Day at Work: Wedding Dress Designer

My name is Trish Lee and I’m a wedding dress designer. I’ve been designing wedding dresses for about two years. What the dresses try to convey is a Californian, laid back, relaxed, sort of aesthetic. At the same time, it’s vintage Inspired, but really not like a costume. Ever since I was a kid. My mom, she’d help me make my clothes We would go to the fabric store and I would get to pick out the fabric, and the buttons and the trims. At the end of the day. I had something so special and different and I put my heart and soul into it. Daily responsibilities, I think, vary so much At a certain period of time I might be focusing on design. I will start with sketching and I’ll look at fabric, and I’ll start sketching different ideas based on what I’m inspired by. I work with brides, and I do their fittings. So, before I even see the bride, in their actually fitting, I will do their pattern drafting. And when you make a dress, there’s a, you know, a blue print, almost, and you have to alter that blue print, and that pattern to fit a bride’s measurements and different requirements. I really love to hear brides different stories and how they came to pick, you know, this dress and what their wedding is like because I just like knowing what inspires people today. You do have to work with suppliers and vendors. So, imagine, you know, when you’re designing a dress, and you’re thinking, well, I want to make a dress in silk crape — you do have too find the right crape, find the right maker of this fabric and, review samples before you actually order a roll of this fabric. I actually went to the University of California at Berkeley. I pursued finance and marketing. I thought, ultimately, I would work for another, like, maybe fashion retail company at first. And learn behind the scenes what goes on in merchandising and marketing, and, and how to operate a fashion business. I really, highly recommend working for someone else. You’re learning on someone else’s time, almost and you learn from their mistakes, as well as their successes. The most important skill that I use now is how to build relationships with people through communicating. “It’s not to rustic…” “Is it a winery? Is that what you’re getting married in?” “Yes.” “Okay.” “I think this is kind of a good…” “midway point between something that is,” “um..not too rustic and, but is still very elegant –” “and, and it has like a soft train.” Being able to communicate effectively what your ideas are and what your vision is for this, I think that’s one of the best skills you can have. Students in high school should really remember when you care about the way you present yourself, It means you’ll care about the product that you give them later. I get to see — people so happy wearing something I created. And it means so much to them and I’m apart of their day without really being there. And — I think that’s the best part — is something that you created is bringing somebody happiness.

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