2020 Lent invitation

Lent is an inconvenient, holy disruption. (music) It’s counter to the increasing rush of life and
culture and abundance; (music) Lent, which is the forty days before Easter, not counting Sundays, is an invitation into the wilderness. Lent is an invitation to step out of the rush of culture, to step away from the rush toward Easter, and to claim what it means to move
toward Jesus, the peaceful one. This year as a community we’re invited
to explore our own spiritual condition through practices that will be shared in the Daily Bread, as well as readings that invite us
to explore new life in the Lenten wilderness. And each year for Lent I choose a practice that
is less about the practice and all about what it causes me to notice
about my spiritual condition. This year my practice is simple…
in addition to my regular tithing dollars, I’m going to give 40 dollars in 40 days
to Worldwide Mission Tithes. Each day, I will be reminded that many families
in our world live on less than a dollar a day; and that many of the systems that privilege me are the same systems that oppress
the most economically vulnerable… and that our collective welfare is interwoven. Each day I will also think about
how I spend the dollars I keep… what do I consume, and do I
support businesses and industries that uphold the worth of persons
and the sacredness of creation? I wonder what might be possible
if this becomes a community practice… if 40 or 400 or 4,000 people joined me
in this practice of giving… What might we discover
about our spiritual condition when self-giving and mindful spending
are shared practices… and what might be possible
if we doubled our commitment, and extended the practice beyond Lent? I wonder what is possible. Let’s try it together and see (music)

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