Comfortable: 50 People 1 Question

Comfortable: 50 People 1 Question

Thanks for joining us. Thanks for having me. Alright let’s do this. Scene Zebra. Take One! Mark! We gathered 50 people to ask them a simple question So we’ve got one question that we want to ask you today. Ok well…what’s that question? The question is: If you could change one thing about your body what would it be? Um…. Only one? [LAUGH] Um….I would change my forehead. I have a really big forehead. I’d like to be taller. The puffiness of my face. My ears. I have big ears. Stretch marks after having a baby. A lot of times like kids would make fun of
me. Like, “Hey man you’ve got big ears.” “You’ve got Dumbo there.” You know? Definitely my skin. Because I’ve dealt with acne and eczema issues ever since I was a little kid. When I was young, because everybody liked girls with big eyes, I also hoped my eyes could be bigger. Growing up like a lot of people called me “fivehead!” or like, “your forehead is so big.” They would always say something to me about it. I would say it’s because everybody walks straight, and my foot’s a little bit crooked. When I was younger I felt like I wasn’t quite adequate enough. Can you sit on the chair? No. Alright I’m gonna ask you one question. What’s the question? If you could change one thing about your body what would you change? Hm… Um… Hm… Um… You know, have a mermaid tail. Probably like a shark mouth. so I could eat a lot of stuff. If I could have teleportation in my body. Extra pointy ears. I want legs like a cheetah so I can run faster like a cheetah. I could have wings so I can fly. I don’t think there’s anything to change. I like my body actually. Yea, you wouldn’t change anything? Nothing else. Just a mermaid tail. When was the last time we were comfortable in our own skin? ♪♪ A lot of people obsess about getting older and about the wrinkles. I love my white hair. I loved it when it started turning white. It’s one of those things because I chose to stay this way because it just wouldn’t be me if I totally changed the way I looked. Hey guys! Thank you so much for watching the video. We hope you enjoyed it. We want to give a big shout out to iNature Skincare for sponsoring the film. Make sure you check out their link below. We wanted to make this film because these days it is so easy to be insecure about our body and our appearance and we just wanted to make a film that really encourages you to be comfortable and confident in your own skin. For more films from Jubilee Project, please make sure to subscribe. And as always, thanks and JP love!

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100 thoughts on “Comfortable: 50 People 1 Question”

  • My immediate response was to have a perfectly healthy heart – I inherited high blood pressure from my parents, and have to be constantly vigil to not need medication to control it. My dad died from a stroke, so it's something that's always in the back of my mind.

  • The one thing I would change is my toenails to be the same shape like my pinky nails are incredible odd like could you not they are so tiny hardly anything to paint

  • I was expecting the kids to say something deep, but then one of them said teleportation and I was like “Wtf same”

  • Jubilee youre always so emotional and inspirational! Keep up this good content! I always love reading the thoughtful comments and always hold discussions with my girlfriend after watching! Please keep making good videos!☺️

  • Kids always tell the truth “I don’t think there’s anything to change” and you are so right you are all perfect the way you are.♥️🙏🏾

  • If all of them are insecure though they are so beautiful, maybe I am the only one who notices my insecurities!!!!

  • It got really emotional when watching this .
    I’ve realized that i was so obsess with what other think about me and also the way that i observe and got fascinated by a certain type of things that make you look prettier for instance like slim curvy body big eyes nice buttlock … i forgot that i am already beautiful i am who i am … watching the children answer the question make me think that we hate our body because someone else opinion and we hate ourselves because we admire sth else more than what we already have and deep down it is so fine nothing is wrong with it … it’s ur mind playing tricks with you . Lastly i would want to say that eventho people have different standard whatever your standards are please dont ever tell someone that they have imperfections… i’ve experienced many judgements by people bc of the way i look , i was once so fine and okey with everything but when people started judging or noticing my imperfections. i’ve realized that maybe i do have sth wrong with me and there is me over there trying to change it . It’s so sad that we define ourselves because of peoples’ words .

