10 Women Christian Men Shouldn’t Marry

10 Women Christian Men Shouldn’t Marry

A few weeks ago, a New York minister, Pastor
Stephen Kim of the Mustard Seed Church, posted some helpful guidelines for Christian men
seeking a suitable spouse. His article was called, “10 Women Christian Men Should Not
Marry.” Apparently, this is a companion article to
a previous blog that helps women find suitable men. I’ve linked both in the description box
of this video. But quickly, here are the ten. Number One. If you’re looking for a suitable
wife, avoid The Unbeliever. Very important that your wife be a Christian, lest the LORD’s
anger burn against you. Number Two. Avoid the divorcee. Yes, the divorced
woman is “off limits,” because only a first marriage is considered a valid marriage. If
you divorce and have relations with another, you are an adulterer.
Number Three. Avoid the older woman. After all, it would require an extra measure of
God’s grace in order to lead a woman who’s older than you. Men lead. They’re the heads
of households. They run the show. Older women might be a bit harder to control.
Number Four. The feminist. God does not like feminists. After all, he created the woman
specifically for the man, and a feminist probably won’t say “yes sir” “no sir” and do as she’s
told. Number Five. Avoid the sexy-dresser. Woe to
the man who bonds himself to a woman who wears provocative attire. You see, a woman who exposes
her skin is actually exposing her wicked, harlot heart.
It’s hard to believe we’re only half done with pastor Kim’s list of prohibitions, but
let’s push on, shall we? Number Six. The Loud-Mouth. If she does this…you
do this. Number Seven. The Child-Hater. “Do not marry
a woman who is not willing to have children of her own. In the Christian worldview, there
is absolutely no room for two married, biologically capable, human beings to remain intentionally
childless.” And if you want to remain childless, you had better remain single.
Number Eight. Avoid the wander-luster. Somebody who wants to get out, see the world and experience
new places? Obviously a person who is not content, at peace. She hasn’t found rest in
God. After all, Proverbs warns about the woman who is loud and wayward and “her feet do not
stay at home.” Number Nine. The career woman. Ambition, specifically
career ambition, is a huge red flag for men. Women are to be the nurterers of the home.
So tell them to get back inside, and have dinner ready by 5:30, would ya?
Finally, Number Ten: Avoid the devotion-less woman. Does she have daily prayer and devotional
time with God? If not, you can keep moving. There’s nothing to see here.
Now look. I could have saved Pastor Kim some space and summed his guidelines up, not with
ten criteria, but with two. Essentially, Kim says the perfect woman should have two skills:
Sit down. And Shut up.
That’s right, men. According to pastor Kim, don’t find a woman who has a strong character
and sense of identity. Don’t bond yourself to a woman who sets goals and strives to achieve
them. Don’t allow yourself to be attracted to a woman who sees herself as more than a
subservient baby factory. Don’t abide a woman who wears clothing that makes her feel good
about herself, even attractive and sexy. Don’t choose somebody who wants to grab life with
both hands and make the most of every moment, unless of course those moments are spent making
and raising babies. Don’t make raising a family and bringing up children a choice based on
your own circumstances and the desire of your heart. No no. It’s a command of God, and women
should know it. Ultimately, don’t find an equal, because a
woman who’s truly equal won’t submit to you, and according to Iron Age primitives living
out their male power fantasy and calling it God’s will, the woman is supposed to submit
to you. She’s designed by God to submit to you. Not because you’re smarter or wiser or
more gifte, but because you essentially have the one attribute that God deems most important
in the heirarchy. You possess a penis. It’s always interesting to watch men proclaiming
that men should run things. They’re like the politicians who vote themselves a pay raise
and pat themselves on the back for deserving it. And for those Christians who protest that
pastor Kim has a distorted view of women and has gotten it all wrong, take a fresh look
at the scriptures that he cites in his article, and all of the biblical commands and opinions
in regard to females. The problem is not a rogue pastor’s interpretation or misinterpretation
of scripture. The problem is scripture, which lines up perfectly with his claims that females
are essentially second-class citizens created to make babies and tell their husbands “yes
sir” and “no sir.” The bible is a misogynistic mess, and pastor Steven Kim’s hugely wrongheaded
perspectives about women can’t be condemned because he got the Bible wrong. They should
be condemned because he got the Bible right. Dr. Darrel Ray just posted a terrific blog
on this very subject, and again, I will link that blog in the description box of this video.
Perhaps the worst part is, there are women in the Christian church who not only embrace
but celebrate this backward attitude toward them. And to them I have to say this. There
is a word that defines the scenario where somebody is kept in physical and emotional
confinement so that they can serve at the pleasure of another. And that word is Slavery.
You want a happy relationship of any kind? A healthy relationship? It had better be a
relationship where individuals, both male and female, are loved, respected, celebrated
and encouraged to live life on their terms, and not based on the writings of insecure
men who’s only qualification for superiority was that they could urinate standing up.
Here’s an idea. If you see any woman who somehow gains her worth from these ten guidelines,
or measures herself against it, take her aside and remind her that she has value, that she
was not born to serve another, that she should bow to no one, that her life belongs to her
and should be embraced with every fiber of her being. Her life should be lived on her
terms without apology. And she should reject the Bible’s backward opinion of who she is
and who she should be. Because after all, she is definitely worth so much more.

