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7 thoughts on “Drag Queen Story Hour organizers, protesters get death threats”

  • Why do sexual deviants TARGET children. If those deviants CHOOSE to live that perverse lifestyle, then keep it ONLY among adults. The fact that they are going after the minds of children is purely evil … no other explanation for it! This will cause libraries to be SHUT DOWN across the country as responsible, taxpayers will vote against their funding for causing such appalling events to occur. Last time I checked, decency outnumbers the perverse! So the library management really needs to get a brain! Notice the anger with this female drag queen (that will appear at the Spokane library) at the thought that she won't be able to have access to the children https://www.facebook.com/andipandabear/videos/10156323583426966/

  • A mistake
    An abomination against God
    And His temple of God
    Our bodies
    Poison to all adults children the family
    For the whole of society
    This man’s choice
    Yes a man 4ever
    Matter what he says or
    Anyone says
    The facts remain
    He was born male
    And he is male straight to the bone
    Inside in out
    And no
    I will never choose to call him female ever
    And do as others have chosen to do
    this young man dressed as a woman in clothing most women would not wear ever

    Against Him
    The True and Living God in Jesus Christ Holy name God manifested in the flesh

    Did all the families here come in support of this young man’s choice ?!?!??!!
    Or all hear for their children see and a drag queen read a story to them prancing up and down in heels
    The children here r the real victims
    Their minds not understanding what is really going here
    Just came to to here a story read to them