does not apply to all those who proposed and signed this legislation into law.

  • Clearly the Clintons views have changed; because public opinion has moved in the direction of Gay Rights. He no longer does the Hill-dog have any political influence, and so her penitance is appreciated, but its timing is irrelevant. The Clinton's have heavily set back gay rights, and the effects are still being felt today. I would have forgived her if she would have proposed repealing it before he left office, or before it was politically favorable for her campaign . Selfishness vs. Benevolence

  • what do you mean defend this 2 faced bitch? You talking to me? My comment was removed because I called her a worthless sniveling crying wimp.

  • Tell your boy Speaker Boehner to stop crying every time he discusses something. Just look up "John Boehner crying" in Google search, and there you'll find a sniveling, cry-baby, wimp. He is phony.

  • Got some good facts and statistics to support that argument?….Didn't think so. Carry on, oh and if homosexuality tolerance really disturbs you this much, you're better off just staying off the Internet and in your little box of ignorance.

  • i think same sex love is not natural but i am not against it, if people are gay and want to get married thats fine for me, i am just saying that is not natural and i respect nature so much because nature never gets wrong

  • What is your logic for this? Is it well supported by facts and good reasons? Love between two adults is very different from pedophilia.

  • Why do conservatives care so much about what people do? They cannot mind their own fucking business. Go read your Bible and leave people alone.

  • equality and equal protection under the law per the Constitution. Marriage was around before Christianity was invented so it's not theirs to define.

  • So some Republican politicians get their souls back when they step down. Like an exchange. Some decide to forego the return.

  • Unpopular as this is going to sound, we need a certain level of paedophilia tolerance, not in terms of tolerating people committing associated crimes, but in terms of accepting that in many places, paedophilia is now a mental disorder, the same as being bi-polar, autistic etc. They are people. You don't like to think it, but paedophiles are people and they act and think in certain ways for a reason. The best thing we can do is try to understand that reason so we can help and rehabilitate them.

  • Pay attention to this woman, Republicans. I know you've lost your minds for fear of getting primaried by extremists, but Lynne represents what the Republican party SHOULD stand for. It's not about Glenn Beck's crocodile tears, "God's judgment," or about trying to return the world to a "simpler" time…it's about doing what's right for TODAY'S Americans. I'm an independent, leaning Dem to get away from the Tea Party. But if this woman ran for president, I'd vote for her in a heartbeat.

  • Well said. People forget that church-sanctioned, monogamous marriage is only about 250 years old. They act like it goes back 7,000 years. You know, to the garden of Eden.

  • I'm certain it's a requirement. To join the GOP Republicans, you have to be greedy and soulless. A hatred of your fellow human, Earth itself, and democracy is a bonus.

  • they've only just labeled it a mental disorder, in reality it's a impulse control issue, meaning they get turned on by that kind of thing, which is out of their control, but knowing it's wrong, they act on it anyways, which is in their control. It's like Alchoholism, the disease is only in the drinkre's hands and is therefore the drunk's sole responsability. Pedophilia is no different.

  • Almost every species we've encountered has individuals that are homosexual, or show homosexual tendencies. I'm not bashing you just pointing that out. I'm sure many LGBT people's out there appreciate you're tolerance though.