Celebrating Your Financial Security

Celebrating Your Financial Security

My name is Maggie and I’m going to talk
to you about Celebrating Your Financial Security. This final stop on our ABLE tour is not really
a stop at all. It’s about celebrating the freedom that
comes with achieving and maintaining a higher degree of financial security, something that
might have felt beyond reach for many individuals with disabilities and their families prior
to becoming ABLE account owners. If you’re watching this, you or your family
member have likely experienced the increased financial costs and asset limitations that
are associated with living with a disability. This is especially true for those who require
the support of means-tested benefits such as Medicaid. It is the mission of the ABLE National Resource
Center to support you as you experience the full benefits of an ABLE account and continue
on your path towards building a more financially secure future. For those of you who have arrived at this
stop and have “Achieved a Better Life Experience,” or are on track to doing so, you now have
an opportunity to share your journey with others. We invite you to join us and become part of
the ABLE story. We want to know what your experience has been,
both before and after becoming an ABLE account owner. What has been the impact of ABLE on your life,
and what message do you want to share with others? Your stories, along with the stories of our
ABLE Advisors, can help others like you and your family, who may have not yet heard of
ABLE or who hesitate to believe in its promise, to take the next steps to harness the power
and possibility of being an ABLE account owner. Become part of the ABLE National Resource
Center Peer-to-Peer Support Community by: Signing up for our monthly ABLE newsletter
and to our ABLE listserv Posting your story on social media. Writing a blog for your local disability network Sharing our ABLE Toolkit to get the message
out about the benefits of ABLE and Encouraging others to join the ABLE National
Resource Center at www.ablenrc.org. On behalf of the ABLE National Resource Center,
we thank you for your support and congratulate you on taking that important first step to
financial self-sufficiency by opening an ABLE account.

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  • Wonderful legislation. I am currently a candidate for public office and a person with complete vision loss, and I proudly fully support this bipartisan legislation. Wonderful job.