Как очистить Windows от мусора и оптимизировать его работу? Программа Reg Organizer ускорит ваш ПК!

Как очистить Windows от мусора и оптимизировать его работу? Программа Reg Organizer ускорит ваш ПК!

Hello. Are you Comp Help channel and today
video we’ll consider a powerful tool to accelerate
clean and optimize operating Windows system, namely the program
Reg Organizer. If your computer is started
brake and no longer works like when something is lost place
on the hard disk and you will not idea what to do about it? Or maybe you have a problem
with Internet connection, These and other issues will decide
utility Reg Organizer. The program combines
many functions for complex Operational service
systems ranging from Windows XP and up to ten. This program will help
optimize work your computer by
release more resources in the system. Reg organizer will fully
remove unnecessary programs from the system, clear the “tails”
which are not usually removed. Besides here there
Advanced startup manager, which is also substantially
It will help speed up the work system. And that’s not all
functions that are present in this utility. Now, anyone interested,
let’s look at the full functionality of the program, for
that clicking on links in the description and load
program on the computer, further manufacturing plant
and run. She paid program,
but there is a test version, which allows you to use
the program is free, but Use this time to
time is limited, and if want to reveal all the possibilities
Reg Organizer, then it is necessary purchase a license. So we started the program
and we see that the main part its window is occupied by express
checking, and on the left menu that It contains all the features of the program
divided by advancement user. And now in order briefly
consider each of the functions. To begin, consider cleaning
system. After pressing the button
scan, search begins debris that is present
in the system, but on top of pressing the Edit button, you can
select which ones sections to clean,
You can also change the mode cleaning dragging the slider
near the highest point cleaning, but then you need to focus
to prevent that pop up after dragging,
he examine carefully and determine need you
such cleaning or not. After scanning,
You can see exactly what in each of the sections will
are removed by a section has the details button. After scanning
you can begin to clean up, pressing the green button
clean. A manager proceeds to the cleaner
private data. Here in the left column you can
clear private information, including browsers,
by ticks which you need, and on the right side
you can clear the cache programs. Go ahead and next
the program is a function traces of deleted programs,
It helps you find and remove files are left
after incorrect removal old software. As you can see I have found the following
one program. Click, wait for the end
Search and see that I traces of the program
Bit Torrent, click to remove trails and everything is ready. And we move to section
Optimization. which is located immediately to the right of the previous
points. It contains three
Group namely, Download, The system and the Internet. We proceed to the beginning of the group
Download here and tells us you can customize your
PC, including fast group settings group consists
two fine tuning and when the group
they acquire in advance setpoints that
it is possible to look for value by clicking on the dedicated
text. Turn this feature
you can optimize switching on and off
your computer. For example the first function
It allows you to give less CPU time
various kinds of programs that you have loaded
tray at startup that allows your
Windows will start faster. The second function of killing
frozen applications if It is available when you turn off
computer. The group can be system
apply settings for Stalled applications,
Internet groups, including settings that optimize
your internet connection for maximum performance. In addition to these functions in the program
also present such as defragmenting the registry,
feature is designed to analyze registry and spend
its optimization, but do it does not need very often,
once every three weeks is quite enough. The next function in Reg Organizer
also useful to many users, namely
easy setup Autorun programs in this menu has
a handy feature, column the right of each program
can be seen off frequency every other program
users of the network internet, but this is present
feature that allows produce deferred
astozapusk applications ie delayed start
You can be enabled for applications which you will enjoy
in the last instance, and all others, more necessary
you program in this case, will load faster. This feature is most
It will be useful for owners weak or average PC. In the different instruments,
You can find the registry editor, see the important parts
and delete them if errors any, produce
thin special settings system, but with these settings
should be neat and read carefully before
so how to do. And you can also take a picture
Registry so that later, if with a system that’s going to happen,
you can compare images registries and if need be
that is correct. A nice feature
the program also It is to install and remove
programs. You can make
complete removal of one or several programs simultaneously,
but it is still nothing. The Reg Organzer can produce
installation of a new program tracking. This tool monitors
all changes occur during the process
installing a new program. Then, using this data,
It can be properly and completely remove the program
from the system. To do this, click Install
program and in the next menu, specify the path to the installation
file. Also lastly add
that if suddenly something went not so, the center section
you can undo the changes Cancel any action
committed to this program. Well, it seems to me
program is a very worthy and performs its functions
excellently. Personally, I’ll use it
on an ongoing basis which and I recommend you. And I have that’s all. Thank you all for watching. Loved or been
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