Gettysburg Dedication Day Ceremony a Naturalization Ceremony & remarks from Steven Spielberg

Gettysburg Dedication Day Ceremony a Naturalization Ceremony & remarks from Steven Spielberg

>>Good morning. Welcome to Gettysburg [Indiscernible audio
cutting in and out] Oh say can you see by the dawn’s early light? What so proudly we hailed at the
twilight’s last gleaming. Whose broad stripes and bright stars through
the perilous fight O’er the ramparts we watched,
were so gallantly streaming. And
the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air. Gave proof through the
night that our flag was still there. Oh say does that Star Spangled Banner yet
wave O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave! You may be seated. Please well, with me, Bob Curry, the superintendent
of the Gettysburg historical Park. Good morning. It is an honor to welcome you to this year’s
dedication ceremony commemorating the [Indiscernible audio cutting
in and out] [There is no audio at this time. Captioner is standing by]>>512 Union dead
were reburied after which were 979 unknown soldiers. In the years following the Civil War
approximately 4000 and 300 soldiers and family members are entered here. The
national cemetery closed in 1971 and as you can see this is truly hallowed
ground and warrants a special day , the hundred and 50th anniversary of the
battle of Gettysburg . We want to thank Doris Kearns Goodwin for agreeing to be
our keynote speaker for that very important event. [There is no audio at this time. Captioner is standing by]>>But to stand
by them, make us attentive and standing by in
conflict and compassion and remembrance redemption and renewal in the
name of God, the divine creator of all history, known across this land and around
the earth and from whom all grace, sacrifice and Please be seated. It is now my pleasure [Indiscernible audio
cutting in and out] the Fellowship of Pennsylvania, Janet
Morgan Riggs, president of Gettysburg college, Doris Kearns Goodwin,
Pulitzer prize-winning historian and author of team of rivals, the political
genius of Abraham Lincoln on which the Lincoln movie was based. Harold Holzer, chairman of the Lincoln
Bicentennial foundation and vice-chairman of the Lincoln form for them. Joanne
Hanley president of the Gettysburg foundation and the Rev. John Spangler at
the Lutheran; [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] today’s a soloist,
Tony Bryson, district director, United States citizenship and immigration
services, representative top Todd Platts, United States Congressman,
Pennsylvania’s 19th Congressional District, [Indiscernible audio cutting in
and out] immigration services for the Rev. Dr. Joseph [Indiscernible audio
cutting in and out] chaplain at Gettysburg College and representative Dan
[Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] the Pennsylvania 91st district and I
am Stephen her, vice presidents of the Lincoln Fellowship of Pennsylvania. Welcome, all of you. [Applause] We are pleased to have the Gettysburg national
military Park, Gettysburg CollegeWe are pleased to have the Gettysburg
national military Park, Gettysburg College Ave., Gettysburg foundation
partner with us today as we commemorate the 149th anniversary of Pres. Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address
and , and dedication of this cemetery here, soldiers [Indiscernible audio
cutting in and out] and the film, Lincoln [Applause] and Jeff
Scherer, best-selling author, tonight will awarded the annual Michael share
a prize for [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] foundation including its chairman,
Bob Kinsley and his wife, and [Indiscernible audio cutting
in and out] [Applause] and also, from Gettysburg College, [Indiscernible audio
cutting in and out] Good morning. It is truly
a pleasure to be with you today when Union troops
flood for our campus, pursued by Confederate soldiers. Our most iconic building
on campus, Pennsylvania Hall, has been known as old dorm , is a larger white
stately building with a red roof and Coppola and it served as a hospital
during the battle after most large buildings in town and after the battle of
Gettysburg , Pennsylvania Gov. Andrew Curtin asked a local prominent attorney,
David wills to procure the land for a cemetery to bury those that had fallen
during the battle. David was an alumnus of Gettysburg College. A member of the
class of 1851. We are gathered here today on the land of
dedication to say a few appropriate remarks. David and his wife also hosted Pres. Lincoln in their
home, the evening before the dedication. The following morning, our students
and faculty walked up to the center of town and join to the townspeople
outside of David wills House as they followed Pres. Lincoln out here , to the
cemetery. Each year, while we welcome our first year
student center community, we re-create that walk from campus , through
the center of town, one that reinforces for our students, the significance
of this historic context [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] in
