Do I regret getting married? (The aftermath of Marriage)

Do I regret getting married? (The aftermath of Marriage)

Do I regret getting married? Would I get married AGAIN? by VictoriaXRave hello guys and I’m vlogging today with my DSLR that’s what it looks like so I walk around with this thing as super awkward if I’m going to choose to not let it be awkward and people just commit I accept it getting my uber right now I have a couple things to do a couple things to talk to you guys about like I’m scared of people but you just have to like overcome it and I want to show you guys how to overcome like weird awkward situations make care of people think but to be honest most people you don’t even see again people who would judge you do they actually matter no so I get I use it like every single day and I use the Express pulse sometimes I have to walk I do YouTube yeah it’s kind of awkward time I was just telling my my followers that whatever we shouldn’t care people think yet alright come on over now now I’m down top compressing the road right now okay I don’t care I would actually go do a workout first then I’m gonna run some errands and talk to you guys about why it’s really stupid arias gonna do a butt workout and I’ll I’ll take some folks for you guys to see I work out my butt we recorded music things being accidentally erased it can’t happen all right so I just got done with a gym there’s this guy used to go to the gym with regularly were kind of seeing each other but it just kind of awkward because he like he has like this new girl that he brings and I just saw them walking past in the window walking a dog we always talked about dogs I didn’t actually want to be with them but still you know what I’m gonna do now is I’m going to FedEx because the Department situation update is that we can’t get approved because my bank statements say a different last name than my last name that I applied for because well I’d started to change it whenever I got married now I’m screwed and I have to buy another marriage certificate if they’ll even give me one but first I have to go print up some documents and then scan them in a bunch of boring stuff we lost the apartment we were trying to apply for we got an extension on the crappy apartment we have now well listen I stay out though this whole like marriage thing has made my life very difficult I’ll tell you about it more later so pissed right now I could go to the notary this is costing me so much just like $50 just to get everything and then another fee for the notary it was just like which my ex did not lose the marriage certificate want to scream so bad but it’d be socially inappropriate to do so the first notary that I went to was closed so now I’m rushing to the next one because it’s gonna close in five minutes and so stressed out because this is this is like what time do you pee so hard this is so dumb I hate being involved somebody do this for me please karai’s then I went to FedEx and then I scanned it sent it costs another like five dollars like it all adds up to having to pay like seventy dollars for this stupid marriage certificate if they can’t even find it I don’t know I’m divorced so I don’t even know if they still have it I don’t know if it still don’t know you guys want to know how it looks like for like adulting you don’t know like this is what it looks like so now I have to go to Ralph’s to get Drano because my roommate works sauce down the sink and the sink is completely clogged let’s go get that Drano my life is this lucky right now like oh but I am going to be traveling somewhere I decided where I want to go right now but quality content quality content what type of teak lager should I get I don’t know there’s only like one kindness expensive and I’m mad this is a great blog I got a bar to make myself feel better this is the stuff that other vloggers won’t show you but here it is for you I’m gonna have a little chat with you about some things Mia talk do I regret getting married well I’m not typically the type of person to regret things because I think everything is a huge learning experience do I regret getting married semi yes because it’s been really frustrating and annoying and yes was it definitely was a learning experience but I still would have had the same learning experience I think if I didn’t get married being Mary just just caused me a lot of annoying paperwork you guys don’t know I’ve been married briefly and divorced it was a mess it was spontaneous it was a stupid decision whatever I’m not like we shouldn’t ever happen having to try and prove my last name on my bank in alignment with trying to get an apartment I didn’t think it would be so fucking complicated but first I had to like a plot a do it thing online pay like $50 I’m like what the fuck and then like no I had to cancel this I can’t afford this and I couldn’t cancel it because it’s hard to me a fee so I’m like okay well I’m just gonna go through with it so I printed it off and then I put my information and then and then I realized oh fuck this needs to be notarized I’ve notarized something before whenever I got divorced so I kind of knew how to do it but before was closed so that I ran to this other one I’m like please stay open he’s like okay we’ll stay open for five more minutes so I ran there and he’s like I’ve never notarized anything before this would be my first time like it’s fine so it took like half an hour for him to figure out how to notarize that particular document and then that cost $15 and then I had to go and scan it which the scanner wasn’t working properly and it charges like a certain number of monies per minute so that cost me five dollars we already applied for this apartment and I already spent $90 and applying for this apartment it didn’t work out because they keep asking for so much documentation the part we wanted is back on the market so it was all for naught we paid now I paid $90 for no reason and then our $60 for no fucking reason this is not fun I’m spending money on stuff that I don’t that makes me angry it’s like I don’t want to even have to do this stuff let alone spend money on it and we’re not even gonna get department I mean I’m doing this I’m getting the marriage certificate which I don’t even know if I can get since we’re divorced to prove why mine last names like that yeah I regret getting married because it’s expensive and it’s annoying and would I get married again yeah I think I would I was really young and really naive and I didn’t know what I was doing is the only relationship I’ve ever been in either way doesn’t really matter to me because when you know you know when you have that connection with someone you don’t need a bunch of paperwork to prove it but if it was something they wanted to do and it just meant something yeah I would I will do things again honestly even if it was a bad idea I’ll do it again I don’t really learn like that each situation is gonna be different and unique just like each person is different and unique so I’m not gonna trash marriage and just I wish I hadn’t gotten married that spontaneously thank you for being with me through all this this vlog just represents kind of day to day life that’s not fun it’s not even entertaining it’s just frustrating and boring I’m gonna eat now check out milk and eggs down below most of stuff that I get is from them they deliver to your door I’ve got to plunge it out and then put the drainer stuff down there love it I’m gonna probably drink this I love my brain and then I get like I get this kind of bread like I said this is all from Malcolm eggs links below it’s green free sliced loaf and it’s made with like almond flour and egg whites I don’t know I got a Clif Bar sue me make some egg whites every day might remain I we both have been just like freaking out just like fortunately they let us stay here a couple weeks longer even though we really didn’t want to we’ve been taking this nerve tonic every day I got it at the store and then I’m just like combining that with this herb strong stuff I tried my best here like trying to be natural not you know trying to drink alcohol or take drugs or anything like that to cope with life I look back and laugh at it later because everything is going really wrong we’ve got rejected by everything I feel so much better I can share this with you because if I just having all these struggles and stupid things happening and I couldn’t even share it I’d be even more pent up so thanks for being here with me we’re gonna move all of us collectively we’re gonna move into an apartment in my own room I’m so excited to show it to you I don’t know where it is yet we have two weeks we have an extension so it’s gonna be okay I’m not gonna be on the streets oh the place that I want to tell you that I want to go is Jerusalem what do you guys think comment below comment below if you’ve had any experiences like this too if you can give me any advice okay I love you guys so much the extra-terrestrial and keep your spirits up if you’re stressed out just know that I’m just out – and you’re not alone and this is temporary give this a like check out the links below comment and I’ll call them back

