Adam Ruins Everything – Why Weddings Are A Total Rip-Off

Adam Ruins Everything – Why Weddings Are A Total Rip-Off

♪♪ Friends, family,
we are gathered here today to celebrate the union
between Emily and Murph. Sure we won’t have
any interruptions? Don’t worry. (whispers)
I took care of Adam. (muffled grunting) And is my distinct honor
to unite Emily and Murph in the most holy of tradition. (spits)
I object. (crowd gasping) (Adam spits) Nearly all wedding traditions
are nothing but pointless and expensive displays
of wealth. Adam, we don’t have time
for this. Um, actually, we do. I budgeted it
into the schedule. Great. My engagement was
one thing, but I’ve been dreaming
about this day my whole life. My friends are here. My very traditional family
is here. You’re making us
proud, son. Of course, we would’ve
preferred a Catholic
priest, but… This is tradition, Adam. The dress, the ceremony,
the cake. It all symbolizes true love. Nope, those traditions
represent one thing– money. In fact, this entire ceremony
has been hijacked by a greedy industry
looking to make a buck. (cash register ringing) But this is the way
weddings have always been! Wrong again. American weddings were once
informal affairs, held in homes
or at community events like barn raisings
or corn-husking bees. I hereby pronounce you
man and wife. You may now eat the corn. (whirring effect) Uh, nice try, Adam, but…
that’s not a real wedding. She’s not even
wearing white. That means
she’s not a virgin. Ow.
No, you lout. It means I’m not rich. Back then, white fabric was
almost impossible to clean, so a white dress was only
meant to be worn once. Poor folks can’t afford that. We got to make
our dresses last. Brown don’t show the dirt. It wasn’t till I,
Queen Victoria, wore a white dress
to my wedding that other brides began to copy
me to show off their wealth. But even then, it was strictly
for the well-to-do. Thinks she’s so good
in her more-than-one dress. (coughing) And her more-than-one lung. Even white wedding cakes
were all about braggin’. White sugar back then
was so expensive, it was basically
edible bling. Oh, my cake is as white
as all my friends. Well, Emily’s wearing
a white dress and we’re not rich. Nope, but you’re making it
rain like you are. And all because
of bridal magazines. Meet Vicki Howard, she’s the
author of “Brides Incorporated” and an expert in wedding
commercialization. Weddings used to be
simple affairs. But then bridal magazines
encouraged brides to marry like the wealthy and created a wedding industry
of unrelated products like silverware,
gifts for the home, and even early wedding gowns. And they did all this when Americans were
at their poorest. It was the birth
of an entire industry. And now the cost of weddings
keeps skyrocketing. Give me that.
Listen… people want the finest
on their big day. And that comes at a price. It’s not like
we’re cheating people. Oh, no, it’s exactly
what you’re doing. The wedding industry
systematically overcharges
young couples just because they can. One study found that a majority
of flower shops, photographers,
ooh, and cake shops… No way, Jose! …charged more for a wedding
than they did for a birthday party
of the same size. It’s called the wedding tags. Basically, anything
Ashley here booked for you is a rip-off. Um, I have to go,
uh, count mason jars or something like that. Mm-hmm. That’s insane. How can they get away
with this? Well, this culture’s spending
is now so pervasive, if you don’t do it,
your family will be pissed. Murph, where are
the floral centerpieces? You can’t have a wedding
with floral centerpieces. Mom, they were
two grand extra. You’re breaking
your mother’s heart. Tell Ashley to put it
on the Discover. (cash register rings) Well, maybe going through
this whole expensive ordeal together will make us
stronger as a couple. Ooh, sorry, babe. Researchers
at Emory University found that the more
you spend on your wedding, you’re actually more likely
to end in divorce. How do you know that? This… was my bachelorette party. Oh, yeah, that was fun. But he has a point. I mean, no one we paid
to help plan this wedding gives two craps if we stay
together or not. That is not true. I care very deeply about…
Emily and Smurf. The Discover card
was declined. Should I use the Amex? Remain calm, Murph. It’s your special day. It’s your
special day! Don’t go nuts at your own
wedding, even though… Is he okay?
Oh, yeah. That’s just
his thinking walk. No, not today, Conover! Because, guess what,
buddy? I just figured out
your little lesson. Oh, well, tell me.
I love to learn. (clears throat) A century of advertising has
distracted us from what’s really important. It’s not about the money
or the gifts or the thread count
of the table runners. It’s about love. All this, it’s just about
you and me declaring our eternal,
undying love for each other. That’s what weddings used
to be about. And that’s what I want
our wedding to be about, too. Because I love you, Emily,
and I always will. (crowd)
Aww… Ah, babe.
I love you, too. So, Adam, you want
to take back that objection? Oh… gosh,
I wish I could, but science says your feelings
are almost certain to change. Want me to tell you
about it? Oh, please do!
Please do! All right, people,
this is gonna be a while. So let’s just start
the dinner course and we will finish the ceremony
later, okay? Thanks. Ahh!

