5 Reasons Why Philippine Women Marry Older Foreign Men

5 Reasons Why Philippine Women Marry Older Foreign Men

5 Reasons why Filipino Women Marry Older Foreign
Men It has become common for people all over the
world to marry not for love but primarily for financial security. Financial stability has pushed people, most
often women, to find partners with thick pockets instead of love because they see it as their
meal tickets, their way out of poverty. In their desperation, they turn to marriage
for money since they have the expectations that their well-to-do husbands will pay not
only for their needs, but also those of their families. Marrying for money has become the norm in
Asian countries, including the Philippines. This practice has been done in the past, but
back in those days, it was much harder because communication between the Filipinas and the
older foreign men was limited. They could only be pen pals or talk to each
other via phone calls, which was very expensive. Because of this, back then marriages between
foreigners and Filipinas were rare. Nowadays, with the internet, emails, and social
media, it has become easier for men and women alike to marry someone from the other side
of the world. While some Filipino men also do it, this practice
is much more common for Filipino women. But why do the women settle for this kind
of relationship where love does not play a factor? Number one: They believe that this is the
fastest way for them to get out of poverty. Filipinos in general are deeply attached to
their families and most of them will do anything to improve the lives of their parents and
siblings, including marrying for money. Ask any Filipina why they have chosen to marry
older men who are foreigners and the likely response will be because they need the money. Marring into wealthy families is an age-old
practice, and Filipinas are not much different from those who see marriage as merely a business
transaction. Number two: They seek older men because they
know that they are much more willing to be in that kind of relationship. Nobody really dreams of spending the rest
of their lives alone, and single older men are no exception. These men are still hoping to spend their
lives with someone, even just as a life partner. It doesn’t matter to the men if there is
no mutual affection or love; they just don’t want to be lonely. Filipinos are known to be naturally caring
and affectionate people so these foreign older men are naturally inclined to seek them out
for relationships. And Filipinas seek out these older foreign
men because they know that these men are willing to spend money on them. It’s really a mutually beneficial relationship
and both of them know it. Number three: The men’s ages play a crucial
role. Relationships are always risky and those between
Filipinas and foreign men are no exception. Sometimes, cultural differences get in the
way and this may affect both parties negatively. It’s not unheard of, and most Filipinas
know it, that there are instances where men are physically and mentally abusive to their
partners. The women know that getting into a relationship
with a foreign man is a huge gamble and to play it safe, they choose to go with older
men because they have this thinking that if they have to sacrifice a lot or even get hurt,
at least it won’t take that long because time is already not on their husband’s side. Number four: The impression that these men
are financially well-off. Many women, especially those who have had
poor educational backgrounds, have this notion that they need to marry foreigners because
they have more money than Filipinos. For them, foreigners earn dollars and this
means they have more wealth. After all, Filipinos unfortunately have this
mindset deeply embedded in their culture that the only way for one to earn a lot of money
is by going abroad. This is why these Filipinas have the impression
that all foreigners are rich, and that by marrying one, they can have better lives and
eventually buy whatever they want. Number five: They have the belief that they
will eventually learn to fall in love with their husbands. Although most Filipinas enter relationships
with older foreign men because of financial reasons, there are still those who do it out
of love or in hopes of learning to love them eventually. They are women who believe that to fall in
love is a choice, and that loving their husbands is something that they can learn to do in
time. It may seem unorthodox but Filipinas marrying
older foreign men has become common place, although still discouraged if done mainly
for financial reasons. Some still find it wrong, especially if the
man is clueless that the women married them for money; it’s still taking advantage of
them. However, people cannot really blame these
men and women for getting married because they are mutually benefitting – with women
being better off financially and the older foreign men being cared for. As long as nobody gets hurt. But hopefully, there will come a time that
both Filipinas and these older foreign men will no longer get married for money or to
ease their loneliness, but will do so because they are genuinely in love with each other.

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  • I am an older man who is in very good shape. I am not fat and very healthy and nice looking. I am 73 but with the right woman I don't have a problem helping her family as well. And if she has children that is fine with me. I can live on over 20,000 pesos a month. When I move it will be with about 7 or 8 Million pesos.