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100 thoughts on “Do I regret getting married? (The aftermath of Marriage)”

  • Watching you breeze through the city, brings back memories I had a decade ago, living in greater LA. From the outside it looks so cool, but you realize the truth slowly, grateful I'm back in ohio. We're told marriage is about love, let me tell you it's totally not. Its about security, you think "why would I want that? I like excitement"….. But do we really? I've never actually met anyone who truly preferred excitement, it's fun but it's empty. You always end up wanting, the longer you roll solo, the harder you confront your own mortality.

    Moved to La when I was 21, left at 26, now I'm 32…. you are not the same person once were, and you won't always be the same person you are now. I mean you traveled the path always as you, but who you are evolves. I once was a jackass with a mohawk also, I don't have regrets either, I had to be that way at that time.

    Some very unsolicited advice, if you're looking for the wrong attributes in your potential partners, they will always disappoint you. Then again, I'm pretty sure people told me shit like that, and I would have never accepted it. You can't transform cute, cool, and fun into something that hangs around, none of this shit is glamorous, but it's real.

  • Can I ask what video editor you use? I'm an amateur "vlogger" I guess and I love the edits. I love your hair and your tattoos. Lol. I somehow found you on "related videos". You're cool as hell.

  • So proud of you getting over what ppl think when you film! Hopefully itll lead to you making more content and posting more. People LOVE you girl. We want more of you to watch 💓

  • I really like this type of blog from you! I changed my last name because I was basically adopted, but I almost missed out on a trip to Japan as it was so much work trying to get my passport in time because of it.. so I feel your pain! Hold onto your notarized copy once you get it so you’ll always have it for the future<3

  • You mentioned the clogged drain…I found the cheapest hack is to pour boiling water down the drain and use a plunger. Repeat until unclogged.