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  • In the 19th century, many people had their "Sunday best" and their everyday clothes for the other six days. The Sunday best would get washed on Tuesday. If something special happened on another day of the week, they would also wear their Sunday best that day. It was considered optimal for an adult to get a brand new set of clothes every six months. In the spring, you would get your summer Sunday best, and in the fall, you would get your winter Sunday best. Last year's Sunday best would become this year's everyday clothes, unless you were a laborer and you had maybe saved up to buy a new set of clothes that was way nicer than your work clothes. Perhaps it would be somebody else's Sunday best from two years before. You would have to hope your old clothes didn't wear out before you could get a set of new clothes.

  • Weddings obviously date way further back than the U.S., but just like everything thing else things change over time. Saying that weddings are a "rip-off" seems entirely untrue to me, because it's up to the individuals who want to pay for it. If it's expensive it's because they chose to spend that much. If that's what they want then that's their prerogative. Doesn't mean it's a rip-off.

  • this is why I probably would prefer hillbilly wedding I don't want to spend it on anything like I said hillbilly wedding better probably

  • Adams Ex fiancé killed himself 2 days before his wedding. He’s deflecting. Don’t be upset with him guys he’s dead on the inside.

  • I mean don't get me wrong I can't stand this channel and Adam himself but he's kinda right… Unless you are religious there's literally no reason to get married.

  • The Queen Victoria quip was funny but inaccurate. Although there were likely few or no non-Caucasians invited to her wedding (they may have been some), she later became friends with an Indian Tutor named Abdul Karim, and became the godmother to orphaned West African princess Sara Forbes Bonetta

  • Glad Bob Vance: Vance refrigeration, made time to attend his son Murph's wedding. He's such a family man.

  • Me: Me, well I won’t have to deal with it because I’m never going to get married

    (Laughing maniacally then crying silently)

  • Someone I know got married and her father borrowed against his house to have a 12,000 dollar event. The marriage lasted less than three months. I was like ," Ouch ."

  • Mom: where are the flora center pieces?
    Me; My wedding, my money, my rules…. I ain't forcing you to be here.

  • I got no wedding ceremony to buy our house before prices skyrocketed here @São Paulo in late '00 years…

    Until death as do part, yay!

  • Why wasnt Adam in the Wedding Dress? Would have been funny if the groom lifted the Veil and it was Adam under it^^

  • Am I the only one who finds the idea of a traditional marriage terrifying? It’s fine if others like it, but I cringe at the thought of being put in that spotlight, and walking down the isle with everyone staring at me

  • Time to get back to what weddings where really about, property. If you give me a goat, I’ll marry your daughter.

  • Ummm… actually… cough Victoria was known for having a few friends of color in her lifetime. Sara Forbes Bonetta was Victoria's god daughter(and a woman of color). They remained in touch and great friends. And later in life, Victoria was known for having a manservant named Abdul Karim–they were great friends. So much so that her children were "ashamed" of him and tried to erase him from history. It was so bad and contentious that Queen Victoria wrote that she regularly was willing to call people who objected around her "racist", which is pretty cool and against what you'd think of her character. Her character is a fiction created by her children who made her into an image of an uptight sexless woman, but that was pretty far from the truth. She was impressively open-minded for someone of her class and position and in some ways ahead of her time.

  • My uncle and aunt were never married, yet they are 30+ years together. While the most expensive weddings I've seen tend to end in divorce.

  • These videos always make me laugh. My entire wedding cost 1,500 dollars that includes rings, tux, and dress. We did finger foods, had a friend play the music and married in a church. If you are dumb you can spend thousands of dollars on this event. I had friends tell me they regretted spending the money the day of the wedding. My wife and I were able to confess our love to each other in front of God and our friends. You don't need anyting else.

  • Don't blame the statistics if you're not able to have stable feelings ^^
    But I agree, weddings should not be over-expensive.

  • I cringe when I think of my first marriage in that stupid gown, my guests bored out of their minds in the Episcopal service…. And the gift registry at the Bon Marche lead me to believe I was going to live a fancy adult life.

  • My parents got married in a bowling alley wearing robes and were blessed by a Dudist priest. On leap day.

  • I think weddings, are just a waste of money to sign a contract to say that you're in love with somebody, besides you don't need to say I love you in front of everybody, like what's the point and you're just wasting a whole bunch of money on the clothes, cake presents, food and, music and other stuff

  • There is nothing I could have done to ruin my wedding day. Commercialism already did that. The emphasis on materialistic appeal and outdated cliches people cling to are the very things that made my wedding the least memorable day of my life. When I think of a wedding, I think of a celebration where people can express themselves genuinely. What did I get? A wife obsessed with having things in “perfect” order. She was constantly stressed over simple details trying to make sure everything went according to plan. This obsession ultimately made the process frustrating for both of us and I blame everything on the industry.