which they will be studying for the next four years. We are very proud of the relationship of the
college to this cemetery and to Lincoln’s address. But Gettysburg College is also proud
of its Association for one of the speakers today, historian and biographer,
Doris Kearns Goodwin. I am sure many of you have read her book,
team of rivals. Which won the 2005 Lincoln prize awarded annually
by the Gilbert Lemelin Institute of American history and
Gettysburg College. Team of rivals as
a setting for Steven Spielberg’s movie, Lincoln. Dr. Goodwin has also
graciously agreed to be I get expert colleges honorary committee [Indiscernible
audio cutting in and out] Dodgers game on the radio and will
re-create when she came home from work each day and having
earned her undergraduate degree with high honors from Colby College Dr. Goodwin
received a PhD in government from Harvard. Early in her career she served as a White
House fellow in the Johnson administration. She later taught government and Harvard for
10 years and during this time, assisted former president
Johnson with his memoirs. Doris Kearns Goodwin [Indiscernible audio
cutting in and out] not surprisingly, Dr. Goodwin is often sought
after by the media for commentary on the presidency and of course, she has been
especially sought after in this election year. It gives me great pleasure this morning to
welcome Doris Kearns Goodwin [Applause]. Our stories , Abraham Lincoln, indeed the
Gettysburg address that we commemorate today, Lincoln translated the
story of our country answer words of enduring clarity and meaning [Indiscernible audio cutting in
and out] having translated those stories into words and ideas
that his young friends could grasp, he would climb onto a tree stump that
served as an impromptu stage and memorize and mesmerize his own circle of listeners. He had discover the pride
and pleasure that an attentive audience could bring. This great storytelling
talent and oratorical skill would eventually constitute his stock in trade
through both his [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] beyond that of his
hardscrabble childhood . While his formal schooling did not amount to more than
one full year, [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] I am going away from
you now, Abraham, his mother said as she lay dying when he was nine years old,
and I shall never return, his only sister, Sarah, died a few years later. And
his first love, Anna Rutledge at the age of 22 , swept away, dust to dust. As
he grew older, he found consolation, however, and the thought that when we
die, our image was on in the memory of others. And our increasing comfort was
derived from the thought that he could accomplish something worthy, something
that would stand the test of time, his honor, his reputation will live his
existence. Will outlive his existence. [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out]
and he was leaving Springfield and has political drama state legislature was on
a downward slide. I’m the most miserable man living, he told
a friend. To
remain as [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] have done nothing to make
any human being remember that Hitler did to leave the world a little better
place for his having lived in the was what he desired to live for. Fueled by
that ambition, he gradually [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] recovery
from his depression, returned to the state legislature, [Indiscernible audio
cutting in and out] and Lincoln invited his old friend, Joshua, to
the White House and reminded him of that conversation
of two decades earlier and speaking of the proclamation , he declared,
I believe that in this measure, my fondest hopes will be realized. As he was about to put his signature on a
historic proclamation, however, he found that his arm was numb from shaking
hands at a New Year’s reception that morning. If my hand [Indiscernible audio
cutting in and out] and my whole soul is in it, he waited and waited until he
could sign with a bold and clear hand. But Lincoln, in his wildest dreams,
could never have imagined, at that moment nor the passage of the 13th
amendment, enshrined by Steven Spielberg, Tony Kushner, and [Indiscernible
audio cutting in and out] and Alexander the great and Julius Caesar, but
before I finish, the chief of the barbarians stood up and said, wait, you have
not told us about the greatest ruler of them all. We want to hear about that
man that spoke with a voice of thunder, who laughed like the sunrise, who
came from that place called America that is so far from here that the young man
should travel [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] perhaps, Frederick the
great but Tolstoy concluded, and generations of historians would agree, his
greatness consisted in the moral fiber of his character and integrity of this
person. So in the end, Abraham Lincoln steers ambition
to have his story told had indeed been realized. They were the ambition to accomplish something
had carried him through his bleak childhood, his