  • First, I think it’s wrong to paint with such a wide brush. It’s as if all women are the same. They’re not. As far as women marrying for money, Filipinos are no different than any woman. Feminism has changed the game world wide. Many women are constantly looking for a better deal. There are still some that enter into a relationship looking for what they can give instead of what they can get. So, the true quest is to find that pearl of great price. Good luck

  • I'm a foreigner living in the Philippines, iv'e met many filipinas many with kids, i had some relationships but i stopped because her family kept pushing her extract money from me, now i stay single, if i want sex, i'd be honest i pay a Filipina, wear protection, after finished cya.

  • I have seen it with my own eyes and it infuriates me, Such pretty ladies with shriveled up prunes, why not chase young American men! Haha! I am a female saying this btw.

  • I met a homeless White American guy in Iligan City and my stepfather asked him why he was homeless and he said that his Filipina gf dumped him and stole all of his money… What a gold digger!

  • DATUNG IS THE ANSWER…FILIPINAS ARE NATURAL BORN BITCHES!!!!! http://writersdeath.blogspot.com/2019/01/inside-mind-of-filipino-bitch.html

  • How difficult is it to find a good woman here. I am an older man but I want an older lady. It bothers me to hook up with a young woman. If the lady has children it's OK. If her parents need assistance this is also fine with me. I am in very good health and don't look my age. I exercise every day and eat healthy. I can easily live on 200,000 pesos a month in the Philippines with the right lady. I don't want to shack up but wish to be married. No fear I am a good looking man..I've been told…lol I wish to live there an adopt the Philippine culture.

  • I never paid attention to this until I became engaged to a Filipina and I was like omg.I feel like you use what you have to get what you want.

  • I found this video trying to solve a conundrum I'm experiencing. And this really doesn't tell me anything. I'm a poor American man, I've been poor, and for a long time women from the Philippines have tried flirting with me, and incresingly gay and trangender Philipino men have been flirting with me, the women were easier to discourage, by telling them that I'm poor, but the men persist, indisting that if we both work hard we can be rich, they don't seem to understand that hard work has no relationship to welth, especially in America. Other foreigners do it too, particularly gay men from Countries that do not allow open homosexuality. Most recently a South African woman tried to get me to mary her friend. When I explained that I'm too poor to take a trip to another county in my state, let alone go to South Africa and bing her frien back with me she accused me of being lazy. I don't understand where foreigners get this ridiculous idea that there's some corrolation between effort and wealth. Is their scope really so limited that they cannot see those born into money lying in the lap of luxury, while the rest of us break our backs just to survive from paycheck to paycheck?

  • I made the huge mistake by marrying a 42 year old Phillipa woman who came from Germany and had already been divorced once and has a 18 year old daughter living there in Germany. I had spent a fortune hiring an International Attorney to file for a Green Card to bring her from Germany to the U.S. as we were married in august of 2017. I married this woman because I absolutely loved and adored this woman with all my heart and soul and planned a beautiful wedding and a future with the one I could not live without. She was always so withdrawn from me and always seemed so cold and could be honest or even show any affection towards myself. I thought it was just normal as she was preparing to move here from Germany to the United States to marry me and would miss here daughter once she received her Green Card and would legally become a U.S. citizen. I married this woman and exchanged my vows on that special day to always honor, cherish and love this woman till the day I took my last breath in her arms. Shortly after we were married she wrote me several letters telling me that she could not show me love or affection for me but would try and work on her feelings and even wrote a very disturbing letter telling me that our special day did not mean that much to her as she did not have all of her Philippine friends and family there on our special day. I have since stooped the Green Card process and divorced this "Gold Digger" Words of Warning!!!! all the videos that you can find on Youtube that tell you just why the Phillipina woman want to marry Westerners are so very accurate and true as they will lie and tell you anything just to get their Green Card and money for us Western men. I am not saying all of them are bad as I have meet several couples that are very happy and very much in love. If you are considering a Phillipina for a wife or having a future with one you should be very cautious and get to know this woman and take your time developing a relationship with this woman. Most of them are looking for a wealthy Westerner and plan on spending all of your hard earned saving on them and their family and please do not expect absolutely no love and affection back from them as they believe that the American men owe them as they plan to take everything you have and then leave you and pursue another man to do the same.