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  • The biggest problem with the bible, (and all books of religion) Is that it's a work of fiction that people believe is real,just like a kid that believes in Santa Clause.The difference is,most people realize the truth about Santa Clause.

  • Where was this perspective when I was growing up? I feel so upset by the ridiculous christian values that surrounded me as a child and I see my nephews being raised into this and can't wait for them to be adults. I want to have some long discussions with them (and lead them in the direction of videos like this) because they are not getting any rational insight at home 🙁

  • Oh I understand now for #4 we have to put burkas on our women because they obviously can’t show any skin

    Seriously I have no idea how people can manipulate and abuse other people because of how they were born. And this book just gives them and other followers a good reason for their discrimination

  • Thank you for your wisdom let me know what kind of woman I should not marry as a Christian man thank you and may the Lord bless you.

  • If an unbelieving woman and man get divorced and then the woman becomes a believer then All Things become new for her. According to the word of God she is free to marry whomever she chooses in the Lord. It's not adultery to marry a divorced woman who divorced while she was an unbeliever but then afterward became a Christian because All Things become new.

    However, if a believing man and woman divorce then they either must remain unmarried or be joined back again together. If they remarry to other people then they commit adultery again. This is the type of remarriage after divorce that is unlawful according to God's word.

  • nodding throughout someone who understands that patriarchy is about worship of the penis and the ones who bear one
    … (at least one that is obvious to see if you consider that the clitoris has similar structure or something to the effect of developing from the same gonads as the penis. I forgot the exact details)

  • I love when white people play around with perspectives. It's the most entertaining thing ever. I know what I like and what I want and I get what I want because I want it the way I like it. A lot of good points.

  • Um many people feel this way not just men or Christians. Atheist feel if you aren't genetically adequate your should 1) serve others quietly or 2) kill yourself. Dont lie atheist

  • This "pastor" is an idiot who's biblically illiterate. Divorce is NOT hated by God, He invented it because before that men were "putting away" their wives (in old Israel), where they had NO recourse but to prostitute themselves because they had no rights! In Deuteronomy God outlined the how he wanted men to act, and He said "give her a bill of divorcement" so that she could then be considered single again and NOT be an adulteress. It's SO important to study the Bible correctly.

  • I would love to find a woman who is every thing Kim says is wrong. I would not want anyone who "met Kim's standards".
    I want, according to Kim" a wild woman.

  • A total misrepresentation of how Christian men treat their wives. Of all the social topics that concern us today. You choose to slam the bible. Your an emasculated tool. I'd like to hear what the Koran says about women's fidelity and how they should be viewed and treated from their Muslim husbands. You'd make that video if you had any balls. Picking on Christian's. So original. You must feel like some kind of hero.

  • christian…anyone that makes critical life decisions because of little voices in their heads…psychiatrists call that "delusional"…

  • Stop deceiving your subscribers. More single women and single mothers will be the product of the useless society where people view the position of responsibility from God with competitive mindset. Women would remain women and men will remain men. Don't bring your nice to hear comment or speech so that afflicted women will clap their hands for you. Time will tell whether you are right or the Bible is right.

  • I'm struggling not to burst out laughing right now. Because I am literally everything the Christian man should avoid (except I've never been married, and I do have one child, but do not want more and am having my tubes removed soon. ) I should add too, that I have no desire to be married. Seriously, I'm dying here. I feel so giddy knowing a true Christian man would run for the hills if he learned the entire truth about me.

