Did Team USA Excessively Celebrate During Their Record Setting Win Over Thailand? | Tim and Sid

Did Team USA Excessively Celebrate During Their Record Setting Win Over Thailand? | Tim and Sid

France were pre-tournament favourites with the United States obviously the best ranked female soccer nation in the world the US beat Thailand yesterday in case you haven't heard 13 nothing 13 of them created a stir yeah across the soccer world and really the sports world and social media not because of a score line necessarily but because of the way they celebrated the goals towards the end of the blowout Tim I got a very brief crack at this yesterday at the end of the show your turn as we see these pictures from yesterday your thoughts on the celebrations that caused such a stir was it too much your take your take on all this before I give you my take why don't I give you her take the woman who scored 5 goals into this game who is maybe the best soccer player in the world of women's soccer here's Alex Morgan on the celebrations it's disrespectful if we don't show up and give our best and play our game for 90 minutes it's disrespectful to the Thai team and I believe they wanted us to play play them straight up and for the celebrations these are goals that we have dreamt of our entire life I mean I'm gonna celebrate malp you school I'm gonna celebrate stem us and Roosevelt this is our first World Cup and I'm so proud of them and so everything and I couldn't have dreamt of scoring five goals in a World Cup so it's you know it's incredible for us all and I'm happy just ignoring those comments all right so that's the take of the five time goal scorer and what was a record margin of victory in any World Cup here's the take of the woman who scores who holds the all-time scoring record Abby Wambach of the United States as well who weighed in on Twitter saying for all those who have an issue with many goals for some players this is their first World Cup goal and they should be excited imagine it being you out there this is your dream of playing than scoring in a World Cup celebrate would you tell a men's team not to score or celebrate anyone who is worried and this came from the United States broadcasters and not the broadcasters in this country and not on social media though some took exception to it anyone who thought that running up the score was ridiculous has lost the plot guell differential matters in this tournament there's a team in their group that people are worried about that the United States might be a little bit worried about so anyone who was worried about the number being 13 or 14 or 10 has lost the plot right and it's also fair to say that the referee may have lost the plot a little bit too because you and I were watching this game and there were appeals that would have been considered had that game made him close him there were seven penalties not called against Highland right seven like the ref did her absolute best annihilation Laura tried to keep the score line respectable one side wasn't helping right so to you and to me dare I say this wasn't about the score right it was wasn't it was about people celebrating goals when the game was completely and utterly out of reach if you think it's about woman and men wouldn't get this then you probably don't live in Canada or even anywhere near old school because you probably would have never watched Don Cherry in your life he regularly berate s– professional hockey players who happen to be men for one running up the score right and to over celebrating so it's not just women who get to celebrate like I understand why you might be upset I am a guy who lives in the old school I believe that there is a time and a place but I also believe if you do something really really well you can celebrate it and the United States did something really really well and celebrated once you get to eight or nine or ten doesn't some compassion for the team that did all of the same things that you did to get onto that stage like I get it you sacrificed parties you sacrificed your childhood in many cases you sacrificed hanging out with friends to get to this stage and you want to sell them I get that so did the Thai team right and in that moment the bigger person is able to have a tiny bit of compassion for the other team being embarrassed and listen Paul Brown once said when you win say nothing when you lose say less and I know it might be old school but for me who was raised in the Athletic Church of Barry Sanders who said act like you've been there before who was raised in the Athletic Church of Jim Brown who was act like you've been there before I would hope once he got to ten you could act like you've been there before yeah they didn't have like they've been there before Dan at Mathison has two hundred three appearances for Canada temp Kaelin Col 101 clear roast at 45 I agree with each and every one of them this was one of the biggest jokes I have seen in a long time and any American pundit or I don't care who you are who thinks the conversation was about driving up the score I question your intelligence right this was clearly not about that and anyone who wants to make it about that is a flat-out Homer and I got no time for him right that American team's gonna get what's coming to him they choked out in Brazil in Rio the Olympics there was a reason for that there's a lot of good teams in this tournament and karma will come around and get him and I support every Canadian analyst who had to go at this team because it was warranted by the way Alex Morgan and score 100 six goals in his career earn her career pardon man 106 goals 106 goals and it's counting the goals against Thailand 106 when they lose I'm gonna enjoy this so much you

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20 thoughts on “Did Team USA Excessively Celebrate During Their Record Setting Win Over Thailand? | Tim and Sid”

  • Talk about hypocritical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL… just a day before, this exact same YouTube channel put up a video making up excuses and excusing Toronto fans cheering Kevin Durant's injury in Game 5 of the NBA finals.

    So, it's ok for Canadian fans to cheer and celebrate someone getting injured and blowing out their Achilles, but it's not OK for the US Women over-celebrating a couple goals in the World Cup?!?!?!

