Garage Sale Tips: Have a Successful, Organized Garage Sale

Garage Sale Tips: Have a Successful, Organized Garage Sale

– Hi there, it’s Laura
here from I Heart Planners and in this video I’m gonna share with you my top tips for having a
successful garage sale. That way, you can get rid of
unwanted clutter in your house and make some extra money in the process. Plus, we have tons of fun
organizing and planning videos planned for you so be sure
to subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss any of them. (upbeat music) ♪ Do do do do do do ♪ ♪ Oh oh oh ♪ (playful music) So first, I recommend picking
a date for your garage sale and committing to it. Tell your friends, go ahead
and put out an ad if you can, so this sale will actually happen. Now, my favorite thing about
picking a date for myself, don’t get me wrong, I love making some extra cash at my
sale, but my favorite thing is that it gave me a deadline
to go through all of my stuff and get rid of all that extra
clutter that I didn’t want and I got it done and out of the house. (playful music) Next, make sure you plan
ahead for your garage sale. Anything you can do ahead of time, do it, because the closer you get
to the day of your sale, the more things will crop
up that you need to do and the more hectic things will get. You will be thanking yourself later if you plan ahead, trust me. On the day of your sale, things
will run much more smoothly and you’ll definitely be
thanking yourself when you’re counting up all the money
that you made at your sale. And help you with this,
I have created a free printable step-by-step garage sale guide to walk you through the
process and help you know what you can do ahead of time so you don’t leave anything out. Be sure to click the link to download it. (playful music) Next, it’s super important
that you price things right at your garage sale. People shopping at a garage
sale aren’t expecting to pay department store prices, and
they aren’t even expecting to pay thrift store prices. They are expecting to
pay garage sale prices, so be sure you price your items right. I know this may seem counterintuitive, but when you price your items lower, a lot of times you
actually make more money because if your shoppers walk in and they see everything is overpriced, they don’t wanna keep
browsing and looking, but when they know everything
is reasonably priced, they keep on looking and
they actually buy more. And another super important
thing with pricing is make sure that every single
item at your garage sale is it very clearly marked
with a price sticker. The last thing you want
is for people not to know how much something costs. They don’t wanna have
to come up and ask you, and they definitely don’t
want the awkwardness of having to make you an offer, so just price it clearly
just like you would if you were shopping at Target. And a great way to price
everything quickly and easily is to use these price sticker sheets. They come in our printable
garage sale pack, and I printed these out on these labels that I got from Amazon. There was like 2,000 of
them for less than $10.00. So it’s super affordable,
super quick and easy, and then I was able to walk
around with these big sheets, and price everything at our
sale in under 30 minutes. So it doesn’t have to take you long. Another note about pricing, if you really wanna save time
is, I recommend bulk pricing. So we we priced all of our
toddler and baby clothes at $1.00 each. Now, if you do this, I
recommend making it very clear, so there’s no ambiguity. Don’t put your sign away way far away from whatever you’re selling
or something like that. Make it really clear and simple. So every single baby and toddler clothing at our sale was $1.00 each. We didn’t have a table over
here of stuff for $1.00, another table for $3.00. When somebody came up to check out, we knew exactly what the prices were. So definitely keep it
simple, label clearly. We have these in our
yard sale kit for you, if you get the printable kit, where you can just print them out and you are ready to go with clear signs. (playful music) Next, if you wanna have
a really successful sale, set your sale up like a store. Make everything look appealing. Make shoppers wanna stick
around and look around, and there’s something else
if you setup your sale nicely that you’ll be able to do. When it comes to advertising,
once you get your sale set up, ideally it would be a
couple days ahead of time, take photos of it and then
post that with your ads. We posted it in a local Facebook group and we got a lot of
buyers come and tell us that they came because they
saw the photos in the group. So they saw that this wasn’t
just junk we were selling, this was stuff they might need and they were able to see specifically some of the items we had
that they were interested in. So I highly recommend
setting your sale up nicely, taking photos of it, and using that to help promote your sale. I hope these tips help you have a super successful yard sale. And, if you want even more tips, I have a comprehensive
post sharing all of my tips on how to have a super successful, super profitable garage sale. So be sure to click the
link below to see it, and don’t forget to download
our free step-by-step guide to setting up your garage sale. And if you want even more planning and organizing inspiration, definitely don’t forget to
subscribe to our channel.

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6 thoughts on “Garage Sale Tips: Have a Successful, Organized Garage Sale”

  • I had fun sharing my tips for a successful, organized garage sale. What are your tips for hosting a garage sale? I'd love to hear from you.

  • We had a yard sale last month and used your bulk pricing tip. Worked great! And we made over $1000 in not even 2 full days.

  • Some say don't price nothing…but at our sale no one won't ask how much so we price everything things you said we do
    It helps.

  • Love this and love you! Can you please move in next door! I agree with another poster, I don’t know if you’re selling all of that storage behind you or just used it for the garage sale but you could have sold me tons of it!
    We moved 3 houses into this one house a couple of years ago and we still have half of our garage full of stuff (this was after our kids and their college age friends went “shopping” in our garage for furniture and housewares). Our youngest daughter is also buying her first home in a few weeks and doesn’t want to move the stuff she isn’t keeping to the new house. Plus it is a neighborhood garage sale so they will pay for advertising and will post signs! Hopefully all of this will result in less clutter and more money to put in the budget for our youngest daughters wedding fund!
    Bought your printable set. Thank you! Subscribed and will definitely be back!