CREEPY DOLL HEAD!  Halloween Props & Decorations Walmart

CREEPY DOLL HEAD! Halloween Props & Decorations Walmart

this is very Trembley creepy doll head hi we’re at Walmart and we’re gonna
check out all their Halloween stuff come on
hey where’s Jillian she’s at home she hurt her leg I said you’re gonna
probably noticed by now so what else what’s this oogie-boogie and the hanging
clown does he do something yeah this is very Trembley
he’s very Trembley this is uh yeah this one yeah Miska got a nurse skeleton did you see the
nurse that’s so funny Skeletons always look like they’re laughing or screaming yeah you know my worst nightmare
no let’s see and we got Jack Skellington a huge one whose head facing the wrong way this happens a lot oops someone’s making a sound oh that’s
still him huh and a ghost very nice no sounds dang I’m walking into stuff
here so we got some lights here these are cute
creepy then what’s this guy did that’s really cool and go try this on a
lot of these eyeball shaking you see this now this is a hourglass but there’s
skeleton I think it’s getting stuck though it’s not really falling I think
static is it magnetic this skylight huh okay that’s pretty
cool and this is you can’t see it because it’s on camera but there’s a
pretty cool 3d effect on this yeah look at the creepy doll head hold that up I’m
like yeah there’s a whole bunch of doll heads
listen creepy and what’s this dude I really like that that’s like pretty
different yeah that’s really cool ooh look at that fake body parts in a deli
container of course that is cool what else do we go out here pumpkins this
it’s almost like a Jack Skellington oh yeah no yeah that’s fake blood I
think yeah this is just your basic skull it’s a hinged hinge jaw and oh there’s
some candles that light up whoa knocking stuff over there we go pretty
nice try to stand that up alright so oh what’s this guy do out he
press that button yeah press it it’s not too loud let’s try one of these all right cool
very nice all right so shall we check those out yeah let’s check them on that
is so big which one do you like oh my it’s so big yeah this is easily over 20
feet right maybe 20 did you see the tree yeah we got Mickey
man some pumpkins Jack would you like to Kitty yeah what do you pick in here oh yeah I like the black cat and what else
that’s it they just have an eagle and a cat didn’t have more last year yeah so oh
there’s a little Grim Reaper in it oh my gosh look at that cool it’s heavy it’s
almost touching this head’s almost touching the ceiling the bat yeah
alright so what else do we go what are these things what are they oh you wear them on your
head yeah yeah let’s see well that’s cute so we walk past some
things let’s see what they got here candle holders lady here yeah
oh I like these roses and then these hands but oh wait a minute we got some
motion here look they’re working wiesen this won’t work oh it’s kind of working
now here we go you gotta give them a little to the eyes
no got some skulls okay let’s there’s got to be some things
where you press a button right yeah these are all the inflatables okay yeah
I think there’s some things we press buttons that’s candy I think we’ll go
around the back there’s just a lot of people here okay
so this is grim motion grim motion this is a little light projector yeah that
you literally can make that big on your house that’s really oh yeah
so all these would be on your house and let me see this some eyeballs
yeah they blink that’s not working these aren’t working
what else do we got ghost so you could send these up on your house whoo that’s
psychedelic and then that’s cool very neat whoa what is this
this says it lights up here we go here’s some lanterns to do some blinking very
cool what’s this a easy to build oh this synchronizes cue music so if you
like make a tune in it and synchronizes that’s really cool a lot of lights let’s
see we skipped some stuff I think down the one aisle will come back here that
looks like mystic costumes and we went to that aisle let’s see what we got here
okay oh you got your pumpkin kits you car earrings look up friendly these guys
are they’re really soft too though it’s super soft candy some of this is more day of the
dead dia de los muertos than it is Halloween oh yeah and there’s oh yeah
that’s a pinata eyeball pinata oh yeah we got some cups down here and if you want a party partay what is
this oh hi he’s got test tubes in his head or something I guess you could fill
those up with something good to drink what’s this one do so what’s that those
are like fake teeth but there you put candy and oh yeah I guess you felt with
candy but it doesn’t do and it just glows in the dark it won’t snapshot on
you but I think we got lots of candy anything else do we miss these guys are
cute what’s the plushies oh here’s some cool
masks yeah a lot of good masks we kind of walked right past them because we’re
looking up look at this look at this guy Addie now that is a werewolf it looks he’s
a little bit flattened yeah he’s a little bit flattened but that’s actually
good some great detail very nice oh and this is a brown version of it too creepy
these are all creepy all right people should like comment
subscribe Addie’s just gonna nod as I talked that’s
it alright let’s go

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