  • Women are sometimes married and say their husband in the Philippines is their brother, cousin, and use men they marry care for their kids, and sometimes even husband. As Philippines are not the only asians doing it. Koreans, Thailand women, ect do it as well. But Philippine women have done it for years, and still do it today.

    Philippine men are angry about it

  • You seems so angry with filipino people bullshiter who made this video? Maybe your husband left you for a filipina?

  • All Women worldwide have (3) three needs:

    1) Financial security
    2) Emotional security
    3) Intimacy
    Married for 33 years to a Japanese Woman. I know something about marriage relationships. Money is a factor in all relationships. Money is power.

  • I don't think it's fair to single out Philippine Women , As I think people in general marry for Money not all but most, Just saying, Al

  • For your information. Not all filipina marrying an old guy because of their money. Not generalize. My husband is Korean 47 years old and I am 25. We both working. And we both professional. And I have lots of friend who married to an old foreign man. they love and support each other.
    One of the reason why some filipina didn't like young guy because they still cheat and not contented in one girl. That's why she choose old than young. 😡😡😡😡😡😈😈😈🤬🤬🤬😠😠😠

  • the number reason there are so many divorces in the US (or anywhere) is money. and that is with couples close in age. I don't see any issue with this. if the US man feels happy and comfortable with her and she is happy and comfortable with him – the age and the money should matter, both people benefit. you can be 55 and be in good shape as a man, and a thirty year old Filipina will be just as proud to walk down the street with him as he is with her.

  • Filipina women are not gold diggers ,in fact most of the women in Philippines are loving people family are the most important to them, educated well, have dignity and integrity.Filipina women are just more than a pretty face ,high standards women.

    Shame on you very liar girl.
    Why western women are gold diggers because they want more money for shopping 🛍 and why a lot of western women undergo surgery just to catch rich men because there's also a lot of ugly woman in western. Western women had no integrity and no morality because it's common they sex different men although not all just common in western and wild.

    Before you judge other, look at yourself first what kind of woman you are if you underestimate others so you are too low standard .

  • Lol It’s sad though but most Philippinas only marry older man coz they want money, green card, citizenship and security. The only thing you don’t see them chasing is Education.

  • Yeah hot sex with a young babe…. if she doesnt earn as much as you, well then, that sex doesnt really COUNT…. it is UNEARNED…. YOU SHOULD JUST GIVE IT BACK

  • Filipinas marry wealthy men for a better future? Stop the press! Boy, I never heard of any other women doing the same. Crazy.

    Your video is uneducated and ignorant claptrap- I’ve been happily married to a Filipina for 15 years, lived in the Philippines & know many Fil-Am couples- Your crummy video is ignorant liesis mostly ignorant lies. And why do you have a bitchy white woman in for the voiceover? Jealous resentment that Filipinos are a gift from God and you’re not.

  • in my opinion, I'd rather be better off on my own and achieve stuff by myself than depending on someone.

  • This is foul. I had my degree (i worked in a cold storage as a checker to finance my studies), i have my own business(after i finished my studies i applied and hired as a flight attendant, while earning i decided to put up my business because i realize being in local airlines is not enough to sustain my family-cos yes were family oriented), i earned my OWN damn money!(i never asked from who you say foreign men in this hypocrite video)

    and i am a FILIPINA! Seeing this kind of videos makes me wrote this for my fellow filipina and to show you what i achieved as a decent filipina without asking lift from foreign guys your saying

    I guess the maker of this video has a bad experience with the girl he met on those dirty places which he decided to go. (So dont put the blame)

    Hey dude, dont expect sincerity and real love from any girl you met somewhere else if you have an attitude like that

    Barking like a dog if something bad happen and bad mouthing your ex- nationality is not a real man act.

    Yes i understand that many of these foreign guys were not treated right by young struggling filipina. But it doesnt mean that all filipinas are gold digger, we

    Of course these guys dont have the courage to pursue Degree holder and self sufficient filipina because they know to themselves that they will end up being rejected.

    Dont talk bad about FILIPINAS, not all rich people are foreigners 😌

  • Why not make your OWN freakin money. Instead of looking for someone else to drain Work for your OWN money skanks!

