Floating Elephant Balloon Tutorial |  DIY Boy Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Floating Elephant Balloon Tutorial | DIY Boy Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

hey guys welcome back to my channel
today I have an adorable boy baby shower design that you are absolutely going to
love you can definitely change the colors of the balloons to make it a
girl’s baby shower gender-neutral or even a gender-reveal guys oh my gosh
just you know let your imagination flow I’m telling you you can make this
whatever you would like you’re gonna love it
alright guys please don’t forget to Like comment and share at the end of this
video alright let’s get started there we go alright guys this baby shower design
is mostly going to consist of this beautiful cloth decal that I got from
Etsy it was a little bit on the pricey side because it is so big and because
it’s a cloth decal which means that you’ll be able to use it over and over
again all you have to do is peel it off place it on peel it off listen on a
multiple times so you get plenty of uses for this and by the way the hot air
balloon you’re not even gonna be able to see it at the end of it because it’s
going to be covered with balloons okay but that’s okay
you’re still gonna love it and it’s going to look amazing for this design
you’re gonna want your balloons to stick above your backdrop and in order for
that to happen and have that floating effect you’re going to use a project
display board that you are going to glue behind the backdrop so what I’m gonna do
now is open the board and place the hot-air balloon right over it I’m only
going to use half of it okay so the balloon is going to be halfway on top of
the board and then I’m going to cut around it you can also choose to use
foam board I decided to use the poster board because it would be
easier to cut with scissors and I just didn’t want to use the craft knife for
this project because I am done scratching my table also don’t worry
about cutting the board perfectly because it’s going to be covered by
balloons anyway now I’m going to remove the board from the decal and I’m going
to do the board on the backdrop and what I want to do here is place my cardboard
right here in the middle which means that I’m going to measure this two
sticks right here which are three inches wide and then going to put out a piece
right here in the middle three inches wide now I’m going to glue it on with
hot glue now I’m going to go ahead and place a decal on I believe member loans
pretty small right now there are more like nine-inch balloons
although they’re 12 inches and I’m going to alternate the blue and silver mostly
and I’m going to add a few white ones in between and I’m going to be using my
low-temperature hot glue gun to glue them on now I’m going to add my five-inch
balloons to fill in some gaps alright so I think I am satisfied so far Sonny’s
gonna leave it alone I might touch it up a little later but iced up now I love it
the way it is let’s move on now I’m going to place the elephant on the
backdrop and the other big house they came with the order so for the balloons
that you see right here don’t look awkward and just laying there I am going
to tie the silver ribbon that I got from Party City I believe some time ago so I
can’t really remember how much it was but I’m pretty sure it was something
like $2.99 or so just a little bit of hot glue to tie it to the top of the
elephant you can choose to leave the design as is which is beautiful or you
can choose to add real balloons with strings on top of the decal little notes
alright so there it is you can obviously just purchase the elephant decal when
it’s on and then you can pretty much just add the balloons
I personally going to use it without the balloons sometimes so I bought the
entire thing and I also like the shadow effect that the decal has behind the
balloons I hope you guys enjoyed this video let me know what you thought of my
design I totally love it and let me know if you would use this technique for a
future project and make sure to share share share
is caring if you know I’m a friend or a family member that will love this for
the baby shower make sure to share with them at the end of this video alright
guys until next time bye

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