Female Engagement Team

Female Engagement Team

So, it is my first time working with the American military. So, your passion to work made
me a passionate person to work. I want to get experience from you girls. The Jordanian Armed Forces are
standing up an all female company. It’s going to be with their Quick Reaction Force Brigade. So they requested us to come and help out. We started off with the medical
side. We did first aid and CPR, and also had our corpsman do
tactical combat casualty care. After that, we went into entry control
points and vehicle control points and then personnel and vehicle searches. Which is what those women will mainly be used for. We did basic marksmanship and
weapons safety and handling, and then we took them on a two
day live-fire range with M-4’s. We did basic patrolling, a little urban patrolling, and then we did close quarter battle. Yeah, they seemed to really enjoy that one. To be part of something that it
felt like we were making a difference. We were the first team to go out there. Being able to kind of kick that off and
get the momentum going was awesome. I’m really happy and proud of myself to be
one of the Quick Reaction Force members, and I want to be beside them in Jordan
to ensure security and safety to everybody.

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24 thoughts on “Female Engagement Team”

  • What a joke. It's obvious they have no clue what they're doing and they're in a QRF brigade? If they're ever sent into a combat situation, they'll die.

  • That's right Marines, if the women want to fight, create a team for them to fight in and send them on pointless assignments training people that will never see combat anyway. Keeps the male warfighters safe and the fucking in foxholes to a minimum while also silenceing the "women can fight too" crowd. No they can't, our ancestors already proved that, let's not go back in time. I see what you did Marines, good job.

  • That is cool glad to see our Tax Dollars go to good use money well spent you can tell its a new Program I can't wait some more training and Drills they will do good. Also a bonus having the Best Teaching them USMC.

  • Stop hating, the video said they will be mainly used for casualty care and car searches. Like damn y’all acting like they are about to go fight Isis.

  • Not to be an ass or anything but don't they hate western culture and like us in general. Why are we helping them? If i'm wrong then someone correct me because i'm confused

  • I understand when people say it is a joke but at least they want the chance to fight. I'd much rather have women training at an intensity of 4/10 in Jordan than women not training at all.

    Although I still believe basic training for women NEEDS to be the same (physically and mentally) as men or else more people in the long run will die. This doesn't stand true even in The USMC. And yes this will decrease the number of total women in the military but at least the ones who do succeed will actually be qualified. Nobody should have to die for diversity quotas sake

  • When I see a body count of combat women that are as high as the men then I'll have respect for women in the military. Until then they're just a bunch of bleeders between their legs.