  • I’m confident in my own skin…But I feel like other people aren’t when they think of me….My reasoning behind this is I really thought about it when I was in 4th grade and we were having a like blow up party for the 4th grade because I was in 4th grade at the time and I was just sitting at the table ya know eating my snow cone and I had 2 snow cones and one of my best friends that’s a boy didn’t get a ticket to get a snow cone so I gave it to him because he was sweaty and hot ya know kindness matters and I dated this guy so it was you know fun in a way to be close friends and keep in mind this is like a table of boys so I get along with boys more than girls. The boy let’s call him “Jared” Well Jared was one of those type of popular or disrespectful guys so yeah… we were sitting and he mentioned something about how I gave my snow cone to my best guy friend and stuff so that really bothered me and I was a bit uncomfortable but I didn’t seem uncomfortable to anyone at the table.. so he asked my best friend that’s a guy let’s call him “Corey” so Jared asked Corey a question and here’s what he said…”Hey Corey, why did you date such an ugly girl?” My heart dropped..Corey sounded also uncomfortable at this time and he said “I can’t answer that” so me being the girl I am that hides some emotions but isn’t scared to speak up says “I didn’t think people still judged on how others look” and he obviously did a face telling me ya know obviously you’re wrong… I just said okay yeah whatever.. and Corey was honestly offended kind of and he said to me “He just called you ugly!?” Then me hiding my feelings said “I mean he isn’t wrong..” Yeah then I got up and threw away my snow cone and went to go play which yes it made me very upset and emotional about how I looked but I didn’t ever express my feelings too much like everyone knows that I’m just chill like on the inside I’m really not all that chill…So I am comfortable with myself but others aren’t. Corey is a nice person and I think i gEt Coke’s ugly often by guys that I date…I hate myself sometimes and the next thing you know I love myself to death…

  • If I had to change one thing about my body…..

    I want to get rid of my bunions. It usually makes me have cramps whenever I swim and I get them randomly if I stretch my toes. No one would really notice it, but I’d be happy.

  • This so good. I had a family friends daughter (who’s like everything to me) she just turned 7 last week. She always scrutinize my face and my body all the damn time. Has amazing attention to detail. At first I thought it was a silly kids thing but one day she peeked my belly button and she was like that’s not how mine look I’m weird and she got really emotional about it wishing she could change that.

    And among other small things, she wishes she was a teenager 🤦🏾‍♀️. I explained the difference ways a belly button get to look and how it goes about to look the way it does, and finally said stay a kid as long as you are because it’s more fun and easier now. But it really got to me that she didn’t want to be a kid at 6 more so than the belly button thing. Mind you I’m in my late 20s.
    Something I felt some type a way a friend of hers (she’s 6) has FB but that’s none of my business. But

  • Who else heard the question, paused the video, and talked to your self and explained what you would change about yourself in full detail, really heartfelt answer. Only to see really simple answers form these people…

  • i would have my teeth fixed so i can be done with all the pain and money they cost and i could finally get my braces and bands off

  • why would i be like the only kid to want to lose something instead of gain? at a young age my mother was very worried about her appearance so that made me self conscious also so yep that’s me 🙂

  • Well I´m panicking about getting older, and I just can´t stop feeling that way….my hair is thinner and teeth/gums are getting worn down, and a lot of it is probably mostly my fault and how I´ve treated my body over the years…which makes it feel even sadder.

  • 2:45 “I don’t think there’s anything to change”
    2:48 “I like my body actually”

    My heart♥️

  • This is beautiful I remember when I was so innocent until society and people played a role in my opinion of me

  • The one little girl “I don’t think there’s anything to change” I love how she said it to it was so pure❤️❤️

  • I'm so sad realizing that I wasn't like that as a kid. I was insecure about my leg and arm hair, my braces and my glasses for as long as I can think or as long as I had them.

    I started shaving in fourth grade after always wearing long clothes also in summer,
    when I smiled I never showed my teeth till those braces got pulled off,
    I started wearing contacts in fifth grade after beeging my parents for years.

    I have been a real kid for a very short time

  • I asked my eight year old brother the question. And this is what he said~
    Brother: what???
    Me: *repeats question*
    Brother: umm I wouldn’t change anything
    Me: why?
    Brother: cuz I like my body 😊