Build a lumber storage cart for your workshop

Build a lumber storage cart for your workshop

Organizing those clamps last week has sort of inspired me to start straightening up other parts of my shop And I’m going to start with this lumber rack I made this a long time ago, and it’s actually worked out fairly Well the most important thing was to get my wood up off the floor because this Area of my shop tends to flood if we get a lot of rain It’s just made with a 2×4 frame and an oSb sheet as a floor I made some little dividers Just using some PVC pipe, and I just epoxy them into another 2×4 against the wall the idea here Is that I can store short sheet goods in here in these dividers And then I can store cut off in this box the problem with this is I can’t get very wide Sheets in here otherwise it just blocks my path most lumber racks are designed to hold a 4X8 sheet of plywood But I got to tell you I never store four by eight sheets of lumber And I think I’m like most guys if I have a project that requires plywood and I need to get a sheet of plywood I’m going to use it right away, [just] for that project It’s not something I buy a whole bunch of plywood to store but storing half a sheet of plywood is pretty common the only problem is I don’t have a good way of storing that and as I’m getting up into my advanced years its only a matter of time before I break a hip using my current system So yeah a better system [for] storing 4×4 sheets would be pretty handy I’m starting by cutting a series of datas on the face I mean to tip my saw to a five degree angle to make that center panel And wrap dedos in it for Shelves I’m cutting five dividers and making an angled cut on each using my bandsaw I haven’t really figured out how I’m going to assemble this. I just know I’m going to start from the base and work my way up You can watch me struggle with it too. I’m going to mark a line on the backside of these data So I’ll know where to put some screws So I’m just going to do these panels here one at a time and try to Steady them with this wood plant And I’ll see if I get some screws in here Well that worked out surprisingly better than I anticipated [I]? Think that would be almost impossible to do this without making those dedos to line everything up the center divider should go a lot easier I’m cutting one edge on each shelf at a five degree Angle I’m Pre drilling the holes for the shelves from this side, so [I’ll] be able to find them on the other side I’m just getting the screws started on this side. I’m going to start with the bottom shelf and the top shelf Having these dados in here really help to square it up and pull it together kind of naturally and I’ve got my five degree angle [right] here This tilted panel bit go up here And I’ll glue it and screw it into these two shelves and down here is where I cut that five degree angle on here I drew a line on here, so I’ll know where to put these screws These two shelves [I’ll] cut to fit I’m going to try to lay it back on my truck and use it as a workbench, [and] this is going to be a trick Well that was fun. I’m going to [reinforce] the bottom of this with some 3-inch strips And I can put the casters on well. I’ve got this turns over all Right let’s see how this goes Wow, this is really going to hold a lot [more] wood [than] I ever thought This is also a good opportunity for me [to] throw away a bunch of this wood that I’m probably never going to use like Why in the world would I save this strip of? particleboard Now’s when I get to find out if anything has died back behind here looks pretty good That’ll work

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100 thoughts on “Build a lumber storage cart for your workshop”

  • I built on last night off of these planes and came out great. The only problem I have is that it is already full and I need a second one.

  • Hey Steve, Beginner woodworker here. Great videos, I've been a fan for a long time and really enjoy what you do. I've never done work with dado's but did just purchase a router so I'm tackling this lumber cart project. My question is: What size router bit did you use to get a tight fit with the 3/4" plywood you're working with in this project? I've read that I should actually get a 23/32" bit for this but wonder if a straight 3/4" is what you used. Keep up the great work sharing projects new woodworkers like me feel like we can take on with your instruction!

  • I just finished my modified version of your wood cart. I used a lot of my scrap materials that I had laying around. Only had to by a sheet of plywood and the casters. had to change the front storage slightly to accommodate the wood I had to use to build it. I would post a pic if I knew how to do that on here. lol

  • Damn Steve you genius. I've seen a few builds but they seem way too overkill. This is simple and while I was going to make a full sheet cart, your reasoning for a half sheet cart hits home. You just saved me some shop space 😀

  • Built this just last week. It's super sturdy and exactly what I needed. Thanks for the plans. You're videos awesome! You got a subscriber for life.

  • I built one 26 years ago from the necessity to store 30 mahogany veneer plywood sheets and the Mahogany pieces, and also a separate place for the pookey sticks, a stick used for separating sheets for aligning on contact cement. I've had the whole piece clamped to a furniture dolly so I can roll it around. You did a great job! And you can move it around.

