BUDGET ORGANIZING | Shopping at Goodwill

BUDGET ORGANIZING | Shopping at Goodwill

(upbeat intro music) Hey everyone! Today we are visiting GoodWill. You know a lot of people tell me that they
feel organizing is an expensive thing to do, and it really isn’t. You just have to know where to look. So I thought we’d take you along and show
you some great organizing finds. Ok, first stop… baskets. Baskets are a great organizing tool to help
keep all sorts of odds and ends organized. GoodWill usually has a large assortment
of baskets to choose from. Here’s a lined wicker basket
in really good condition. It’s only $1.99! They also have this larger lined wicker basket
that is selling for only $3.99. What a steal! These types of baskets normally retails
for anywhere between $14 – $30 This basket here is only $5.99. Amazon baskets of similar size and shapes
are usually $15 -$19 How cute is this red wicker basket. Can you believe it’s only 99 cents?! A basket like this on Amazon
runs anywhere from $8 – $11. Here’s a wicker garbage can
that is only $3.99. On Amazon you could pay $15 – $22 for it. Binders are great for
keeping paperwork organized, and GoodWill has 3-ring binders for only 99 cents. File folders are another great way to keep
your paperwork organized. I found this half full box for only $2.99. Boxes with the same amount at Staples and
Walmart are a lot more expensive. Check out this wire file tray for only $1.99! You spend 3 times that amount
at Walmart or Staples. This magazine holder, that is in excellent
condition, is only $1.99. It even has a label plate on it. Magazine holders can help you
stay organized in your kitchen too. If you have a lot of travel bottles, store
them in magazine holders. You can group them type, or color,
or by whom they belong to. These window shoeboxes with the magnetic drop
front are a steal for only $3.99. Normally, a set of 4 of these boxes would
set you back anywhere from $32 – $47 depending on where you shopped. But at GoodWill, that same set of 4 window
shoeboxes would only cost $16.00. And check out these other storage boxes. They are super sturdy and come with lids. If you purchased them from Amazon or Walmart,
it would cost between $8 and $14. But at GoodWill… it was $1.99 for the smaller
red box, and $2.99 for the larger green box. This box would be great for storing CDs or
DVDs and it costs only 99 cents! For 99 cents, you could also get this “so
blessed” box that is “so cute”. This GoodWill store had a bin full of hard
glass cases for 99 cents each. These glass cases are great for containing
iPhone, iPod, or iPad, charging cords. Ikea sells the Trofast bins for $4 each. But at the GoodWill Store…
they were only $1.99. Oh my GOSH! GoodWill has this 24-container storage box
for only $2.99! This exact same storage box
sells on Amazon for $19.75! What a steal of a deal. Oooo, oooo, oooo. This label maker is only $6.99. You can usually find similar styles and brands
for between $20 and $30. Ok, these zipper pouches
are “the bomb” when it comes to keeping
your purse or travel bag neat and organized. Using these pouches is the easiest way to
keep all the items you need separate and easy to find. You can put your makeup in one pouch, your medicine in another pouch, maybe hair care in another pouch. Really, the possibilities are endless. I did a video on how these pouches help
keep your purse organized. I will put a link to that video
in the i-card above, and also down in the
description box below. Be sure to go and check it out. And finally, for those of you
who are holding on to a huge box of electronics cords, because you might need them someday… GoodWill has got you covered. It’s ok… go ahead and let go of that big
cumbersome box of cords. If you find you do need a cord in the future,
just head off to GoodWill. Ok, so you see, organizing doesn’t have to
be really that expensive. You just need to maybe get a little creative
on where you go to find those supplies. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please give me
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if you haven’t already. I’m Pam, with Organizer AZ 911. Thanks for watching. (upbeat outro music) Hey if you liked this video, why don’t you
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  • Please excuse the shakiness of this video. I had major problems with the video editing on my Mac and nearly gave up trying to do this video. But I figured the organizing items I found at GoodWill were just too good not to go ahead and upload it.