  • Seth Andrews you are angry… and you speak so well and will fool many… it has been many like you before… and by the way raised by a single mother … and have a daughter … before the judgements come… I hope you find peace

  • I check EVERY BOX on the damned list. I am a 50 year old, divorced, atheist, feminist, career woman, ex-JW, who prefers to do whatever I want, whenever I want, with whomever I want. My boyfriend happens to LOVE me unconditionally and tells me all the time that he fell in love with me becasue I am smart and independent. I don't NEED him. I CHOOSE to be with him because he respects and appreciates me, as I am. A true partnership. I would have NEVER been able to have that if I had remained indoctrinated to the Watchtower. #truth #relationshipgoals

  • A woman who sits down and shut up? I’m pretty sure every man, even atheists think this is a dream come true!

  • Those ten women should avoid christian men. The men will hold them back in life. They'll have a dull life.

  • This man is a farce. He doesn't understand the concept of 'Authority', nor where it comes from —>God. This man is a liar. Women are not slaves and Christian men who follow Jesus Christ faithfully, DO NOT see their wives or potential wives as a "SLAVE". It seems to me that he doesn't really value 'holiness' nor sexual purity, let alone–any law/ morals/ or leadership belonging to the role of the husband in the marriage. Jesus believed and taught that husbands are to love their wives and be willing to die for her when called to. Love is a verb/action, not a feeling. Feelings are accompanied when we love someone (selflessly). Waiting for 'Feelings' to somehow bubble-up in you, should not come first in order to love someone. We should love someone because God commands us to. He commands us Christians to love our neighbor (ex: Invite them over for a meal; Show compassion to them when they need it; Get to know them, and invest in them…don't just stay behind closed doors like most people. This means reaching out to them and getting out of your comfort zone; Ask questions about one another that show you have interest in them [put others interests before yourself]) *I feel sorry for you atheist man. In the Christian community, we value women more than in the atheistic one…why? Because they're made in the image of God [Genesis 1:26-27] and we're to honor that. Because man's brain and women's brain are "hot-wired" differently, there is a creation difference in roles (especially in marriage). Ephesians 5:22-33 "Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her…"./ 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 "Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails."
    — I hope this man wakes up before its too late.

  • This was a generally held view held by men in the 60's and 70's. Now, as a woman in my 70's, childless and without a mate, I am content to be living the life that I chose, without subservience to any man.

  • Self-sufficient and independent women are scary to many guys. They naturally gravitate to misogynistic religions to justify their desire to control and suppress their spouse. I admire such women. A marriage or domestic partnership needs to be egalitarian and mutually respectful.

  • That was one of the first cracks in my faith, men, men, men, all too male convenient. It’s so male obsessed it’s as if God is at least psycho-homosexual, meaning mentally in love with men, not physically. How do these men even think they are heterosexual just because they view woman as breeders. How can you say I love women while stripping their value, dignity and intellect. Preventing education, independence, artist expression, invention, insight, governance, power, respect, I could go on. If all they are to you is servant and sex, and every other pursuit in life is respecting other males, working, leading, building, debating, philosophy, art, science, religion,military, is men together, impressed with each other, how are you straight? I mean no offense to gays in this at all, nothing wrong with being honestly gay, I just think there is more to men loving each other than really loving women, a mental adoration and worship of their own magnificence. They offer their daughters and or a wife in the Bible to be raped, where is the chivalry? Besides science has proven woman originated before men, how… women carry to X chromosomes, men have smaller x, Y chromosomes, the y is simply missing part of the x. All default genes go to women, all fetuses carry women’s genes, not so with men, you can’t track lineages through men. All male babies are female until hormones kick in the turn various organs into male organs. Basically women are the lead in all species and yet we are to submit to what originated in our own bodies. Are brains are wired in both hemispheres, men are are wired to one. I personally think the sexes compliment each other when you work as equals, not so when one sex needs to demean the other for power and ego purposes. The next crack for me, cruel and unusual punishment, or hell. We unmerciful humans hold to this rule, but not an all loving God who will torture most humans forever, we evil, faulted people are kinder and could teach God about mercy.

