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100 thoughts on “7 PRO TIPS For WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHY!”

  • Very helpfull vid Matti.I love wide angles but also mini interviews on the go from couple's friends.If you make them feel comfortable in front of your camera,they are going to give great results at storytelling .And the couple will love it. Check my wedd teaser from Kithira Greece .

  • Although I am not going to do weddings, but I do event videos and I am very 1, 6 and 7 person.

    1 is a reason I decided to go full smartphone, and there is another reason for that too. I know the quality is not as superb as any camera but emotions shots get the job done in the end.

  • Hello, thanks fot the video. I hawe a questions.. Sigma 18-35 with metanones hawe a stabilizer? Autofocus? Or if i shoot with dual hand electronic stabilizer, how i can shot in manual focus if my two hands are busy to hold stabilizer? Thanks

  • Just wanted to say your video was very helpful to me, i filmed my first payed wedding by myself it i took your advice, it went great! Thank you, i am a huge fan of you!

  • Thank you for the great tips!! And could you also tell me which metabone you are using for GH5+Sigma 18-35?

  • Hey Matti, from one Toronto videographer to another, great video and tips! Weddings are a great way to learn but also awesome for experienced pros. 20 or so weddings a year pays our mortgage/bills, allows us to have a crazy good work/life balance and more importantly gives us 4-5 months a year to develop our own films. Oh and there's lots of opportunity to travel to some amazing places as well!

  • I shoot a lot of weddings in the past few years, and i can't really decide if i want to stage some shots like walking down the stairs and get close ups of shoes and faces and that stuff!
    I mean it depends really on the couple. As you said fly on the wall is very important but at some point you have to stage a few moments
    What's your opinion on that matter :)?
    greetings from austria

  • While shooting with the 70-200mm It is quite hard to not shake while not using a tripod. Is there any other way or some tips on shooting with the 70-200 while handheld?

  • great video matt just started filming weddings i maybe left it late in life at 39 now but i'm having fun doing what i always loved now and getting to meet all kinds of lovely people and sharing their intimate moments so i wouldn't change it for the world

  • that speed pressure is the main reason why I'm avoiding filming weddings – that's too much stress and responsibility. When I hurry, I almost always make mistakes.

  • Nice tips sir! I love shooting weddings, how I got started and I still love doing them. A great way to learn every different element of the filmmaking process.
    85mm prime lens for me AAAAALLL day personally. 👍

  • Hey Matti, in which profile do you generally shoot? A flat one? Slog2 or 3? Thanks for your great Videos! Best regards, Micha

  • To anyone looking to go out there on your own, I would highly recommend finding a mentor to shadow on a wedding. I shot my first one and it was honestly so bad. I should have gone to at least 3 weddings before doing my own. Just a tip! If you have thousands of dollars worth of gear you probably don't need to abide by this tip haha

  • Im thinking about getting into wedding videography. I don't have any experience with camera but I've been watching a lot of youtube videos about it. What would be your advice on getting into the business?

  • These were very helpful, Matti! Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with wedding videography.

    I recently got into it myself, and it's been quite the experience. I'm really enjoying the journey.

    Keep it up!!!

  • Always fantastic stuff Matti! I took your cinematic wedding course and it was SO helpful in shooting my first wedding.

    – Aaron

  • I filmed 2 weddings and man did I learn a lot! I also have a tip for all of you, whenever you’re making some shots like someone putting makeup on a bride or just B-roll in general, record for at least 20-30 seconds. Too short of s footage will make your editing a lot harder, and I obviously learned this from experience!

  • Ok so this video really opened my eyes. I have grown up in a market where all the wedding videographers just set up a tripod and film non stop. They may move from one corner to another but nothing like this. The videos are about 3 hours.

    So my question is… how long are your videos? And do your clients not care if you can't actually hear the voices or music going on? What do you play in the background?

  • my first wedding today! getting a lil terrified…… but I know I'm ready in terms of what to do/editing. just still a lil scared ><

  • Hi Matt,

    Great tips by the way as I'm just starting out as a videographer (in the U.K.) and was wondering what tips you have for me shooting the ceremony? I say this because in your video you speak about getting different angles, but that would be tricky only shooting by yourself as you would miss some of the ceremony. If you have any tips on this that would be great. 🙂

  • Tip #2 – Yeah, wide right in the bride and groom's face is a nice look, unless of course there is a wedding photographer who's job it is to capture the wedding, then you better learn how to film a wedding as though the whole thing wasn't produced just so you could make a video.