laborious efforts to educate himself, [Indiscernible audio cutting in
and out] respected and history, really can’t live on as long as we pledged
to Thailand to retell the stories of their lives. I am honored to be one of those storytellers
today. Thank you
very much [Applause]. [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] the
Civil War era, he most recently published, Lincoln, how Abraham Lincoln and
slavery in America, a companion book for the Steven Spielberg film. In addition to his writing, he is a
prolific [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] [Indiscernible audio cutting
in and out] please welcome Harold Holzer [Applause] The distinguished guests that have appeared
on this platform in years past, even larger-than-life figures like Harry Truman
and Dwight Eisenhower , Adelaide Stevenson, Mario Cuomo, and shall
be and Ken Burns, it is probably safe to say that more than most, more than
[Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] a given us both hope and courage. Stressing a, dams that have enchanted
us and the best of times and sustained us in the most difficult. And [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out]
whether his hero is young or old, innocent or experienced, but ignorance
, prejudice, hatred, or them predictable hostility of the untamed natural
world. The specific type
of [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] and
to see ET biking across the face of the minority in a Jones out racing the
Boulder. Or how tightly we clung to
the friend or stranger in the next seat when we first reviewed jaws. Or how
much [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] nine years ago, Abraham
Lincoln. For those that have yet to see this tribute,
the Straub and tribute to the relentless pursuit of liberty, to the
sometimes painful requirements that come with true leadership and to the fiery
trials that invoke the final judgments of history, know that the film will
enhance your understanding of the past and probably even illuminate a better
path to the [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] Tony Kushner has
created a Lincoln for our age and the ages. [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] [Indiscernible
audio cutting in and out] causes and the outcomes
of the American Civil War. From
the earliest phases of this project, he committed himself to accurate
interpretation. Met with scholars, encouraged their advice,
welcomed their expertise, without ever compromising his basic
point of view or his understanding of human nature or [Indiscernible
audio cutting in and out] so in the end, the world made little note nor
long remember what any of us say here, but I have a feeling it will not soon
forget what they see and feel on- screen, thanks to the guests that we welcome
today. So, ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome the man whose name sits deservedly over the title of a film
called Steven Spielberg’s, Lincoln, I am delighted to give you a man I can say
is Abraham Lincoln’s Spielberg. Steven Spielberg [Applause] That was absolutely beautiful. Thank you. I have never stood anyplace on
earth where it is easier to be humble, then here. At Gettysburg, delivering an
address , humble hardly covers it and it is not just I am standing near where
Lincoln stood when he recited what nearly many people [Indiscernible audio
cutting in and out] change the course of American history by changing how we
understood and how we understand ourselves and the whole point of American
democracy. I agree with those who read the Gettysburg
address this way. That
Lincoln wanted us to understand the quality was a small deed and a Democratic
essential, perhaps the Democratic essential in the address delivered here, he
wanted his fellow citizens to understand [Indiscernible audio cutting in and
out] but it is not the only reason. Gettysburg is a battlefield in a cemetery
in which the soldiers who died in the service of our country are buried their
sacrifice was so completely essential [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out]
the American people. More than any other name connected to the
Civil War except Lincoln’s, Gettysburg reverberates, Americans
retain the knowledge that what happened here was the crux of our terrible
national trial and even Americans who weren’t precisely what’s transpired on
these fields know that all of the glory and tragedy we associate with [Indiscernible
audio cutting in and out] so, courage, selflessness, strength, endurance,
heroism and sacrifice of the patriots who are buried here, most of
them, terribly young men, men no older than my three sons, it is the memory
of those honored dead, those in their graves of those who have never been found
that brings all of America, always [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] United
States that I feel the deepest humility which is only [Indiscernible audio
cutting in and out] [Applause] And [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out]
