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8 thoughts on “Ceremony (Live at Birmingham University) (2007 Remaster)”

  • Think it’s rather apt that this shows us warts & all rather than a polished full version. “This is what we are doing next”. A glimpse of the future that never came. Very poignant. But what a snapshot it is.

    The couple of bum guitar notes by Bernard even sound totally authentic, rubber stamping the fact this was a new work in progress & yes, needless to say it’s also so infuriating the mixing desk didn’t pick up the first verse vocals and it remains incredibly annoying every time I have listened to it over the many years since & you just wish you could turn Ian up yourself somehow but then the “reward” after that “torture” is when Ian’s vocals DO finally kick in, just how powerful & incredible they are! Definitely a goosebumps moment!!

    All in all, despite the very overt imperfections, this is an incredible recording, and I’m soooooo greatful it exists at all given what happened just 16 days later 🙁

    If you are compiling the best of Joy Division, this simply has to be in there!

  • A sense of urgency. Ian's singing is desperate, erratic…like the last, dying throes of someone's life.

  • I find it interesting how you can only clearly hear Ian Curtis's singing on the last chorus of this recording, whereas for the rest of it and on the surviving studio rehearsal tapes he's muted to the point of being almost inaudible. Compare that to the surviving studio rehearsals of "In A Lonely Place," where he's very much audible, and only really impaired by the fact that the rehearsal tapes were apparently recorded on cassette. Was there a recording/mixing error or did Ian deliberately intend for the vocals to be that quiet?

  • The last works of Ian Curtis…They must have a studio version in the vaults to be released from the master track.