  • Sorry, you don't get it. None of us are "perfect", no not one. I've never done a Baptist church, but the IDEA of Marriage (biblically) is that everyone (yes, men too) have a head to whom they submit, setting aside their "natural" worldly desires so they work as a pair to praise and glorify God. We don't marry our spouse: we make a vow to God to be (in my case) with a guy who is faithful, respectful, and a hopefully lifetime partner through good and bad &c. In the Church, all of us Christians are the "bride" to God (+Jesus) as "groom". As the woman in such a pairing (where clearly it is NOT easy to submit to one's husband's thoughts at times, just as it's hard for any human to submit to God's Will for us, which is actually bringing light into the world), I think we have the better end of the deal: we're expected to submit to our husbands, yes (but with limitations that he's not a base, vile human, but a godly man), but husbands are expected to submit to God in all ways. That's hard: the men bear a greater burden for us women, but overall both partners submitting to God's will means a healthier couple who GIVE LIGHT to the world. Who serve others. Who put others in the community FIRST.

    You don't have to like it, but if you're going to talk about it, please try to understand the beauty in such an arrangement. A Christian husband is indeed expected to treat his wife as God treats and loves His bride (which, again, includes men and women in the Church), and keep his focus on being GODLY (helping the community). Marriage is an archetype of God and His Church. Submission can be hard but it is especially so for the man (in an ideal world, aka "Church").

    I think the guy you listened to didn't stress THAT part enough. It's a lifestyle choice, too (which ultimately benefits YOU and your community if Marriage is seen as a vow to God). No, the woman doesn't have to slave for her husband. The annulment clauses are pretty liberal, actually;.

  • Well the world is going to hell because we aren’t following the guidelines the schools are raising our kids poorly I might add because the career woman doesn’t have time to be in her roll to nurture and teach the children morals no I don’t agree with the mistreating of women but the Bible is not even for women it’s for men to tell us men how we are to live and treat our wives then it goes on to state how women should respect men as they are doing what God told them to do which is protect provide and be the prophet of the home feminist and even this guy have got it wrong the world wasn’t so evil as it is now when it followed these guidelines today it’s all about usurping male authority news flash the woman is the weaker vessel because of her emotions the man is stronger because of logic not a penis

  • I’m a Christian girl and let me just say, I don’t want kids. I speak out. I’m a feminist. I support lgbt+ I am ambitious. I like wearing “sexy” clothes. That pastor is crazy and stupid.

  • This video is disgusting!!!!!!!!!!! The fact this man is saying some controlling messed up things about women is SICKKKKKKKKK you need help

  • >Be Jesus
    >Save a woman from being stoned for committing adultery.

    >Be Catholic church
    >Have great veneration for Mary and even pray the Rosary to her.

    >"BrUh GoD tHiNkS wOmEn ArE sEcOnD cLaSs!"

    Yeah, I'm going to take relationship advice from a soyboy who likely couldn't get a date if his life depended on it, no matter how many feminist rallies he attends.

  • These are very helpful to me, I like his list. As a Christian woman, I grew up rebellious and now wish I had the right personality, like the other Christian women. Follow the Bible to the T, start early so you don't end up like me where your behaviour is off so I agree with the pastor. Jesus is Lord,anyone who doesn't say this, Jesus is Lord, is of Satan's seed as far as I've been able to learn it, so turn to God of the holy Bible and you'll find truth. God bless you all.

  • I'd also like to say, Eve in the Bible caused the fall of man, so that's why we are to be submissive to men. The fall has brought in all this murder and pain, it makes sense.

  • Those damn dirty feminists. Boy feminism sure is like a deadly hard-to-cure commonly known disease.

    C'mon guys, be the macho man God created you to be!
    Show those dirty feminists the boot! How dare they act like they have rights!

    Who doesn't want to be married to a slave!?? Sounds so fulfilling and stimulating! WHERE AND WHEN DO I SIGN UP!??!

  • What a cucky video. CUUUCK!

    – every incel ever
    – every 4chan user ever
    – every socially-warped malcontent ever

  • 2400 confused people who will never have consensual sex with another living human with female organs disliked this video.
    (But hey, I'm sure one can have a VERY fulfilling relationship with a lifelike sex doll.)

