Amara Tells Titus She’s “Not Giving Up” On Their Marriage | Ambitions | Oprah Winfrey Network

Amara Tells Titus She’s “Not Giving Up” On Their Marriage | Ambitions | Oprah Winfrey Network

Why are you here? You didn’t leave
me any choice. You don’t pick up my calls. You don’t return my texts. That should tell
you something. But if it hasn’t,
let me be clear. Unless it’s about Deja, there’s
nothing more to talk about. [MUSIC PLAYING] If you won’t leave, I will. Hershel Cooper
killed himself today. You serious? The permit supervisor? [MUSIC PLAYING] I stepped out of his office to
take a call and I heard a shot. And when I went back
in, the man that I’d just been talking to about
how much he loved his family was dead. Why? He was scared. And he was ashamed. And I left him no
room to maneuver. [SIGHS] Wow, that’s rough. I’m sorry. As much as I want to be
there for you right now, Amara, I can’t. [PHONE RINGING] Titus, whatever you need
to throw at me, whatever you’ve got, I’ll take it. [MUSIC PLAYING] But I’m not giving up. That’s on you. [MUSIC PLAYING] Will you at least tell me
where you’re staying in case there’s an emergency with Deja? [MUSIC PLAYING]

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20 thoughts on “Amara Tells Titus She’s “Not Giving Up” On Their Marriage | Ambitions | Oprah Winfrey Network”

  • I feel like Amara is the woman who can match Stephanie. And at this point she has nothing to lose whereas Stephanie does cause she stepped on too many toes.

  • Her picture is still on his desk. Second half of this scene he can’t look at her because he knows he’ll crack. He’s trying way to hard to act like he doesn’t care.

  • I have she’s is begging him if a man won’t forgive you just walk away!
    It’s his list of of us can’t see your really trying
    Work hard for the relationship

  • If a man did what Amara did. We would be cheering her on for being so strong! But because she’s a women and he’s a man we believe he is being too tough. But he’s not. He’s setting firm boundaries so he can move on with his life. He has every right after he saw those text messages🤷🏾‍♀️

  • She's so lame .elementary school Beckyfied attempts to lure him back. Think she shot the man for
    "emotional / pity clout"
    Didn't work + he read about it!!

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