Easy To Make Christmas Decorations  – How To Make Fabric Tinsel

Easy To Make Christmas Decorations – How To Make Fabric Tinsel

Hi I’m Linda from Sewing Bee Fabrics. I want to
show you how you can really spruce up your Christmas tree by making some
fabric tinsel. So first of all what you want is a pile of knit fabric scraps. Now
I’m gonna use baby clothes because th you can get loads of different patterns
with just small amounts of fabrics to be able to switch it up in between, and also
being knit you don’t get any fraying so if you want to keep it and use it year
after year it’s going to last an awful lot better than if you’re using cotton
scraps. So next up, you’re going to want to deconstruct your baby grows. So what
you’re going to want to do is to take out all the seams, all the zippers, all
the poppers, all the buttons, and everything else so that all you’re left with is just the
little scraps of fabric and then that’s what we’re going to work with. Now
depending on the length of your tinsel will depend on how many baby grows
you’re going to want. Now I made a big 6 meter piece (20ft) so I went through an awful
lot. So depending on what you want, you might want a dozen baby grows or you might
want a couple of dozen baby grows. You might want to mix it up with some
t-shirts or whatever else you happen to have lying around. So what you want to do
next is to cut your fabric anywhere from half an inch to an inch or 1 centimetres
to 2 centimetres is absolutely fine you want to vary your width vary your length
because then when you tie it on it makes it look a little bit fuzzier, a little
bit fuller, whereas if it looks a bit too uniform it doesn’t give quite the same
effect so you need a decent amount to start with all sorts of different
lengths and sizes. So next up you want to cut your length of wool so I did mine
about 6 meters because I want my tree to look really thick with it and I find it
easier to do this one piece. Then at both ends you need to tie yourself a really
big knot so that once you attach the fabric on, it can’t accidentally
slide off. So the next thing really couldn’t get much simpler all you’re
going to do is to tie your pieces around your string so there’s the first one
there and then you’re just going to go for the next one and you’re gonna keep going like this
until it starts looking a little bit like a garland, like so. Once you’ve tied a
few on it should be starting to look like this where you’re looking for more
gaps in between what you can then start doing is to start pushing them together
and then you’ll find you’ve got a lot more to be able to tie on so you want to
try and get them as close as possible and the more you can push them up as
close as possible the thicker you’re going to end up with
it. So when you’re finished it should look all fluffy like this and when you’re at
that point it’s ready to go on the tree! And if you enjoyed that don’t forget to
hit like and subscribe we’ll bring you more tutorials soon. We hope you have a
lovely Christmas and a very happy New Year!

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  • I'm always looking for ways to use up scraps, and I love that this is also a way to use up clothing that wouldn't be used anymore. That way you also end up with a garland with sentimental value! Great idea! 🙂