  • Sorry things are stressful right now girl. You have a pretty positive attitude about it. I always feel like when frustrating things happen to me I’m the only one it happens to & the universe must be against me, but in reality things happen to everyone. A quote that really stuck with me was,” life is fair to everyone in one way. It’s unfair to everyone.” Love u

  • Hey just wanted to say that,everything we go through in life is a learning experience,we dont see it like that but it is the truth,you look happy and of sound mind which is important,so keep doing what your doing,believe it or not when I watch your videos it brings me some happiness so thanks for your young vibrant soul😄

  • Haha. Omg second comment of the day…. I totally regret getting married. Expensive piece of paper… I had a mortgage on a house with the guy too. We got the house about 3 months before the marriage then 8 months after the marriage we broke up. He was in someone else’s pants. I continued to pay the mortgage and live there for another 2 years by getting 2 other tenants to help. He then messaged me after 2 years saying he wanted to come off the mortgage and I wasn’t in a financial position to take over his half too and have full ownership. I ended up getting the property repossessed 😫. Having to change my name on everything was a complete ball ache. Just as I’d managed to change my name to my marital name, I had to change everything back again. I made him pay for the divorce as it wasn’t my fault! At least that saved me a few £s. Biggest mistake of my life and my mom said to me 2 months before the wedding, are you sure you want to do this as she knew we were having problems.. with so much invested I reluctantly said “yes of course!” Well, one of life’s experiences and lesson. I’m just glad it didn’t go as far as me having kids! I’d be suicidal 😂 I’m too much of a free spirit to be tied down and I realised this eventually. I thought I wanted the whole package, house, husband, kids…..I didn’t! I didn’t even want a guy as I came out gay not long afterwards! 😂 At least if a few things completed on my bucket list 🤣

    Oh the life of being a Victoria 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Lol relationships are a bit overrated though I do love my boyfriend dearly, I would marry my kitty over him. Would be such a magical unique bond lol.

  • Don't you just love adulting, 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Hun I'm 57 & I still hate adulting. I have my daughter watch you. She's 25 & she had ALL Leukemia when she was 10 to 12 1/2. She had to go through 2 1/2 years of chemo & many surgeries. Now she suffers from severe manic depression & social anxiety disorder. Shes never had a boyfriend & the only friend she had quit being friends with her when she was going through her chemo. She wants to start a YouTube channel because she feels comfortable recording herself. She just isn't comfortable being out in public talking to people. She likes your channel so I'm hoping watching you will help her come out of her shell. & You keep up the good work. Much ♥️💙&✌️

  • in these hard times PATIENCE is the only thing worth having. With patience you can concur anything. Ok I lied you got to have DRIVE. That maybe the one thing to have.

  • I soooooneeded to hear this
    I'm feeling like everything is going wrong lately lol… I wanna scream
    So I can relate. Ur awesome I think ur the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I feel like us girls need to keep each other up. Love ya keep ur. Head up!!!!!!

  • I think you are SUPER and applaud you for doing your thing. Hope you become well off for it. Alot of work goes in to making a channel that no one sees. So as long as you keep making em, I'll keep watching em. Peace!

  • Hah, me and my bf will only marry because taxes and health insurance will be cheaper. We don't really care about that piece of paper saying we're married.

  • Marriage sucks, just get laid, that's all we really want, bring it back to Woodstock, we can all be friends and if we want to do to goody do it

  • I also had a failed marriage … i was in a toxic relationship … i am attracted to how mature you are and how you keep your shit together … and keep moving forward and growing … Sexy Mama

  • I’m a plumber …. never use drain-o unless it’s a hair clog but not a good idea….. so next time I will work free for the first hour then charge after—— 👊. Sorry the first round on marriage didn’t go good for ya , take your time next time …. I’m in the (614) ??😉

  • Baking soda,hot water and vinegar are also good for when you cannot get that draino. Also,had no clue you were married but you deserve to be with someone who loves every bit of you,inside and out.