  • Another great video for the rest of us. The "sketch up" file will not open with Google Chrome on my state of the art PC. Anyone else having that problem? I've got to have those plans to build this great project. Thanks!

  • Great lumber cart! I built mine yesterday. Some comments that might help the next person – (1) I used 2.5 sheets of 4×8 & had 2 cut to 48", and one cut to the 30" base on the panel saw at the lumber yard. Just made it easier for me. (2) Mine is on a 2×4 base including a center support. Very solid! (3) Assembling by myself was doable, but another pair of hands would have really helped. (4) This does hold a ton of wood. I could have made it more narrow &/or dedicated more room for sheet goods (5) You may want to vary the width for the cutoff boxes. From as narrow as 6 inches up to 18 inches.

  • Hi Steve,
    I've been an avid fan for years and love your videos and teaching style. 🙂
    I'm hoping to build this cart within the next week or so as I am FINALLY getting to set up my own wood working area.
    As a relative novice, I have two questions:
    1. After having built the cart yourself, would you consider 1/2" ply sufficient instead of 3/4"?
    2. In watching the video I find myself asking if the 5 degree chamfer cuts are necessary. Your thoughts?

    Once again thank you for all of your hard work and excellent videos.
    I look forward to hearing back from you.

  • I really like this design. It'll fit exactly what I wanted to do and the space I have to put it. Thanks. I was entertained as well as taught.

  • Are you still using this rack after several years? If so, any second thoughts on doing something different or is this still working well for you?

  • I just finished your lumber cart following your plans. WOW! It's more than I expected. I used 4" casters so it would roll easier and added 1 1/4" to the width of the shelves, still leaving me with 6" depth for sheet storage. It took 3 sheets of 3/4 plywood (with about half sheet left), 2 of AC for the parts that show and one of CD for the shelves and bottom. You have a fantastic Chanel, keep up the good work.

  • great work and simple! thax for the idea! i will be making this soon. i desperately need it for my shop. how can I send you some pictures of what i have made? i am jus a hobbyists.

  • I really like how you call the garage "your shop" as it makes me feel pretty good about myself…. unfortunately for me, my wife calls the garage "storage space" grumble…grumble… As for the cart, looks cute and functional: I like it.

  • Steve, just watched this video for first time, I am so going tomorrow and pick up the material for this build. Love it! Thanks

  • Your creation is living on, Just finished your storage cart today with a slight modification (I didn't angle the dividers for the vertical bins and ran a 1×2 across the top front) Thank You for the inspiration!

  • This is a knock off from Woodcrafter magazine. I made one just like this over 15 years ago, except the one I built had a plywood saw cutting grid on it.

  • Steve, I know you are an admirer of Norm Abrams. I am too but I never built one of Norm's projects. I have, however, built your lumber cart. I found the plans to be very accurate and even though I managed to screw it up by using the routed upright panel as the angled panel with the addition of some cleats and a lot of French (although not French cleats) it worked out just fine. Thank you! By the way, if you ever figure a way to build a 50 X 80 pole barn out of 2 or 3 sheets of 4 X 8 plywood, be sure to post those plans too!

  • I've been looking at a lot of different lumber storage ideas and this one is my favorite, thanks for posting.

  • Steve, I love your woodworking channel. I am making this cart now. I am a novice woodworker and this project is the first time I have used my router to cut dados. I am wondering where you got your metal straightedge to run your router and circular saw against?I have looked for something like this, but I have not found it. Thanks and keep putting your videos out. I love watching them and learning more about woodworking.

  • Hi Steve,
    Just wanted to ask a quick question.
    I've built the lumber storage cart earlier this year and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!
    Can't say "Thank You" enough for the video and instruction.
    However, I have it all but fully loaded and struggle to move it around sometimes.
    I was thinking of adding some handles to it to help, but thought it might be a good idea to ask you if you have run into this issue and if you have any suggestions for where to mount a few handles.


  • Curious how you worked out the depth of the top shelf to match the 5-degree angle? Was that worked out in Sketch-Up or something?

  • Do you use a CAD program to help you design your projects?If so which one do you use and recommend?And can you design bigger projects with it like a small house and all its elements?

  • You seem to have obscured your wall power sockets, dude. ;º) Also, what's with the Scottish saltire (flag) on the rear of your station wagon?

  • … Am I wrong… or did you attach the top shelf upside down the first time around… and not show us the pro tip ;).