  • 1 money 2 money 3 money 4 money 5 money … old fool men are getting what they deserve because they are using the woman's youth to make them feel vibrant. Do not blame these women, the ideo is correct about circumstance.

  • Not every Filipina is like that. Those are filipinas that are suffering in poverty and want an easier way out. Do not generalize. Title should be changed.

  • Find one in your own country who is your own age and has a job. One is a gold digger and the other is a paedophile

  • I'm 55 want more kids don't want a woman who don't want me she Yung needs help I'm there period no strings

  • They marry for love, what do you think? Why wouldn't they?

    Wait… Are you telling me they marry for money? Really? 😂

  • Very discriminating… special mention FILIPINA…. this kind of thinking and video ruin a lot of good relationships. The guy's white family try to intoxicate the mind of your husband with all this rotten words.
    Try to pick an educated Filipina and not a whore. It is in our culture that we value marriage than anything else. If treated with love and respect, we value it and return it back until death do we part. We are caring, yes we do. We take care of our men like a king, we cook for them, we clean the house, we take care of our kids and we stay @ home and not roam around and leave the house so messy like some of Western women I know. They don't know the value of cleanliness. Sorry, but true. They also wanted open relationship, fucking gf/bf with no responsibility like dogs. Filipinos who are cultured believe in the sacredness of sex and marriage.
    Who wanted money from their old Parents? Is it the woman who take care of their older husbands and give them happiness and reason to live longer? Or the old man's family who put their parents to the Home for the Aged to die in solitude as early as they could so they can claim their share.
    Feel privileged for poor Filipinas who never leave their husband to be taken cared by other people. That is a sign of pure love, unconditional love that most western people don't have in their vocabulary, manners and culture. Shame to this person who made this… eat your money!!!

  • Money isnt the reason all fillipinas marry white American men because they love sex with older men, they dont marry rich foreigners if they did you would see them with rich Asian rich black rich latino and rich European men but you dont you see them with poor and middle class American white men. Fillipino women dream of marrying an old white man in America so they can come here and become nurses and cheat on them with older white patients, it's all about having sex with older white men that are 55+ of age

  • Money 10× don't know but for me I don't like marry to much older than me. I like 5 yrs or 8 yrs olders than my age.

  • Philipinas only marry for money..its happening alot in America ..marry for papers and money ..alot friends experiences were bad with their cousins and brothers ..they are golld diggers and use guys ..change man and are trouble ..so keep away from them..some have bf and go with other men..The best to marry are Tibetan girls ..they are million times better and beautiful and loyal .so guys be aware .

  • It is very sad for all it is difficult to understand when there are so much poverty, what is very bad is when husband is stolen and much upset for loved ones. Lastly take a look in the mirror and wise up!

  • Any older man that knows this or has any common sense are ignorant. I see this a lot and as I woman I KNOW that these women are not with men for the right reasons. Many of them cheat on their husbands. How sad our society is. 😢

  • American women marry for money as well. When or if the man loses his money, those women are gone. At least the Filipino women have a significant reason-severe poverty.

  • F***
    Money all bout money?
    I think no
    Not all just for money
    Some are looking for serious sincere relationship..they choose old men because they think mature in life so seriousness and sincerity is there.

  • Hi sir we really appreciated your videos You are giving us information about Vietnamese women. a very authentic and verities experience And you are very much capable to guide us. I always check out your videos. I want to say about myself that I was stuck with philipinas bcos here in Dubai they are very available and Majority of the women are philipina, of course there are Vietnamese 🇻🇳, Thais and Indonesians but most of them are working in massage center and they are not good in english as like as philipinas. And Philipinas are easy going with foreigners and many of them are cheap. If any man can take care of her then she will stay with him without marriage. But my two romanian friends got married philipina and they are very good wife. So I also wanted to follow them bcos I was very familiar with philipina women. But I am not that white and I am from Bangladesh 🇧🇩. So mostly philipina they prefer white man rather than Bangladeshi, Indiana, Nepali, Pakistani. But still many philipinas like us. But those philipina who liked me I couldn’t like her and when I liked some one then she also liked me it is rare case but many of them liked me too but those beautiful philipinas are always asking money. My father in a hospital, my mom is very sick 🤕 I need some money to send her to buy medicines, my sister needs to pay her college I mean they will give you everything but you will be always in pressure to support her and her family too. And few philipinas are not after money and they are looking for good man but those are very old like close to 40 so I don’t get any attention with those good philipina. I mean beautiful women are very high demand but unfortunately they are very cheap like prostitute. So after 14 years of expecting them I decided to marry a Vietnamese woman bcos what you said about Vietnamese women ( 41 reasons to date with Vietnamese woman ) its really shocked 😳 me and since then I respect Vietnamese woman and I am also planning to visit there to find out my life partner. In philipins 14 million are single parent. Most of the philipinas are don’t believe in marriage and they always have money problems. So pls tell me as a Bangladeshi man will I be appreciated among Vietnamese women? Thank you sir. You really helping us through your videos.