to defend a proposition about government, about how we choose to live together
starting with liberty and moving to a quality and whether the contract
we made with one another, based on liberty and equality as practical. Whether it will work, mechanically work,
whether [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] died testing that proposition
that democracy can work in the hands, not of Angels, nor even to borrow from
Lincoln’s first inaugural address, [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out]
and the hands of the better angels of our nature, but in the sometimes clumsy,
sometimes bloody , error-prone hands of the ordinary people that we are. On
this essay. Testing a proving ground people willingly
died to [Indiscernible
audio cutting in and out] Gettysburg, to be in the presence [Indiscernible
audio cutting in and out] or testament to the enduring force of his legacy
like most people do spend a lot of time thinking about Abraham Lincoln , he has
come to feel like one of my oldest and dearest friends. And I imagine I am
talking to many people that feel the same way. I am luckier in one sense the
nearly all of you [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] I haven’t done
this and I have no idea what Daniel would think of me if I did, he would
probably change his number [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] which
includes a number of serious scholars, not to mention a healthy percentage of
the country’s entire [Indiscernible audio cutting in
and out] we are not scholars, we are not historians, but we are
deeply indebted to those of you who are and I have made no secret of how indebted
I am to one [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] and magnificently constructed
account of the man. We owe
a great deal to Harold Holzer , [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] and
to James McPherson, who led Daniel and me on unforgettable tour of Gettysburg,
only a year ago. And Harold, and Jim, served as historical
consultants on film from the very basics [Indiscernible audio
cutting in and out] to whose work I
owe an unpayable debt. You gave us [Indiscernible audio cutting in
and out] Diligently reconstructed narratives as they
struggled to form our collective memory of all that has passed, all the shapes
our present life that will shape the future [Indiscernible audio cutting in
and out] although there is no progress, I would imagine that is ultimately
why historians write history and why human beings hunger for it and I have
to add for fiction based on history it is
the hunger [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] without remembering
what has happened, what went wrong, what went right, the blessings adjusted
springs, dignity, prosperity, individual and social health, these, these
blessings will not and cannot arrive. History lights the path towards injustice
so that history, there is no hope. But even with history that is so
scrutinized as that of the civil war effort, [Indiscernible audio cutting in
and out] no matter how much of the past we have recovered, that once was her
has been now is lost to us. It is simply not to the job
and in fact, to go to the of possible places that other disciplines
must avoid. Through art we
enlisted the imagination to bring what is lost back to us, to bring the dead
back to life. And I know who spent time thinking about him
feels that the murder of Abraham Lincoln [Indiscernible audio
cutting in and out] and the loss of Lincoln is heartbreaking. And I admit, among the reasons that I wanted
to make this film, I wanted impossibly to bring Lincoln back from his sleep of
one half centuries, even if they denied the finality of death and I hope not,
Lincoln certainly would not have approved of that [Indiscernible audio cutting
in and out] T remember Jeff, itself. But if we need an awareness of death to
make sense of life. We also need [Indiscernible audio cutting
in and out] and to guess, as we must, in order to act, at
what God means for us and what life means. Lincoln suggests [Indiscernible audio cutting
in and out] here , there is a battle for us all, historians, artists,
statesmen, politicians, everyone on earth, to try to comprehend the point of
our struggles and are suffering, our defeats, our triads, to search for the
meaning of our lives and death, is the highest in the two-minute length of the
Gettysburg address, another [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] Lincoln
Sejanus, namely knowing when to stop. Lincoln’s genius. Namely, knowing when to stop [Indiscernible
audio cutting in and out]. Thank you
all very much [Applause]. Thank you. On behalf of all of us gathered here, Stephen,
thank you very much for your thought-provoking and poignant words, we appreciate
your presence here and your [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out]
thank you. Now, join me in
welcoming Joanne Hanley, the president [Indiscernible audio cutting in and
out] Thank you for the inspirational talk to you
gave us about Lincoln. First, Dr.