  • Thanks so much for this! Is it possible to have a run down of the equipment? Just so I’m double sure what would be best to get. Great work! X

  • Maestro, When you. Move with the gymbal …How do you set the Aperture to dont lose focus? 35 mm 1.8 vr . Thank you

  • wow…thanks for the video very helpful and informative..i do wedding film in arab country..ur tips it helps me alot! thank u soo much 😊😊

  • I did a first communion and some times my focus was off. Using Sony A7Riii, 16-35 2.8 what focus setting would you recommend to avoid that? if I got F11 or higherI may need to increase ISO too much. Do I use manual focus? center focus?

  • How can people be so stupid and complicate things. Why would you shoot a wedding with a photo camera and change lenses 15 times during the wedding when you can use only one-video camera, and make it so easy and simple. I do videography for almost 20 years and i always uss a Sony video camera. Video camera is for videos and photo camera is for photos. One camera, one lens, one camera light, one tripod, wheels and have a good day. You need to have 10 hands in order to use a photo camera for videos. What ever this guy said here doesn't apply to me because with my camcorder i don't need to do any of this: lens changind, shooter speed, iso, this and that. My videos are smooth, no hand shaking, no out of focus….

  • Thank you very much for the advice, thanks to the fact that it is possible to record a complete wedding with a single camera and get good shots from different angles, we could have some tips to record just one complete camera, thank you very much and congratulations for your channel

  • Hey Matti! Big fan ! I was just wondering how long your wedding videos use to be. Did you give your clients a full say, one hour long video of the wedding, or just a shorter film of the whole day, a trailer with the best moments so to speak.

  • hey man nice tips.
    two questions:
    do u recommend pro camcorders like Sony FS7 for wedding?
    and any tips for pro Audio?

  • Sorry if you already mentioned this, but what are yout thoughts on recording sound? Would you rather get close to the bride and grrom whilst they're exchanging vowels so that you can get all the audio as well, or would you go for recording many angles like the audience and their emotions, as well as the bride and grrom etc, and losing out on that seamless audio? Thanks!

  • Watching this video a day before shooting my first wedding. Not stressed out at all #nopressure #thatssarcrasmrightthere

  • I’m so happy i was able to find this video again, filming my first wedding next week and i’m stressing out a little bit but thanks to these tips i will be fine 😁

    Up to the next tips video for wedding videos😂

  • Hi how do you deal with video length cuz I’m going to be using a Sony a7s ii and has only a 30min length how can I get pass this or should I get two of them?

  • The 180 shutter rule is overused. Especially with weddings and even more especially during ceremonies. Not a lot of movement and couples can never tell.

  • This is a great video, thank you. I wish you'd talked a bit more about how to do this SOLO. Because due to the very nature of this, it's always recommended by many that two videographers do this. But if you're doing it solo, how do you really do it? I see no way other than running to multiple points quickly in the same location and HOPE that the action you're trying to capture has not ended or drastically changed by the time you get to the second or third angle. I guess your answer to that is you recommend one guy moving around getting shots which you said at a later point in the video.

  • Great Video! Wanted to ask… How do you prioritize when shooting the speeches? For a single cameraman, do I shoot the Speech giver and then try get reaction shots??. Seems like I'm risking missing the shots. Should I just get a second camera to lock off on the speeches, and then concentrate on the reactions?

  • I disagree with not showing the bride at beginning – in today's culture, you pretty much have to show at least a glimpse of the style / look of the day which includes the bride and groom for your viewer to decide if they want to watch the video. This isn't the case for the B&G and their close family because they already want to see it, but if you're also using the video as promo, you are competing with tons of other videos and need to let them see some of your better shots up front. You're already doing that with the thumbnail for the video anyway, doesn't hurt to have a couple quick shots at the beginning. -Just another guy learning all this stuff. Also, pack an emergency kit! With sewing needle, thread, bandaids, superglue, etc. You might end up a total hero as well as the videographer 🙂

  • I'm filming my first wedding for a friend in a few days and I'm kinda panicking and trying to learn as many tips as I can haha

  • Nice video as usual Matti! Could use your help though, or maybe anyone else's who is reading this. I'll be shooting my first Wedding soon and I was planning on running a very similar setup as Matti is advertising in this video. Two cameras, one on a steadycam and one on a monopod. I have a Sony a6300 which will get my 18-105f4 lense (lense stabilized) and im planning on renting an a6500 (in body stabilization) to run my 30 and 50 mm primes, which arent stabilized. So my question to you is which of the cameras would you put on the monopod and which should end up on the glidecam? I know the 18-105 does well on the steadycam because it zooms internally and I wont have to rebalance it at all (more versatile!!!). Though the primes shoot much nicer quality images, plus wider apertures and I think this paired with some super smooth camera movement might make for some much more awesome shots (more cinematic!!). I'm torn. Should I go for versatility or image quality? Any tips? much appreciated! 🙂

  • I love you man! This was a very great video. I’m a beginner and you didn’t make me feel intimidated, everything was elegantly put. Thank you.