  • Thank you Steve for the idea and plans for the lumber cart. I just finished my cart and I’m very proud of it. If I know how to include a photo of it I would. Keep up the great videos .

  • What kind of castors do you suggest? I'm building a few things and wondering how much weight? Most are like 200 lb limit. just the bench or the cart is prob 75-100 lbs?

  • Steve, looking at your Sketchup diagram.  How did you include the castors in the diagram?  Is it an extension of some sort?Thanks.

  • Steve, has the 5 degree angle you put on this lumber rack been working fine for you? Im building mine now and im wondering if I should go with a steeper angle

  • Just bought a home with a detached garage that is destined to be my tool shop. This video was inspirational. Thanks!

  • You have given inspiration to sort my timber, it’s all over the place and have trouble throwing anything away. We say timber not lumber here in New Zealand
    Ps you look younger without the goatee ha ha

  • I've been watching a lot of these build videos searching for ideas I could incorporate into my own mobile lumber rack. For the most part, I like your basic design the best. But I have a couple thoughts. I agree its unlikely to ever have multiple 4 x 8 sheets of plywood lying around, but I certainly have multiple 8 foot pieces of scrap lumber laying around. Left over trim, 2×4's, cutoffs from wider boards etc… I've got them standing in random corners and it would be awesome to get them into a cart like this. So just elongating your cart should do the trick, and the added benefit is doubling the number sheet goods that can be stored.
    However, I worry the extra size will require extra support with the extra weight it will hold. So I am working on a hybrid design. Thanks a ton for the inspiration, and I subbed your channel so I can pilfer more ideas in the future. thanks

  • Hi there. I love the work that you do! Your videos are awesome and have taught me so much! I'm very new to woodworking and I had a question for you. What were you using to keep your router in line when you were making your dado's? Is there another method that you would recommend to stay consistent, like some sort of tracking system?

  • Hi steve i hope your still following comments from this video. Seems like you used 1" plywood. Any reason i couldnt use something like 1/2" osb or something cheaper like that?

  • Re your comment about not storing plywood over 4 feet… I build model train modules and often cut Baltic Birch plywood length-wise to make 4-inch and 6-inch by 8-foot boards—the Baltic Birch is more stable than dimensional lumber. I have a lot of 8-foot pieces of plywood that are various widths, both the 4- and 6-inch widths and odd widths where I haven't used up a whole sheet. I'm trying to find a good way to build a lumber storage cart that would hold those pieces too.

  • Hi Steve, Thank you so much for your great videos. On this video I noticed that you cut dados into the upright panel that has the 5 degree bevel but it's actually the other panel that is supposed to have the dados. Is that right? I think I'm going to build this project according to the drawings. Thank you again for your awesome videos. Cheers!

  • Thank you sir. I made it almost identical but with pocket has instead of dados. Pretty sturdy. Also used cleats for the shelves.

  • This will be perfect for my new shop. I'll have a seldom-used garage door that will be a perfect place to scoot this rack. Thanks a bunch!

  • Great concept. Great plans! This project takes two and a half sheets of plywood. For the half sheet that supports plywood cutoffs, I used 1/2" and connected the bottom with pocket screws. I'm going to park it along the garage door to take advantage of it's so-called un-useable wall space and scoot it out of the way when I need to use the door.

  • Full credit to him, a million subscribers and all done from his garage. The question is, what is he going to put up top now??

  • Steve, I looked through the comments and your website to see if it's been asked before. What is it you're using for the straight edge for your router when cutting these dados?

  • Nice design. When you were on the ladder getting the half sheets out of the ceiling storage space, I just had to yell, "THERE'S GOTTA BE A BETTER WAY!!" like they do on TV infomercials! LOL!!

  • Need a video of what to make with two goofed up bases. I need the experience with my dado cutting anyway. Third time was the charm. Thanks Steve!

  • More wood working videos and send them to my phone app again for the app to upload videos from app again

  • This was a lot of fun to build, as a beginning woodworker. Helps keep my shop area less cluttered too!

  • So, I need some wood storage and I searched YT. I saw about 10-15 different carts that all looked the same and then I saw yours, which was the oldest design. Seems you've had a bunch of influence on a lot of wood workers.

  • Never used a router and am going to build this. What size dado bit did you use to cut the grooves into the plywood? I will be purchasing a Rigid hand held router.