    If not for the constant promotion of decor and bridal gowns, weddings would have a genuine purpose. Instead, the beauty of two people making a lifelong commitment has been overshadowed by a industries desperation for wealth. They promote how a wedding is “supposed” to look and drive up the prices on gowns that would be considered hideous on any other occasion. They call it the brides day to shame any groom from suggesting a casual approach knowing that hyping tradition will increase sales. Although such terms had a genuine meaning at one point, the industry has taken them out of context to advance their profit.

    I would have prefered a casual wedding. I hated the stress my wife was put under and the expectations people tried to hold me to. I was expected to like her dress more than I love her. I was expected to tell people I was happy when the drama was driving me up a wall. People even asserted that my favorite moment would be when my bride was walking down the aisle. I can argue against this expectation and people will silence me because society has made this the way “it is supposed to be”. It is these very things that made me hate my wedding day.

    I'm not ashamed to say that wedding dresses and suits are the ugliest things on planet Earth. Quite honestly, the people who should really be ashamed are the ones who accuse me of not loving my wife just because I have no sentiment for the moment she walked down the aisle. I didn’t marry my wife for how she dresses. I married her for who she is. So why am I being shamed for saying that these aren't my sentiments? I don’t care about what she can afford. So what if she spent a thousand dollars on a dress I don’t like? I married her for her personality, not her money. That's the most loving intention a man can have, yet I’m shamed by others for saying it.

    Our culture turned a beautiful occasion into a craze driven by greed. It once represented a commitment between two imperfect souls bound by God's grace. Now it is a platform to flaunt our expenses and put on a show. The white dress does not represent purity. It represents wealth and the greed of an industry that takes the joy out of a spiritual commitment. I regret not fighting hard enough to simplify my ceremony. At any point, I could have told my wife that it wasn’t worth the stress to incorporate meaningless materials. The process is supposed to be a joyful occasion and we both hated every moment of it. I refuse to even look at my wedding photos because of how overwhelmed we were that day. As a result, traditional weddings make me sick because they are unbiblical.

  • Admittedly, the “wedding tax” is also because flower shops and bakeries use more premium supplies, like high quality ingredients, decorations and details for wedding cakes, and high quality fabrics for bouquets and more detailed centerpieces. As for photographers, they usually stay later for weddings, sometimes have more than one photographer and take extra care to take good quality pictures and edit them well. All this extra work and product for a perfect wedding day will cost more than for just a normal party like a birthday. I’d rather pay extra for a well made product/well performed service to help my wedding be awesome than pay less and not be as impressed.

  • In the 1850s people also got around on horses and steam locomotives so clearly the automobile and airline industry are blatantly ripping off anyone who chooses to spend their money on those forms of travel.

  • guys, am I the only one who's being redirected from the sources website to ?? how to see the ducking sources ((

  • Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) 1400 years ago said that simple weddings are the strongest one's. Everything he predicted have become true and the rest of them are going to. Today's researchs show you things now that Islam taught us 1400 years ago

  • Get married in courthouse with witness then throw own party can even do mock wedding and wear what you want and buy affordable wedding stuff

  • Meh. Most people are not being forced to get married or have lavish weddings. I'll never understand why people moan and groan about things no one is making them do. Don't do it if it's so horrible.

  • Is he not going to talk about up until the classical era weddings were just used to secure heirs, property, and wealth

  • A wedding is a day focused exclusively on YOU AND YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER! Do whatever the heck you want 😂 and also the "wedding tax" is a real thing. But sometimes it's there for a reason. My friend booked her wedding cake and flowers saying I was for a "family reunion" and they turned out horribly! That's because flowers need to be put out a different times, have to be set up individually, etc., for a wedding which a florist doest put into other events. Much like the cake where the artist spends more time and thought into the decoration, timing, and transportation of a wedding cake compared to a birthday cake. The tax is real, but just be careful trying to avoid it! It can bite you in the butt down the line.

  • This was so spot on! I worked at a Bridal Shop the year I got married and I couldn't believe what people were willing to spend on one day. We spent less than $400 on our wedding in 2006. We've been together for 17 years and married for 13 years. I love the static that says people who spend less are together longer because we are one of them!

  • Weddings are not for men they are for women and open bars for. Marriage means taking a woman's virginity nothing more or less, it's that simple

  • Wedding planners are also a giant waste of money. The only people who need them are people who are rich and work so much they don’t have time to plan

  • They raise alot of good points. I had a problem when we were planning because even the simple wedding venues started at 30,000 just for ridiculous is that i meant it couldnt have cost over 2000 for the food but they over charge so much! Luckily in arabic weddings they give cards with money so usually you end up breaking even!!! Helped ALOT!

  • All anyone needs to get married is a licensed person who marries them, and two people to whitness it. Its really is a matter of a opinion on how many guests there are and how much to spend on decorations. Science also shows that married couples who have their relationship based on friendship don't divorce.

  • Honestly if I ever have a wedding I’m not going to be in a white dress, not going to pay over 1,500 and only going to invite my immediate family and friends. Cake will be strawberry and small (just for me and my partner) and then cup cakes for my guests. No rings (hate jewelry) maybe a necklace but that’s pushing it