Doris Kearns Goodwin. [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] , your
book, team of rivals, [Indiscernible audio cutting
in and out] strengthening unique partnerships. This trade of Lincoln’s, the exceptional ability
to see stereotypical rivals has potential allies
[Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] . Gettysburg to understand the value
of strong partnership I am proud to be a partner with superintendent Bob Kirby
and the National Park Service. Every
day, and our combined mission to preserve and protect the Gettysburg national
military Park and the soldiers national cemetery as well as [Indiscernible
audio cutting in and out] women who, as a measure of her own [Indiscernible
audio cutting in and out] [Applause] the Lincoln Fellowship and the
Gettysburg College, we would also like to present you with a token to remember
your time here and Gettysburg. As I look around our audience today, I am
pleased [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] Pres. Lincoln, his pet his
Gettysburg address and the lessons of a divine divided country during a Civil
War, lessons which we must never forget. It is a foundations: partnership with
the National Park Service and many others in our community by the culmination
of the commemorative period [Indiscernible audio cutting in and
out] to newer and larger audiences. And [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out]
on behalf of the Gettysburg foundation, the Gettysburg national
military Park, the Lincoln Fellowship, and Gettysburg College, it is
my honor to present you with this printed by Wendy Allen [Applause] [Indiscernible
audio cutting in and out] . And [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out]
with much to teach us. , She
based this particular portrait on a group of photographs taken by Matthew
Brady, seven weeks after Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg address. We hope you
hang this with pride as you remember your own Gettysburg Lincoln experience. Thank you. [Applause] And [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out]
please welcome with me the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln
[Applause] Our fathers brought forth on this continent
[Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] a new nation, conceived in liberty,
[Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] [Indiscernible audio cutting in and
out] The living, rather to be dedicated here, to
the [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] the finished work that they who
fought here had [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] in vain, that this
nation [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] shall not perish from
the earth [Applause] Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming
of the Lord He is trampling out the indiscernible where the — of wrath are
stored. He is Tran5 glory glory
will be swift my soul to answer [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] glory
, glory hallelujah. Glory, glory hallelujah. Glory, glory hallelujah. Glory,
glory hallelujah. His truth is marching on. [Indiscernible audio cutting in and
out] [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] you
and me. As he died to make men
holy, let us live to make men free. His truth is marching on. Glory, glory
hallelujah. Glory, glory hallelujah. Glory, glory hallelujah. His truth is
marching on. [Applause] Thank you, Wayne. It is time for the naturalization ceremony,
please welcome with me, Linda McKeever. [Applause] [Indiscernible audio cutting in
and out] Anna Collier country of nationality, please
stand and remain standing. The
People’s Republic of China. The Dominican republic. [Indiscernible audio
cutting in and out] it is my honor to present to you 16 applicants from 11
countries. These applicants [Indiscernible audio cutting
in and out] Citizen candidates, [Indiscernible audio cutting
in and out] raise your right hand and repeat after me [Indiscernible audio
cutting in and out] all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince,
potency, state or sovereignty of whom or which I have hereto for been a subject
or citizen that I will support and defend that I will bear true faith and
allegiance to the same, but I will
bear arms, on behalf of the United States, when required
by the law [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] any
mental reservation or purpose of evasion, so help me God . Congratulations
new citizens [Applause] You may be seated . [Indiscernible audio cutting
in and out] [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] the
right to vote, so I encourage each and every one of you to participate in
local and [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] [Applause]. It is an honor and a privilege to call you
a fellow citizen of the United States of America. This is now officially your country. Your home to protect,
defend, and to serve your active and engaged citizenship. Together, we are a
nation, united not by any one culture [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out]
, a solemn oath [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] no dream is
impossible. [Indiscernible audio cutting in
and out] And join in the Pledge of Allegiance to the
flag. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United
States of America, and to the Republic, for which it stands, one nation,
under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. [Music, “America” being played by the band]
>>[Applause] We are [Indiscernible audio cutting in and
out] as part of the ceremonies to deliver a personal rendition of
the Gettysburg address. [Indiscernible audio
cutting in and out] encourages any Pennsylvania high school student
interested in this contest to go to www. [Indiscernible audio cutting in
and out] we commemorate the hundred 50th anniversary
of the Gettysburg address, and dedication of this cemetery. Please note, following this morning’s
program, there is a United States graveside salute to the United States
[Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] color troop [Indiscernible audio
cutting in and out] and this evening, at 7:30 PM, Gettysburg College is 51st
Robert –lecture [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] [Applause] in
addition, we appreciate the work of grace grease, the special Park use manager
and Katie –tran5 [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] today’s program and
we thank you [Applause] please remain standing as Jeffrey Spangler plays
taps, this will officially conclude today’s program. Please rise. Bless us, holy one, we pray that fear may
and. That the divine [Indiscernible
audio cutting in and out] and power bus to raise again , visions of a new and
better world where [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] may the unity we
share [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] shall dwell in the land ,
righteousness shall lead to client and confidence and all shall sit under the
vines [Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] and under their victories
[Indiscernible audio cutting in and out] that those things which we do , may
lead us not to do management not to diss management diss management disminishment [Indiscernible audio cutting
in and out] we pray and blessed are you forever. Amen. [Taps being played]
[Event concluded]

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