  • This video really gives details about your character people like you end up taking advantage of single mothers and p**********….😉

  • But now its not about women anymore but slaves
    Submissive silent slaves that will serve Hubby's interest only
    Look times are tough will he able for afford to provide as promised
    Cause mostly men even depend on these women financially

  • How can you ever expect to serve the Lord in Heaven if you refuse His Word, His Commands, and refuse to serve others, especially your loved ones on Earth?
    "Take her aside and remind her that she has value..". WE ARE ALL VALUABLE TO GOD. ["Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her…that she might be holy and without blemish. In the same way, husbands should love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself." Ephesians 5:25-28]. ["An excellent wife, who can find? For her worth is far above jewels…" Proverbs 31:10-31]

    "That she was not born to serve another…"
    I Gladly Serve My GOD, My FAMILY and My COUNTRY! ["If it is disagreeable in your sight to serve the LORD, choose for yourselves today whom you will serve: whether the gods which your fathers served…; but as for me and my house, WE WILL SERVE THE LORD." Josh 24:15, NIV]

    "That she should bow to no one…"
    I most Humbly BOW DOWN TO GOD [“O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker.” – Psalm 95:6, KJV]. May we never ever get tired of worshiping God – Our Maker, Father, Savior, & Redeemer! Worshipping God includes following his commands, teachings and honoring his desire for our lives.

    "That her life belongs to her…" my life BELONGS TO GOD ["Behold, all souls are Mine; the soul of the father as well as the soul of the son is Mine; The soul who sins will die. Ezekiel 18:4]
    ["For this very night an angel OF THE GOD TO WHOM I BELONG and WHOM I SERVE stood before me.." Acts 27:23]

  • Your a fool bro. God values women alot. To give them the gift of life is Amazing!!! men dont have that at all. God gave them Beauty aswell

  • All this make it so that a woman should practically be your slave. No thanks, Pastor Asshole. You can go on living in the 100's, I'll continue to live in the modern era. This just proves that fundamentalist Christian culture is full of the Master-Slave mentality. "I'm better than you because God says so. Therefore, I make all the rules."

  • wow, am i fucked ! IF there ever was one, BUD ONLY ONE thing i like about other people (let alone woman) it's that they have a BRAIN they use.

  • These aren't forced rules, they are WARNINGS….. lots of religious people who marry different faiths are unhappy, lots of feminists are a nightmare to be married to, single moms and divorcees are that way for a reason most of the time, and who'd wanna be with a nagging career woman who treats you like a son with no respect cause she makes more than you.
    I'm just saying, you could do whatever you want, but be careful Christian men, you've got a bunch of leftists and athiests trying to tell you how to live, think with logic.

  • I grew up liberal hip hop/ rock and roll loving youth- as I mature I see the wisdom in this list- I also see it with my liberal 2019 mind – I can see how those people will try to poke holes in this – you can- try to see the merit here. I say this in love and respect

  • Stfu up dude women are the cause of sin now and then millions of men have comminted suicide because of them they have been caises of wars great men have died by the hands of them theie hypergamous and naturally naricissistic the only rhing a woman can love unco ditionally is its own child eve hypergamy led her to the snake most evil stuff happening today are sexually frustrated men than are being subconsciously abused by women thisbis real redpill and mgtow philosophy should be spread worldwide in schools telling men lies will crumbke them in the end when they fund ourbwhat their veing taught was a lie

  • To understand this type of family structure, you must first understand Christianity. A Christian woman would have no problem following the 10 points listed in the video.

    Then we look at the fruits, a Christian woman smiles all day while a self-sufficient/career woman is often grumpy all day.

    Only a small percentage of women manage to have a successful career, the rest are doing a job that have nothing to do with her study and are feeling sorry for not having had a child and a family before and end up choosing the first that comes around becouse they realise their time is running out end often end up making a bad choice… Being submissive does not mean being disrespected, that wouldn't be Christian, it means respecting a family hierarchy like everything that works in life, at work, at school, in sports, in the military, in the animal world everywhere! That is how you can have a long lasting happy marriage in my opinion.
    Now lets look at what family has become since we lost our Christian values ​​in the last generation…
    God bless you all.

  • Why would Seth think he has any insight into right and wrongs of Christian ideals ? Why mock something because it seems foolish looking from the outside ? Christians live by spiritual principles over what just seems right to the "flesh".

  • Some of those women you should not marry makes sense though. I wont marry a woman who is a loud mouth or use the F word on every sentence she speaks or use bad words and has no manners, i wont marry a woman who doesnt know how to dress well and modest, women showing her ass and her breast are a No No, and course no divorcees and no women with kids.