  • Philipinas are gold digger. 80% philipinas are do prostitution in Dubai. They don’t have heart ♥️ they are exactly coins robot 🤖 if you put coins then philipina robot will work if you don’t have coins then it will not work anymore.

  • Omg why do we judge people from poorer countries that most females marry for just money? Even western countries marry for money too. So why do we judge the asian countries how are they any different. We all want financial security so quit judging. 🙄🙄 There is still females that marry for love if we start to think this way about humanity this is why we have so many seperations and divorces worldwide. I think most of us have lost faith in true love becuase society has become very judgemental of each other.

  • Hi! I really like your videos a looot! I want to offer you kind of cooperation. How can I get in touch with you? 🙂
    Or could you write me in private messages please https://youtu.be/addme/fqp5S11mcMGhtFBvpAkd3lsTnmj_dg?

  • Para sa pera, para dumali ang buhay, tapos. Landi landi lang, eut eut, ayos na ang buhay, ayaw magtrabaho. Tapos pag umuwi ng Pinas, akala mo kung sino, nagasawa lang naman ng puti.

  • You racist son of a bitch✊👊 prove it bfore u mention that words…foreigners are smart do u think they marrying filipina if they didn't fall in love ????? Stupidity idioooooooooooooot🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


  • My wife is Filipina. She's only two yrs younger than me. I met her in the states and she had her own money and her own career. She is very beautiful, loyal and caring. Best wife ever.

  • Its typical for Philippine women to WED the older man and BED the younger man. You cannot blame them for their desire of a better and financially stable life.

  • Im sorry but i cant believe it. The girls maybe living in a other wolrd, but old men look all over same: old. Old is not sexy, not important in wich country ! For sure the girls wants only the money, and they are very smart in this what they do. The sad side of our planet…

  • I knew this all long they are very opportunist and gold diggers or else it's very unusual for having a relationship with such a huge age gap

  • Since we are stereotyping….these old men only want 1 thing….sex. No love. Just sex. Those who have money will take advantage of innocent girls who only want the security of a strong man and a family. As soon as the old man has his fill of his latest victim, he moves on to another. Why? Because the West has taught us that only good looks are important. Family, meh. Security, meh. Hot looks..yea baby..I will love you until the next hot babe looking for a real man shows up.

  • The speaker is not filipina lol
    DEFINE OLDER MAN ? She's 23 and he's 24 ?
    Any grandpa who's 70 marrying a 20 year old deserves what will happen lol

  • Im not sure where this person that made this video is from, or what experience she has with Philippines girls. There is always those that want to exploit others and that goes both ways, but to generalize that most girls in the Philippines only marry older men for money and not love, show little knowledge about both love and culture.
    Just a few thing that is not considered in this video that is easily obtainable for any person with a little knowledge about Philippine culture:
    There is no mention here that the beauty ideal in Philippines is white skin, or that in Philippines older people is considered more valuable than in the west, or that Philippine culture look up to western culture, or that love in Philippine is not the same as in is the western world, or that girls in Philippines look for different things in a partner than girls in the west does.

    Off course, in a poor country any rational woman will value money and stability in a partner more than in more rich countries, where does values is more easily attainable. And older men often is better provider of this values. Also Philippines girls don't seek the same lifestyle with parties and fancy life as young girls is the west. They are more mature. responsible and family oriented as their western counter part, and therefore have little against older men. In the west we hate ageing and being old, in Philippine that is not the case.