  • Womens and mens game is different. Mens game solid worldwide. Not so with womens game. Future of womens soccer is 7-5 or 4-3 not 1-0 or 0-0. Womens soccer needs more goal scoring. Change womens game laws to induce more goal scoring. No one wants to see tired women passing and losing possession every 10 seconds. Need a max 5 on 6 players in the two scoring thirds of the pitch and a onsides zone between the two scoring thirds. More exciting and more shots on goal.

  • Sexism card dropped really???? This same thing has been debated about mens games for decades would it not be sexist not to talk about it because its women?

  • I think I agree with Tim and Sid here, remember when Germany destroyed Brasil and they stopped playing after awhile because it was over! respect for Germany there!

  • This is the World Cup. It happens once every 4 years.

    Every year in the NBA/NFL/NHL/MLB playoffs, there are teams getting blown out in a game and the winning team is still excessively celebrating scoring and big plays late in the game, fans are standing up and screaming (if at home), etc…

    In the playoffs…

    • NBA players celebrate Slam Dunks and big plays when they're winning a game by 20-30 points with a few minutes left.
    • NFL players celebrate TD's when they're blowing out an opponent late in a game.
    • NHL players celebrate Goals when they're blowing out an opponent late in a game.
    • MLB players celebrate Home Runs, RBI's, etc when they're blowing out an opponent late in a game.

    This stuff happens all the time in every one of these sports and has never been an issue if it's the team and/or bench players celebrating. The issue is when it's directed at the opposing team and/or taunting.

    None of the USA celebrations people have an issue with were in Thailand's face. They were all directly in front of the USA bench.

  • The US lost in the Brazil Olympics because they didn’t play well enough against Sweden. As an American, I understand why people are upset, but I also get why some of the late goal were being celebrated so much. I personally don’t have a problem with it.

  • LOL… this is a joke! Most overblown story ever!!!! This is absolutely about the score, because there was only 1 celebration that could be considered bad, and it was the one they showed in the clip with Rapinoe (pink hair). If people have an issue with that one, fine, I can see where they're coming from, but let's not over-exaggerate that they were doing this for most/all of their goals at the end of the game.

    By the 4th goal in the 50th minute, the USA barely celebrated most of the goals, unless walking or slowly jogging over and quickly hugging or patting a teammate on the back is excessive celebration now (LOL). Later in the game, a few of them jogged over to the sideline and celebrated with their teammates, many of whom were at their 1st World Cup ever and were spectators the entire game. Almost every player on the field just walked back to midfield and didn't join in. None of it was taunting, directed at the Thai players or in their face. It was with the USA bench. If they did it in the middle of the field, I could see this issue as well, but that's not what happened.

    Out of curiosity, why wasn't this an issue when Germany was celebrating their goals in their 10-0 and 11-0 wins in previous World Cups? Even the German analyst who played in the games admitted they celebrated their goals more than the US did and didn't get this backlash.

    For the people that have an issue with the # of goals USA scored…

    In the past 10 years, Thailand won 9 different games scoring 10-14 goals in friendlies (never conceding more than 1), including a 13-0 beating of Indonesia in Indonesia in front of their fans in a friendly where Goal Difference doesn't matter. The USA has done this twice in their 35-year history, and zero times in the past 10 years.

  • To answer Abby Wambach's tweet, yes, men's team do tell their players to not score or celebrate. The German players told each other to not score at half time against Brazil. Their celebration was extremely short after the game, and they stayed on the pitch to console the Brazilian players. There's grace in both winning and losing.

  • These women work their tails off every day of their lives, and often see their work and talent go unappreciated compared to their male counterparts. Now they finally get to a stage where world attention is on them. It is not lost on these amazing athletes that they struggled through league closures, team bankruptcies, and bounced checks. They get paid dimes on the dollar compared to their male counterparts. Now…..when they finally get to showcase their amazing talents on a stage larger than a phone booth, they are told to stuff their personalities in their suitcases? I ….don't…. think ….so. They know that they are responsible for selling woman's soccer to the world. Brash will mean cash, and there will be players from every country in the world who will see their paychecks rise and their stadiums fill because the US team is a marketing dream of soon -to-be household names.

  • i watched the game! They did their best and it's world cup, you should. but, come on! you won already. Ranking 1 beat ranking 34. the celebration of kicking! Fking champion!

  • I believe that the only one that was a little excessive celebrating was the Rapinoe one and that’s just the way she is but the other ones were nothing so people need to stop being so soft and realize the USWNT did not at all try to show disrespect toward Thailand

  • Who is paying for this farce? Fourth-rate "athletes" strutting around like they are the gods of the earth. No class. No character. Disgrace to the human race. They could not beat an average high school boys team. How does this clown show operate? Who is dumb enough to watch this pathetically inferior product?

  • So if man says they truly believe that a men's team would receive the same backlash…aka equality… that's wrong? Isn't that what everyone wants?