  • I understand I have been single for 15 years married for 13 years to some one who acted like i was a pet hell the pets got treated better than me hey I would get married again but it will have to be for love money is nice but it causes resentment oh yeah met her at church but she was an atheist love you keeping you in my prayers Israel sounds great

  • She would be so much prettier without that nose ring. It makes it look bigger…I'm just being honest with you!

  • I know this is old video, but I had a thought that pertains to you in general. Regardless of what people think, I think you would be an awesome mom. Mostly because when it comes to feelings and how you feel, you just seem to let things ride, go with the flow!

  • I completely understand. I hate adulting. It's so difficult and frustrating; it's even more difficult and expensive when you have kids!!!! UUUGGGGHHHH

  • I've been married for 15 years. I never regretted it for a minute. She's been diagnosed with cancer and it is spreading all over. She maybe has a year if we're lucky. Believe me it's easier to go through the annoyance of divorce than to see your best friend wither away. It's the saddest thing I have ever faced. I can't imagine how she feels, but I know she's unafraid to die. I, however, am terrified and helpless. And now I'm bothering you with my problems… Sorry.
    That being said, I love your channel and how real you are. You are next level gorgeous and you are so down to earth. Keep up the good work and I'll be tuning in. Stay beautiful 😍.

  • Advise. You already live the experience, you've done it, you get over it, done.
    Find the one, sure, screw social contacts and live with you love and don't try to own and by owned just for a social norms.

    I learned that lesson.

  • You could tell the Uber driver was just gonna try and give you shit for videoing in his car,… and you just took the wind out of his sails….😆😂😅👍 classic!!!!!

  • Moral of the story don’t get married spontaneously me and bf have been together for 2 years and people always ask when we are getting married but we don’t plan on it I wish marriage wasn’t something that’s shoved down peoples throat

  • This is why we Mu Shiki Buddhist are Polyamories, every wife has a minimum of two husbands and every husband has a minimum of two wifes. Our marriages are done through a hand holding ceremony similar to that done by the Wicken here in the U.S. And the vowels have to be renewed every year on the anniversary or the union is automatically dissolved.

    The wife does not change her name and there is NO joint property. She has her House, He has his House. When joined you spend 3 days with her in her house and then she spends three days with him in his house. On the seventh day you spend separated resting and cleaning your respective homes.

  • omg your apt struggles remind me of how i'm struggling with finding a place to live cuz of how my old creep roommate broke the lease

  • Man, so glad I found your channel again. I think YouTube recommended you at just the right time.

    I have also went through a divorce and I was the one that wanted out. I had a friend talk to me a few days ago that had been through 3 marriages and she said it took her a while to realize that it wasn't because of her that the marriage didn't work out, it was that IT didn't work out. Meaning the marriage didn't work. Doesn't have to be placed on your shoulders as the person responsible for breaking something up. That's not societies business. *And just to snuff out any trolls, my friend went through those divorces because the guy wanted her to choose them over her kids and she chose her kids every time. And they are all good kids*. Crazy people do exist. Stay true to yourself and what brings you happiness in your life.💖

    I also learned from a friend that love should mean more than the paper. I will no longer involve government in my marital affairs. And just like the paperwork you had to go through and handle, yes, been through that too. Just total BS.

    If I fall in love with someone in the future again, that's great. If they or I fall out of love, that's ok too. There can and may be heartbreak through the transition, but at least at the end of the day, you have yourself to thank for loving yourself enough to have a "home" to go back to, money in your bank account and a job that gives you that backup security.

    Has nothing to do with not trusting the person you want to be with, but paperwork is stupid. It's definitely easier to get into a marriage than get out (because of the paperwork that can make getting out worse).

    It's just best in this day and age to love yourself enough to have a backup plan to continue to love yourself through any transition. 💖

  • I saw you on tea for two with Claudio, and thought you were cool and interesting. Kinda hot I mean hey I'm a guy, know it seems to be a thing you cant say to women these day. We live in this politically correct bubble these days, everyone walking on eggshells in case you get cancel cultured by some nut job who doesn't like your opinion. But I digress and my watchers really hate it too, so yea just wanted to say Hi, I'm a You Tuber a newish one. And always want to discover new interesting people to watch and support, not that you need it your doing great. And I'm going on spotify to find Claudio too, show him some love and support. So yea, Hey, hugs, your hot, and going to binge watch your content now. Tried to keep it short, think I covered everything and yea I'm out.